The 5 Best Commercial Carpet Extractor Review 2020

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Floors are so sensitive; we walk on floors countless times every day with several kinds of patches of gunk and dirt stains left on the floor every time we step on it. In our daily busy lives, we need carpet extractors. If you just begin your journey to professional carpet cleaning, we have got you covered. Technology has gone far; now, everyone can lay their hands on the best commercial carpet extractor.

We will be talking about some quality commercial carpet extractor here that can assist you in the carpet cleaning business of yours. Whether you want to purchase it for your office or your own carpet cleaning business, commercial, reliable carpet extractors are a must.

In this write-up, we will be telling you all the necessary things you need to know about commercial carpet extractor.

Importance of making use of the best portable commercial carpet cleaner

Saves cost in several ways

Carpet won’t lose its look if you clean with a commercial carpet cleaner. So, if you clean your carpet with a professional device or use expert service, your carpet will last longer. You will also save costs because you won’t be buying new carpets every time.

Healthier environment to work

A dirty carpet will host dust, bacteria, mud, and other pollutants. An office environment can become unhealthy because of these elements. This can lead to diseases too. More stains can be removed with regular cleaning of the carpet using a commercial cleaning extractor.

Minimum damage to the carpet

If your carpet isn’t cleaned properly, then it will get damaged easily. Commercial carpet cleaners do the job well leaving fewer damages to the carpet.

Top 5 Best Commercial Carpet Extractor Review

1. Bissell Bg10 Big Green Commercial Carpet Extractor

The 5 Best Commercial Carpet Extractor Review 2020 1Bissell Bg10 Big Green Commercial Carpet Extractor

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The Bissell Bg10 Big Green Commercial Carpet Extractor is used for industrial cleaning jobs, and it’s an entry-level carpet machine. The carpet extractor is well built, cost-effective, and it cleans well.

The operation of the carpet cleaner is so amazing and it makes it cleaning easier for anyone. Irrespective of your level of expertise with a cleaner machine, you can easily lay your hands on this machine and get to use it effortlessly.


  • Dual tanks for water: If you are cleaning large floors, the last thing you need is to be going up and down to fill empty containers with water. This commercial carpet extractor solves that part. It comes with two large water tanks, which will make cleaning more efficient and more comfortable.
  • Dual motors: compared to other smaller machines, the Bissell Bg10 features two engines. One is used for turning the cleaning brushes, and the other is meant for running the suction function of the cleaner.
  • Adjustable handle: because the machine is quite big compared to smaller carpet extractors, the model of its grip can fold down which makes it easier to get stored in spaces that are small.
  • Back and forward cleaning: an excellent commercial carpet cleaner will have suction and cleaning mechanisms, and this commercial carpet cleaner has got it all. It can clean continuously, which is a good thing.
  • Dirt lifter brushes: the Bissell Bg10 commercial carpet extractor comes with a lifter brush cleaning technology. The brush technology is a powerful one which helps in loosening embedded stains and dirt from the carpet.

What we don’t like

  • The machine tends to leak water from the water level indicator
  • The device is not safe to be used on tiles and hard floors
  • It doesn’t come with a heatwave technology for the water to be kept warm when cleaning

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2. Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner 86T3 – Commercial Carpet Extractor Reviews

The 5 Best Commercial Carpet Extractor Review 2020 2Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner 86T3 - Commercial Carpet Extractor Reviews

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Professionals acquire this cleaning extractor machine, and the machine has a reputation in areas of cleaning very well and is used mostly in commercial cleaning. The device can also be rented in companies.

Some companies primarily rent it out to homeowners who need to make use of it to refresh and clean their carpets as it is effective with cleaning pet stains, pet vomit, pet urine, and to get rid of some smells.

Cleaning with the machine is easier to do for anyone. It is very fast and efficient at cleaning carpet both for personal use or commercial purposes.


  • The capacity of the tank is enormous compared to other Bissell cleaning machines
  • It comes with flow indicators such as fuel dials. It will notify you when the tank for the dirty water is filling up and when you are running out of detergent
  • It comes with a five-year warranty
  • The dual motors do lovely work by getting all the moisture inside the carpet out as it’s moving on the floor. You don’t have to wait for hours before you can be able to walk on the carpet
  • Cleaning most rooms without unplugging the power cord is possible because the cable is about 25 feet long in size.
  • The handle is easy to fold down for storage or transporting

What we don’t like

  • The machine is costly, and it doesn’t worth buying for homeowners except the owners have a leaky pet or a home daycare that has several little kids that can mess up the carpet with juice every day.

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3. Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack – Best Commercial Carpet Cleaner

The 5 Best Commercial Carpet Extractor Review 2020 3Best Commercial Carpet Cleaner

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If it is a cleaning power machine that can clean up significant carpet areas and also have pet features, then you need to purchase the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack Carpet Cleaner. The reputation of the machine is well known, and several pet owners have a love for it.

