Are steam cleaners safe for laminate floors?

Laminate floors are a beautiful and affordable way to upgrade your home. Unfortunately, they are also prone to scratching, staining, and discoloring. An excellent solution for this is steam cleaning! Steam cleaners work by spraying hot water onto the floor and extracting the dirt with an attached vacuum cleaner. This process removes any contaminants so that you can keep your laminate looking new. But does it damage laminate floors? Keep reading to find out more about Are steam cleaners safe for laminate floors!

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Steam cleaners vs. traditional vacuum cleaners

The debate over which is better between a traditional vacuum cleaner and a steam cleaner will never end. On the one hand, many people prefer the convenience of quickly sucking everything up into their portable handheld device with no fuss or time spent on scrubbing. Still, others like that they can get down to floor level in seconds without lifting anything off the ground first, making it easier for them to clean intricate cracks because all you need is water and your hands!

Some might say that vacuuming gets more dirt out than using just wet clothes, while another argued how difficult it was lugging around an upright machine when she could use her feet instead.

A traditional vacuum cleaner will suck up any dirt or debris on the floor, but it does not use hot water to remove particles from deep in the cracks and crevices between each plank. The heat from steam cleaners can kill bacteria left behind by cleaning with a regular vacuum cleaner.

Do they work on laminate floors or not?

This is mainly because there are conflicting reports about whether anyone can use them on laminate flooring without damaging them due to their high water content. However, some manufacturers and experts maintain that this isn’t an issue as long heat doesn’t get too hot for sensitive materials like laminates – which would happen if you left your machine running unattended before going out for lunch break!

Tips for using a steam cleaner on your laminate floors

The best way to clean laminate floors is by using a steam cleaner. If you do have vents in your home, you might want to cover them up with something so that the humid air from the machine doesn’t seep back into the rest of your house and make everything damp.

Doing this will also help keep allergens down because the steam will remove the dust, pollen, and other contaminants from your floor.

If you do not have vents in your house or only a tiny window vent that can’t handle all the moisture from a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner like these machines, then it is best to use distilled water instead of tap water for safety reasons.

You should clean with a steam cleaner instead of just sweeping

Cleaning with a steam cleaner is a fantastic way to remove dirt, grime, and stains on any surface. It’s also the perfect solution for people who are allergic or sensitive to chemicals – it uses nothing but water! There are many benefits of using a steamer, including:

If you’re still not convinced that cleaning with your home carpet shampooer will save you time in the long run, here are some more reasons why this appliance can come in handy around the house, even if there’s no dog at your doorstep leaving behind their “souvenirs.” The hot vapor loosens up all types of spots, so they wipe away effortlessly, killing germs without ever even having contact.

Is it safe to use shark steam on laminate flooring?

Yes, although everything about laminate floors is so easy to care for and maintain.

Laminate flooring is a product that’s meant to be tough – it was developed especially for busy households who wanted flooring that could handle lots of abuse, spills, kids’ activities, and pets. Shark steam won’t damage your floors because laminate floors are waterproof and resistant to staining (so they’re just not food), and the penetrating nature of the vacuum head can potentially remove more dirt from hard surfaces than you might think. Don’t scare yourself!

How do I clean a dirty laminate floor?

One way to clean a dirty laminate floor is to mix a bucket of three parts warm water to one part honey then scrubs this mixture into the floor. This will loosen stains and make them easier to remove. Once the paint is gone, rinse the floor with plain water and dry thoroughly.

Another easy way to clean a dirty laminate floor is by mixing two cups of baking soda in two gallons of boiling water, then scrubbing this mixture into the floor before rinsing and letting it air dry for 72 hours. Repeating this process every other month can also keep your feet bright!

Why can’t you use a steam mop on laminate floors?

Steam mops might not be a good idea for laminate floors because rapid temperature fluctuations tend to create more wear & tear, causing the flooring to deteriorate.

There’s also the risk of warping the floor. You don’t want to use a steam mop too often because they are designed to clean soiled surfaces and trap dirty water on uneven surfaces like wood or linoleum because it seeps deeper into those types of materials than it would on laminate floors. That trapped dirt can darken over time and eventually may build up under different textures, making your walls or countertops look dim in contrast with the new, darker patches you created by using your steam mop too often.

Do steam mops remove dirt?

Absolutely! A steam mop will remove just about any foreign particle from the floor.

However, it’s still a good idea to vacuum your floors on occasion. Who should use steam mops in combination with traditional vacuuming? If using a steam mop replaces regular vacuuming, you run the risk of not removing some dirt particles and leaving stains on your floor, and potentially embedding dirt into porous surface materials like hardwood floors.

So use both for an effective clean! And don’t forget to make sure you’re changing out your cleaning clothes often so that they can get their job done as well!

Why do my laminate floors always look dirty?

If your laminate floors are always looking dirty, there’s a possibility that you’re not cleaning them often enough. If this is the case, try using a steam mop instead of traditional mopping to remove dirt and grime from hard surface floors. In addition, if your foot has become dingy through regular use (and who doesn’t), it might be time for an update!

How do you make old laminate flooring look new?

One way you can make old laminate flooring look new again is by simply scrubbing down the surface with a heavy-duty cleaner. Sanding or refinishing is usually necessary to remove discoloration and scratches, but just so long as it’s done correctly, sanding should not affect the warranty.

Another way would be to overlay it with another material (such as linoleum). Though this method will not give your floors the sanitary benefits of laminate, it will provide an easy solution if health concerns are at the forefront of your priorities.


The bottom line is that Who can use a steam cleaner on laminate floors, but it’s not recommended. We recommend using an electric mop and bucket for the best results in cleaning your flooring without damaging it. If you have any questions about this article, don’t hesitate to ask us! We’re always happy to answer all of your questions!

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