Best Handheld Steam Cleaner For Grout 2021 – Our 5 Picks!

Want to experience the best-testified cleaning process that is widely supported and established by modern medics? Then you must come to know how steam cleaning will benefit you as a health-savvy homeowner. We brought out plenty of reasons why traditional cleaning methods are disappearing now. 

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One must know how the Best handheld steam cleaner for grout is functioning. Besides, there are different sorts of steam cleaners outside, and you will educate here, why and how you should buy them. The main focus here is to let you introduce with that matter, so you can have a great investment. 

Why Steam is Better Than Just Regular Cleaning? 

There are some certain benefits why most of us opt for steam cleaning, instead of just regular cleaning, and we find out the key reasons here:

  • Steam cleaning only comes with water, and it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals, so it eliminates the use of any harsh chemical.
  • It is absolutely eco-friendly, also, minimize the water supply, avoid poisoning animal life and plant, and bring no health issues to us
  • If you have pets around your home, there is a great chance to have bad odors and to eliminate that smell, you can find steam cleaning as a great choice
  • Steam cleaning effectively kills all types of germs, molds, and viruses around your home and workplace.
  • Airborne allergens are the by-product of dust mites that leads to allergic reactions, use of steam cleaning only kicks out them from home

5 Best Handheld Steam Cleaner For Grout Reviews 2020

Now, you are going to know about 5 Handheld steamer for cleaning grout. We dug deep and bring out them so you will find them superb useful while choosing any steamer. Make sure, you come to know how and why they are effective with versatile floor cleaning. 

1. McCulloch MC1275 with 18 Accessories – Best Steam Cleaner For Tile And Grout

Best Steam Cleaner For Tile And Grout

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When you need to deal with the toughest grout, you should consult with the McCulloch MC1275. It immersively kicks out the dirt, debris and sanitizes the whole surface accordingly. The main attention of it is to have versatility so that you can apply it for granite, ceramic tile, laminate, sealed wood flooring and many more. 

The second reason to prefer this is to have a large capacity tank that can contain 48-ounce water. Besides, it heats up within 8 minutes that ensure 45 minutes of constant steaming. It is far more adjustable to any type of cleaning operation with the help of 18 versatile equipment. 

You can fix each of them at different stages of your cleaning work including mop pads, nylon brush, brass brush squeegee, floor mop and many more. Again, when you equip them, these will help to get easy access to the tightest corner, and the extra-long 15.7-foot power cord help them to get in. 

McCulloch MC1275 Main Features: 

  • It comes with the 3 in 1 adjustable steam mop can reach and clean all the grouts, angles, bristle and flat surface
  • It comes with many detachable tool kits that are easy to attach with the extension wand
  • The Swivel steering is just perfectly going inside the hard spaces, and it aids easy mounting
  • It reduces the bacteria by 99.9 percent found in any place like grains of cloths
  • There are 9 accessories you will find, and it is easy to store with the storage kit

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2. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY – Best Home Steam Cleaner For Grout

Best Home Steam Cleaner For Grout

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LIGHT ‘N’ EASY steam cleaner is a sophisticated choice and considered to be the best multi purpose steam cleaner. The advanced feature that brings our attention is to have the intuitive smart switch that prevents steaming while it remains in the upright position, for that you can keep your hardwood floors unharmed. 

Later on, this is brilliantly designed for becoming more responsive in regards to heat up. Therefore, it takes just 30 seconds for instant heating up, and reduce the chances of greasing while it remains dry without steak. It is comparatively better secure for pets, children, and yoga lovers. 

It comes with the variable speed like HI, MED, and MED to LOW steam, and applicable for various floor surfaces. The versatility of it also surprising with different attachments like you may have 3pieces of microfiber mop pads along with the 2 pieces of grout cleaning brush, and others ad-on.

LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Main Features:

  • The jet nozzle seems perfect to get an easy reach even the tightest corners like showerheads, refrigerator frost, kitchen, and bathroom. 
  • It takes 30 seconds for fast heat up and reduces all the grease or messes as quickly as possible
  • It comes with the intuitive smart switch so you will remain safe even drop it down at the upright position
  • Easy to change the intense mode from Hi, Med, or low, and allow all floor surface
  • It comes with the detachable head parts like 3pcs of microfiber mop pads and 2pcs of grout cleaner with a jet nozzle

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3. Bissell PowerFresh – Best Steam Mop For Grout

Bissell PowerFresh - Best Steam Mop For Grout

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When a steam cleaner provides the perfect steam mopping, then it must bring the attention of a buyer. Keeping this in mind Bissel introduced with the best steam mop for hardwood floors., It comes with the angle tool, grout tool, bristle scrub brush, and flat scraper tool, all of them ensure ultimate cleaning experience. 

