Best Commercial Steam Cleaners 2021 Reviews – Top 5 Picks!

One can buy any steam cleaner within their budget and think of cleaning commercial spaces. But they waste the money because the values of steam cleaner features are different than normal ones.

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So, we researched a lot and reviewed the best commercial steam cleaners on the market. Read the reviews below for the most suitable one in your office and read the buying guide so that you can choose like an expert.

What are the benefits of commercial steam cleaners?

There are a lot of benefits of using a high-end commercial steam cleaning machine, and we are going to discuss the main ones below.

  • The first reason to get a commercial steamer is that it uses far less water than low-end traditional ones. As a result, you can clean any surface without making it dripping wet or any damage.
  • High-end commercial ones are also capable of providing high pressure, which can be up to 120 psi. So, removing grease and grime has never been more comfortable even when you have the most stubborn dirt.
  • An excellent commercial cleaner can also provide high temperature, and you can control the temperature. This makes sure that no dirt or germ is left behind, giving you a safe and clean floor.
  • Also, commercial cleaners come with large tanks, which means more water carrying capability and longer runtime. Commercial spaces are very big, and it is inconvenient for anyone to refill too often while cleaning.

Note: Here we sort out some of the major benefits of a steam mop, if you want to know more on this, you can have a look at our another article, where we shared all the hacks. 


Top 5 Best Commercial Steam Cleaners Reviews 2020

Considering its price and performance with some specialties, we think this is one of the best commercial carpet cleaning machines. From auto detailing to carpet cleaning, you can do a lot of other things with it.

1. Pure Enrichment PureClean – Commercial Steam Cleaners

Pure Enrichment PureClean - Commercial Steam Cleaners

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We have seen the reviews about its real-life performance, and they are more than satisfactory. It can clean different surfaces seamlessly and can clean even washable wallpapers.

With this amazing steamer, you won’t have a dirty floor anymore. Its slim design and modern look make it perfect to use on any surface anywhere. If you are planning to clean large rooms, buy this one as it comes with an extra-long power cord.

Key Features

  • This steam cleaner is capable of cleaning both indoors and outdoors with its 18-piece accessory set.
  • The boiler can heat the water in the tank that has a capacity of 1.5 liters.
  • It comes with an extended 16-feet power cord so that you can clean large spaces quickly.
  • Multiple attachment heads make it capable of cleaning windows and corners too.
  • For target cleaning, you can use its angled nozzle that releases high-pressure steam.

We don’t like

  • The fact that PureClean Steam Cleaner is that there are no heat gauges

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2. Vapamore MR-100 Primo – Commercial Steam Cleaning

Commercial Steam Cleaning

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Vapamore MR-100 is one of the best commercial steam cleaners on the market because of its features and performance. Not only us but also a lot of customers gave highly positive reviews of this machine.

The maximum temperature limit and the pressure feature will impress you for sure. If you think that you are losing the battle against the bed bugs, we recommend you to get one if this.

Many customers are living happily ever after buying this cleaner. For those who don’t need a steam cleaner for their vehicle, this is the one to go for.

Key Features

  • The 40-gallon tank can hold enough water every fill to give you a 60-minute runtime.
  • It now comes with stronger and more durable tools and accessories with larger floorhead design.
  • You can clean your whole apartment or commercial space without using any chemicals and only water.
  • Its high pressure and the temperature setting can remove dirt, grease, grime, and stains effectively.
  • As it can produce 210 to 220-degree Fahrenheit steam, you can kill bed bugs, germs, dust mites, mold, and mildew with it.

We don’t like

  • The fact that Vapamore MR-100 is that you can’t use it for auto detailing.

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3. McCulloch MC1275 – Commercial Floor Steamer

Commercial Floor Steamer

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We know that a lot of customers search for the best industrial steam cleaner. Here, McCulloch MC1275 proves to be the best for cleaning dirt and killing germs without using any chemical cleaning solutions.

Moreover, the cord and hose length of this device is matched by very few models on the market. It is an essential factor while choosing a steam cleaner so that you can clean large areas quickly without changing power outlets too much.

Furthermore, you will see that it comes with a powerful jet nozzle and a smart lock switch. As a result, the most stubborn dirt and grime are bound to be removed.

Key Features

  • Without any harsh chemicals, it can clean effectively only using high-pressure steam with high temperatures.
  • It is capable of cleaning multiple surfaces, making it perfect for those who need versatile usability.
  • The large tank capacity can hold up to 48 ounces of water at a time, providing a runtime of 8 minutes.
  • It comes with 18 accessories so that you don’t have to buy any extra item to clean any item in your house or office.
  • With its 15.7’ power cord and 9’ steam hose pipe, you will be able to clean large areas.

We don’t like

  • The fact about McCulloch MC1275 is that the brush head seems weak to withstand the heavy-cleaning

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4. McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe – Commercial Floor Steam Cleaner

Commercial Floor Steam Cleaner

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The first thing you will notice and love about this professional steam cleaner is that it comes with 23 different accessories. Its build quality and durability impressed us and surely impressed you.

This gorgeous looking steam cleaner is highly portable with its luggage system handle and wheels. As a result, moving it around the room and cleaning becomes effortless.

The power cord of this cleaner is 18 feet, which you won’t see in many models. Also, the hose length is 10 feet, and altogether, you don’t have to worry about the length of the area you are cleaning.