The cleaning machine is dynamic in its operation as it comes with three functional systems such as spraying, scrubbing, and extraction. The three functional operational mode makes it one of the best for you to work with if you are faced with the task to clean carpet.


  • The machine comes with a brush that vibrates when cleaning. The brush assists in drawing up dirt from the carpet base and loosen up the stains
  • It has an adjustable handle with the dimension of 32.5 inches to 36.5 inches
  • It has two tanks, and this helps in separating the used water from the clean water so there won’t be a cross-contamination
  • The machine has a long power cord which makes cleaning easier
  • There is no need of assembling the device, and once you set it up it begins to move around
  • It has a five years warranty. The good part is if anything goes wrong during the warranty years, they will keep it up and help you fix it. With this, you can have peace of mind, especially if you want to be using it frequently

What we don’t like

  • The machine can only clean in one direction compared to others that can clean in two directions

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4. Hoover Smartwash Automatic – Best Portable Carpet Extractors

The 5 Best Commercial Carpet Extractor Review 2020 4Best Portable Carpet Extractors

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Hoover Smartwash Automatic is a commercial cleaning extractor machine that surpasses all the mentioned cleaning machines above. The weight of this machine is less than 80 pounds with four wheels for smooth movement when cleaning.

Regarding the capacity of the cleaner machine, it has a 12-gallon tank for a solution and an 11-gallon tank for recovery. In comparison to other products, the device can hold a single cleaning session for a longer period without you changing water.


  • The machine comes in a 50 inches detachable cord which makes it easier to have the machine wheeled when you want to empty or drain water
  • It features dual lift-off buckets which makes it convenient and more comfortable to empty
  • The handle is fully adjustable and makes the operation easier.
  • The machine increases leverage in tight places and on stairs
  • It comes in a five-year warranty
  • This commercial cleaning extractor machine features two stages of the electric motor, and other power equipment can be bought alongside it.
  • The machine has an external water heater equipped with it, which helps in cleaning at a faster rate and deeper.
  • Compared to other commercial cleaning machines, Hoover Smartwash Automatic is one of the most powerful carpet cleaners that are out there
  • The big machine tank assists you in cleaning for an extended period
  • The machine offers a heat-ready system exclusively
  • The machine motor cavity is fully sealed to avoid spillage of water outside
  • The wheels at the back of the machine protect it from damage when transporting
  • The machine switches are top-mounted

What we don’t like

  • The machine doesn’t come with heat extension it has to be bought differently

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5. Oreck Commercial Orbiter – Best Carpet Extractor Machine

The 5 Best Commercial Carpet Extractor Review 2020 5Oreck Commercial Orbiter - Best Carpet Extractor Machine

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the market presently, the best floor buffers you can buy are the Oreck Commercial Orbiter. The machine can wax, scrub, polish, and strip your home with ease. The device can also be used to clean grade carpets deeply.

The machine is assembled already, so there is no need to worry about joining it. The operation of the cleaner machine is effortless and straightforward. It is a perfect choice for those who are faced with huge carpet cleaning tasks with no time to waste.

The weight of the machine is lightly weighted (24 lbs.). Any person can make use of it without encountering a problem. Also, the machine doesn’t leave compared swirls, brush marks, gouges, and sanding marks on the floor after cleaning.


  • The machine can be used for dry cleaning carpets, and it can clean grade carpets deeply
  • The machine polishes and buffs hardwood floors
  • The device can clean and scrub concrete floors, and it can also remove stains from oil
  • The machine brushes when cleaning rotates in a random way, which eases control, and it allows gliding on the floor more comfortable.
  • The 50-foot power cord is extended which helps in covering a large area while cleaning

What we don’t like

  • You have to purchase a polishing pad and brush separately

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Things to consider when buying the best extraction carpet cleaner

We have different kinds of commercial extraction machines, and each of them has where they are perfect. That’s the reason why you should know the purpose behind why you want to purchase it. Every machine has its owns a unique feature.

We will be talking about those things you have to check when you want to purchase a commercial carpet extractor machine

Pump pressure

Pump or motor force will determine how much the machine can spray at a time. The pumping spraying measuring unit is the PSI, and we have two types of it; 1000 PSI and 100 PSI. If a pump is powerful, it cleans very fast.

Vacuum Power

Carpet extractors do feature two types of stage motors such as the two and three-stage motors. The three stages are more powerful compared to the two stages motors. Completing cleaning work with the three-stage motors will take less time.

Solution and Recovery tank

The newly designed commercial extractors feature two tanks. One container will hold a solution and clean water while the other one is the recovering tank containing the dirty water. It’s better to purchase a machine that comes with at least a 12-gallon water capacity. This will make your work easier.


The heater doesn’t come with all of the commercial machine extractors, and it can help in improving the device performance. This feature is necessary for industrial and commercial cleaning. Also, it will assist in enhancing the performance of the device if you want to run it in a professional or industry setting.