Besides the versatile tool kit, all of them easy to attach with the extension wand or handheld steamer. The main focus is the swivel steering that ensures easy storage and getting access to the tight spaces. 

After intense cleaning, you will find your surface fully free from bacteria and germs. The manufacturer keeps the width of the cleaning path just accurate which is 13 inches. We recommend you apply the white pads for everyday cleaning and the scrubby pads are for dealing with sticky messes. 

Bissell PowerFresh Main Features:

  • it has a 3 in 1 steam mop that helps to clean the surface at different angles and modes. 
  • The tool kit comes with the portability so you can carry while cleaning
  • Swivel steering  confirms to go across the tough corners, and easy to wall mounting
  • It is fully adjustable with any type of surface including hardwood, linoleum, granite, ceramic, and marble

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4. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop – Best Steam Mop For Tile

Best Steam Mop For Tile

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LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop comes with the unique square shape and it is team up with the swivel steering mechanism. Therefore, it can go across the edges and corners and bring quicker cleaning. The main attention of this steamer is to have 20 feet of the long power cord, so you can easily go one door to another without plugging out the power.

When you grab it, you will find a great grip due to having the fluid handle and cord wrap. Besides, the fluid handle rotates to 360 degrees. it comes with the smart sensor that automatically shut down when it comes to the upright position, and stops releasing steam. Let not forget to tell you the intelligent large bottom tank design for that, it can easily get better penetration and higher steaming temperature. 

By the way, the steamer seems very powerful to us as it can support instant heat up takes only 30 seconds. This results in drying up the surface immediately. You will find it super flexible, portable, and easy to store at any place. 

LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop Main Features: 

  • It has a unique square shape with the perfect swivel steering
  • Water tank capacity is perfect and designed with a large bottom surface for better steam penetration
  • Adopted with the 2.0 sensor, that keeps it shutdown while the upright position
  • Bring instant heat in just 30 seconds and dry out immediately
  • It comes with the long power cord like 20 feet long

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5. Powerfresh Mop Cleaning – Handheld Steam Cleaner For Grout

Handheld Steam Cleaner For Grout

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Friday discount comes with the portable mop cleaning performance and specially designed for the Hardwood tile and laminate floor. For that, you can experience it as a Portable steam cleaner for tile grout. The main attention of it is the 10 in 1 accessory including the garment steaming, and carpet cleaning. If you are looking for a steamer that will not only for the floor surface but also for garment cleaning, then this one for you. Check best steam mop for laminate floors

So, you can find it to be the best handheld steam cleaner for grout. It is powered by the 1200W and keep heating up within 15-30 seconds, at the same time eco-friendly. Because with the help of the natural power of steaming it kicks out almost 99.9% of harmful germs. 

And, the whole operation seems to you multifunctional even deal with the stone mop. The pads are from a washable microfiber so you won’t have a hard time to wash out. Finally, this steam cleaner handle is easy to fold so you can keep it without taking up much space. 

Powerfresh Mop Cleaning Main Features: 

  • It comes with the 1200W powerful steamer that is enough to deal with any hard floors
  • It instantly heats up and takes up to 30 seconds and then eliminates almost 99.9% of harmful substance-using natural power streaming 
  • Team up with 10 in 1 accessory along with the garment steamer for that you can even clean your carpet as well
  • It requires minimalistic physical effort for having a swiveling mop head and lightweight construction
  • The steam handle is foldable that allows it to keep without taking much space

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How to choose the right steam cleaner for grout? 

Choosing the top-rated steam cleaner requires to know some hacks about it. Like, how it works, and the features of a steam cleaner. Aside from them, you must choose it from the reputed brand only. As you know there would be some of the cleaners that bring out with the same features but are not flawless. On the other hand, the more you pay the better you will get, especially the warranty would be a great win for you.

Here are some of the hacks, we sorted out that you should consider while buying any Steam Cleaner. 

  • Perfection with attachments:

You may have heard of so many attachments but the most important attachments come with the nylon brush. This would be the best deal that you ever come to know, why it is? Well, it let the steam flow perfectly right at the center of the brush and then bring more scrubbing power compared to the others of its kind. So, never fooled by the metal brush, however, it sounds good to hear without experience. This brush seems heavier and leads to scratching your tile and grout both

Moreover, there are some other attachments, that you are planning with your steam cleaner, and buy them accordingly. The point is Canister cleaners often come with 12-18 pieces of attachments or accessory kits, where you will find extension hoses, floor mops, corner brushes, squeegees, and many more. 

  • Size and Capacity: 

Every steam cleaner must have a certain limit of capacity and the size like a large tank is the main consideration here while buying any of them. You will come to know that more or less maximum steamers do not offer continuous operation. For that, you need to cool the whole unit before refilling. After that, it takes time to get the heat and start performing again. So, when you deal with the big area, then you need to refill it once after another. 