Key Features

  • The large tank of this cleaner can hold up to 64 ounces of water that can give you 120 minutes of steam.
  • Its effective boiler can heat that much water under only 12 minutes so that you don’t need to wait too much.
  • It comes with 23 different accessories for versatile usability and better cleaning in commercial spaces.
  • Moreover, it can create pressure up to 58 PSI, which means that no dirt or grime will be left untreated.
  • Its long power cord and hose length make sure that you can clean large rooms quickly.

We don’t like

  • the fact about McCulloch MC1385 is that the manufacturer didn’t use more durable material to build the handle.

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5. Dupray Neat- Professional Steam Cleaner

Professional Steam Cleaner

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What we like the most about this steam cleaner is that it has an integrated funnel. As a result, spilled water all around the water tank will not reality anymore. You will love its capacity too.

After a lot of comparisons and reviews, we think that this is one of the best commercial steam cleaners on this list. With its very high steam temperature that is almost 275 degrees Fahrenheit, you can kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

The extra-long power cord is also helpful for cleaning large areas quickly. If you are looking for something capable of versatile usage, you should get this one.

Key Features

  • The floor cleaning head of this device allows you to attack microfiber pads or any other cloth or towel for cleaning.
  • Its higher heat settings can sanitize and disinfect your apartment floor easily without using any chemicals.
  • The steam temperature can reach up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit so that you can kill bed bugs, germs, dust mites, mold, and mildew with it.
  • The 1600ml water tank can hold enough water every fill to give you a 50-minute runtime.
  • You can carry this steamer anywhere you go because of its lightweight feature and compact design

We don’t like

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What to consider before buying a commercial steam cleaner

After hours of research, we have found several features and their respective values for choosing the best commercial carpet cleaning equipment. Let’s see those and make sure that they are present in your chosen device.

Tank Capacity

Buy a commercial steam cleaner with large tank capacity so that you don’t have to refill too often cleaning a large floor area.

Power Cord

Long power cords are also important, as the water tank capacity. Choosing a steam cleaner with good power cord length will let you clean large areas without having to change the power outlet.

Stainless Steel

The body parts that are made of steel can sometimes have bad quality. If you can make sure that your chosen one comes with stainless steel body parts and other sturdy materials, you will have a durable and reliable steam cleaner.

Accessible Control

Check out whether the cleaner has adjustable features like controlling the temperature and steam. It is necessary because cleaning on different surface material requires different heat settings.

Steam Temperature

While buying the best professional steam cleaner, see the specs and note the highest steam temperature it can provide. To kill germs and bugs, you will need a higher temperature, and the steamer should be capable of delivering that.


This is an obvious factor that is ensured by all commercial steam cleaners. The devices are so heavy that moving them without wheels is quite impossible.


Finally, see what you are getting within the package as more items will help you more. Detachable heads and other cleaning tools come in handy while cleaning tight areas and different surfaces.

Those are all, and now let’s see how you can use it properly, maintaining some safety tips.

How to use a commercial steam cleaner?

The learning for using a commercial steam cleaner properly starts from reading the instruction manual that comes with the package. Now, let’s see some easy steps that will make you a pro in commercial steam cleaner operation.

  • Firstly, fill the water tank with tap water but try to arrange distilled water. Because distilled water cleans better, and your cleaner doesn’t have scale building-up inside.
  • After you have filled the tank, you can power up the commercial floor steamer and wait until the machine is hot enough and ready to steam clean.
  • Next, attach the cleaning head that you need for cleaning a particular surface or area and start steaming.

Safety tips for commercial steam cleaners

Though the best commercial steam cleaners come with various safety features, you should make sure that you are using it safely. Let’s see some points to keep in mind while using a commercial steam cleaner.

  • Be careful if you need to use any chemical substances while cleaning a particular surface. Wear gloves and take other safety clothes so that spills can’t do damage to your skin.
  • Another common case while using commercial steam cleaners is slipping hazards. So, you should wear working shoes that come with an anti-slip grip on the bottom. Also, its waterproof and heat-proof features will help you greatly.

Commercial Steam Cleaners FAQ

  1. Does steam cleaning remove grease?

Yes, steam cleaning can remove grease as well as dirt and other grime from different surface materials. But don’t apply on any surface because some are likely to be damaged by heat.

  1. How do you clean a commercial steamer?

You can simply clean your commercial steamer using soap and water without spending much time. Also, you can use vinegar in case of scale build-up inside the steam cleaner.

  1. What should you not steam clean?

There are a lot of things in our homes and offices that are prone to damage due to heat. Also, avoiding laminated floors and walls for steam cleaning is recommended by the experts.

  1. Can I put vinegar in my steam cleaner?

All experts agree that white vinegar is very effective in killing germs. Also, the cleaners don’t mind adding a bit of white vinegar with the water. So, yes, you can put vinegar in your steam cleaner without any tension.

  1. Can you describe a steamer?

If the water in your area is hard, which means too much mineral in the ground, you will see mineral build-ups in the tank and pipe. Adding 3 cups of white vinegar in the tank will help to descale quickly.

Final Remarks

If you have enough budget, our recommendation is to go with the Vapamore MR-100. We like it because of its build quality, overall performance, and easy operation. As this commercial steam cleaner can generate more heat, you can use it to clean effectively and kill the bed bugs.

But a lot of our readers look for something more affordable. So, we recommend Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner or McCulloch MC1275 as both are the best commercial steam cleaners your money can buy. With simple yet powerful and effective design and build quality, you can rely on any of them for years. Read the reviews, see whether we are talking about the facts, and make a decision.

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