Customer service and Warranty

Sure, you check thoroughly before you pay. The gadget can develop one problem or the other at any time. You can need the assistance of the gadget company during this time. If the company has a bad reputation after selling, then it’s advisable to keep off their product. Always look for reviews from previous customers.


The portability of the device is a significant factor. If you make use of a carpet cleaner that is portable, it will be easy for you to do lots of things without hassle. There are some places where you won’t be able to reach if you are using a sophisticated machine. Therefore, a portable cleaning machine is the best for you.

Best hot water extraction carpet cleaner safety tips

Here, we will be talking about the safety tips on how to use hot water extraction carpet cleaner when cleaning a carpeted floor. The reason for this section is to assist you in removing spoilage without you damaging the surface of the carpet and hurting yourself.

  • Assemble all of the equipment. You should thoroughly check each of the items, and pay attention to the cables and plugs
  • Before you connect the machine to where the power supply is, you should have the residual current device inserted
  • Take away as much furniture as you can and makes sure the area is ventilated
  • Large litter items should be picked by hands and remove the loose soil by making use of a vacuum cleaner
  • Check all the edges of the carpet to make sure it is secured
  • Make use of white cloth with a neat cleaning agent to check for colorfastness in the carpet
  • Prepare the cleaning solution according to the instructions given by the manufacturers. Put some of the mixtures in a spraying bottle and the rest inside the hot water extraction cleaner machine
  • Before cleaning make sure all the heavily soiled places are sprayed
  • Always make sure to keep the machine hoses and cables behind the work line every time while working. Don’t allow them to be taught
  • Metal or wood objects shouldn’t rest on the wet carpet. You should separate them by using foil, plastic, or card
  • Makes sure the rug is fastened securely before making use of the hot water cleaning machine
  • Wear your Protective Equipment at all times; this will make you feel safe.
  • You taking care of your machine are essential. Has the suction cleaner emptied, clean and check or replace the filters?
  • After usage, drain the hot water extraction cleaner, clean and wipe dry

How to use commercial carpet spot cleaning machine

The life and beauty of your carpet depend solely on how they are cared for. Cleaning the carpet properly will make your carpet look great, improve the air quality indoors, and keep the carpets intact. It’s easier to clean your carpet than you think.

What you just need to know is how you can clean your carpet appropriately and the right cleaning products for your carpets

  • When making use of your commercial cleaning machine, you should clean the carpet slow and steady. A quick cleaning won’t do much
  • Always remember to have your empty tanks replaced to improve the efficacy of the cleaning
  • If you have pets around, spot clean the carpet frequently so you can capture the pet’s fur and hair
  • When making use of the commercial carpet spot cleaning machine, have all the furniture removed from the area. If you can’t move the furniture, have a plastic film placed around and underneath the furniture legs
  • Have the area vacuumed thoroughly.
  • The instructions from the machine manufacturer should be followed carefully. Don’t add any other chemicals or diluting the chemicals because you want to make the cleaner stronger
  • Make use of the approved cleaning solution only on your commercial cleaning extractor machines
  • When you want to start cleaning, start from the farthest part from the door, and clean back to the doorway for you to be able to step out when you are through.
  • Don’t over wet and be patient when cleaning the carpet. Extract the water as much as possible. Don’t rush this
  • The rug should get dried first before you walk or place the furniture back. This can take like 6 to 12 hours.
  • The place should be ventilated. Have the windows open if the weather condition outside permit it, or you can put on the air conditioning. Don’t close a room that has a wet carpet.

Frequently asked Questions

Question 1: How can I use a commercial carpet extractor machine?

Answer: using an industrial carpet machine is not hard. Just follow the steps by step guide. Firstly, you have to remove all the furniture from the room or house. Then you can pour the cleaner solution inside the tank and start cleaning

Question 2: is steam cleaning okay for carpet?

Answer: a robust cleaning process is steam cleaning and several companies make use of this method very well but are not okay for every carpet

Steam cleaning usually leaves marks on the carpet. It makes the fibers to become weak and wet from the carpet root. The process also can attract more dirt and dust as the carpets get soaked and it takes hours before it gets dried

Question 3: Which is the best among the commercial carpet extractor machine?

Answer: anyone that is will serve you for long is the best one for you. Any machine that can support the way you want to make use of it it’s the best one

Question 4: should you purchase or rent one

Answer: it depends on what you want to make use of it for. If you need it regularly, then it’s advisable to buy one to save time and money

Question 5: where can I get additional answers about commercial carpet cleaners’ machine?

Answer: we have already talked about all relevant and necessary information in this write-up. Should you have any other questions, then you can drop your comments below, and we will get back to you with answers.


We have laid out helpful information for you to carefully invest and purchase the best commercial carpet extractor. We know the decision isn’t a simple one to make. With this guide that we have laid down, you can be able to skip questions that aren’t that necessary and ask the useful ones that are.

If you want to purchase the machine, whether for home use or you want to start your own cleaning business, this review should be helpful. We hope you can be able to find every vital detail you need. If you lay your hands on a cleaning machine, your carpet can be cleaned frequently.

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