  • Reputed brand: 

This is a common hack that everybody knows it. Not only for this item but also, for any product and you need to make sure whether they come from any reputed brand or not. The same goes to the steam cleaner as well. 

  • Warranty: 

More or less every good manufacturer provides the warranty, but the question is how to extend that duration? Well, if you are ready to pay more then there is no worry to get more warranty from them. On the other hand, as we have said the reputed brand, then a good brand is trustworthy with their warranty as well. 

Other hacks are to buy directly from the Amazon, for that you will not only get them affordable but also they are sometimes come with extended warranties compared to the normal store. Moreover, you can also buy them hassle-free with the replacement offer, where cost and compensation are perfect 

  • Ease of Use: 

When choosing the steam cleaners make sure the lighter one. It may not directly hit the performance issue, however, it will help you while you are cleaning the surface for longer hours. On the other hand, you can avoid the hassle with the large steam cleaner and any inconvenience with them. Make sure it is not only lighter, and smaller but also allows deep cleaning with grouts. Hence, you should look for the Portable steam cleaner for tile grout.

How to use a steam cleaner for grout & titles?

If you are a first-timer, who never worked before with cleaning grout and tiles, then the following instructions would be helpful for you. 

  • Clean the surface:

Before getting started with the steam cleaning, make sure you have cleaned the whole surface first. You may ask, why is it important? Well, if you do so, then your steam cleaner won’t require to put some extra effort. As a result, you can enhance the overall efficiency of it, and get a better cleaning output. When you have floor tile, you can mop it, and for wall apply the sponge cleaning across the tile. Besides, apply only mild detergent, then rinse it

  • Getting started with a Steam cleaner:

Now, your surface is ready for applying the steam cleaner with water. So, now it is high time to switch on the unit and set the fire with steam. No worries, to see any delay, as it normally takes a few minutes to heat up. finally, attach the hose to the steamer accordingly. Fix up an appropriate brush, nylon one is recommended. Also, bring it which suits the best with the grout, and safe to apply on the tile as well. 

  • Apply steaming and scrubbing:

Now, you are all set to shoot bullets, right? So turn on the steam with the suggested rate of spray. Also, ensure that you are scrubbing the grout directly with the help of back and forth strokes. Let us tell you the tricky part here, the thing is you should be organized with cleaning so no spot won’t remain untouched. Hence, the best process is to locate any small place and clean perfectly and then move on to the next one. 

  • Mop and sponge every spot:

Now, you can have a break with the scrubbing and start mopping and sponging each cleaned section. Now why is this important, you may ask? Well, this is for cleaning up all the dirty water, meanwhile, you can refill and reheat the steamer, and it is required in the middle of this cleaning work. 

  • Seal the Grout:

Now you are done the maximum task, and finally, you need to seal the unsealed grout. Hence, never compromise with the high-quality grout sealer at all. Finally, the floor will appear to you with the original color. 

Note: Want to know more about How To Clean Floor Tile Grout With Steam Perfactly, We have already sorted out it for you, and to dig deep into this topic you can read our other post. 

Frequently asked questions:

Are steam cleaners good for cleaning grout?

Steam cleaners are very effective with the help of high-temperature water flow and the powerful scrubbing with brushes. Therefore, it is the best deal for cleaning the stubborn grout. 

What is the easiest way to clean grout?

You may either use any best handheld steam cleaner or you can use a paste of hydrogen peroxide with baking soda, and apply them to the grout.

What can you clean with a handheld steamer?

It helps to go across many tight corners like removing grease, sanitizing the countertops, refreshing the upholstery, finally clean the dirty grout in your bathroom and kitchen. 

Are handheld steamers better than irons?

No, it is not at all, because steamers are far better than irons as it can provide the safer and convenient cleaning up, at the same easy to maneuver. 

Are handheld steam cleaners any good?

Handheld steam cleaners are not harmful as it doesn’t have contact with chemicals, at the same time it is eco-friendly and the safest choice for a household. 

Final remarks:

An ideal steam cleaner requires so many things but the main focus should be the versatile attachments, clean all the surface, and more importantly easy to use. For getting the user-friendliness, we focus on the lightweight feature. Here we have seen more or less every steam cleaner comes with similar features. But we picked up the Friday discount Unknown Powerfresh mop cleaner. 

Guess why? Well, this steam cleaner seems the most portable one with the perfect different attachments that kicks out almost all the dirt and grime. On the other hand, it sounds affordable as well. Most importantly, the main feature is to have the garment cleaning performance. This feature is the main reason and we find this gap compared with the rest of the 4 steam cleaners above. This is why you may find it as one of the best handheld steam cleaner for grout.

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