Best Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner – Top 5 Picks 2021

When it comes to cleaning your home or washing your favorite decorative pieces with a steam cleaner, you must need the best multi purpose steam cleaner. You will get a lot of steam cleaners in the market, but not all of them are of the best quality or can meet your expectations fully. So if you look for the best one or want to replace your existing one, we can help you out in this regard.

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How effective is steam cleaning?

There is no doubt and question about the performance and effectiveness of steam cleaners. Actually, this cleaning tool has been using for a long time to make the cleaning task smooth and easy, and make life hassle-free. A steam cleaner can kill 99.99% germs and bacteria that you cannot do with a regular mop. Without using any harsh chemicals such as cleaning agents, detergents, or bleach, you will get a neat and clean surrounding. So a steam cleaner is safe for children and pets and friendly for the environment.

Benefits of using a steam cleaner for multi-purpose 

You will get huge benefits from a steam cleaner compared to the traditional cleaning methods. If you become able to choose the perfect one, you are the luckiest person to keep your home, belongings, and surroundings super clean without putting much effort. Let’s see what benefits you will get from a steam cleaner.

  • It saves you money and time: Traditional cleaners take much time, but a steam cleaner only takes a few moments to clean your floor. With steam cleaning, you can also save money on the chemical. 
  • It sanitizes your floor and objects: The steam cleaning kills germs and bacteria and disinfects the home space. So you get a safe and clean environment at the same time.
  • Cleaning becomes effortless: Putting comparatively less effort and labor, you will get sparkling clean floor and surface with a steam cleaner.
  • Dries your floor quickly: In steam cleaning, you don’t need to use a massive bucket of water as the traditional cleaning methods. So your floor or surface gets dried quickly. 
  • Versatile use: With a steam cleaner, you can also clean your clothes, curtains, window glasses, decorative pieces along with the floor, tiles, carpets, etc.

Note: We have mentioned some of the benefits of the steam cleaner in the above section, so you can understand why you should use one from today and what benefits you can enjoy. If you want to know about the benefits of a steam mop, you can also read this article here to make a decision about which one to use- a steam cleaner or a steam mop.

Top 5 best multi-purpose steam cleaner

You may have already used different steam cleaners of different brands and models. But none of those were able to meet your expectations. Apart from this, you may also want to try some new models or brands to take your cleaning experience to the next level. Considering all of your demands and needs, we have come up with the top 5 best multi-purpose steam cleaner reviews. Let’s now discover a bit more about why you should try any of our recommended steam cleaners.

1. McCulloch MC1375  – High Pressure Steam Cleaner

High Pressure Steam Cleaner

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If you are looking for a great steam cleaner for cleaning and mopping, then McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam cleaner is for you.  This multi purpose steam cleaner can heat up in 10 minutes, which makes your cleaning task faster. Once the steam cleaner gets the heat, it can continuously provide steam for 90 minutes.

So you don’t need to interrupt your cleaning task frequently like you would need to do with others.  One of the best parts of this tool is that you will get a total of 20 versatile accessories and variable steam controllers so you can have a genuinely multi purpose steam cleaning with this excellent model.

The variable steam control comes with 4 bars that can produce the steam pressure of up to 58 PSI, so you will be able to spread the steam on your floor or tiles at any pressure level according to your needs. With the help of these bars, you can blasts away dirt and dust, germs and bacteria, grease and grime, etc.

Special Features

  • The steam cleaner contains a large water tank that ensures an uninterrupted steam supply.
  • The scrub pads are of higher quality and perfect for use on any surface area from smaller to larger.
  • The 10 feet insulated hose channels the steam flow to the steam nozzle safely.
  • The extra-long power cord of 18 feet will help you move freely covering large areas.
  • It includes onboard storage to store 20 versatile accessories conveniently.

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2. Ivation 1800W Multi-Purpose Chemical-Free – Pressure Steam Cleaners

Pressure Steam Cleaners

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Ivation Canister Cleaner is another great steam cleaner that will let you clean and sanitize your floors, tile grouts, carpets, windows, ovens, curtains, clothes, etc. perfectly. The larger water tank of this cleaner can hold 4 liters of water to ensure a continuous steam flow of up to 30 minutes. 

Compared to other regular steam cleaners available in the market, Ivation Canister Cleaner can complete the warm-up session in just 7 minutes. So starting your cleaning becomes quicker, and you can finish the cleaning task faster. With 5 easy operable and controllable bars, the model can deliver the water temperature of up to 338°F.

At this temperature level, no germs or bacteria will be able to survive so that you will get a fully hygienic environment for your family members, children, and pets. Moreover, you will not need to use any harmful chemicals such as detergent or bleach with this super quality steam cleaner.

Special Features

  • It ensures spotless home floor surface and other objects with its powerful 65 PSI steam pressure.
  • The model contains 14 pieces of unique cleaning accessories to a quick start and versatile usages.
  • The built-in pressure monitoring option lets you monitor and control the steam pressure levels nicely.
  • The high tech design and development of this tool ensures maximum safety all the time.
  • A powerful rotating brush allows you to scrub hard floors and surfaces and remove built-up dirt and stains.

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3. Pure Enrichment PureClean XL – Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner

Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner

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If you want to have the all-natural steam cleaning and mopping, then Pure Enrichment Rolling Steam Cleaner is for you. The larger water tank of this cleaner can hold 1.5 liters of water and produce a continuous steam flow of up to 45 minutes. So you don’t need to go through a tiresome and time-consuming water refilling process frequently.

Because of ensuring added safety and a variety of versatile features, we consider this steam cleaner as one of the best multi purpose handheld steam cleaners. The cleaner comes with advanced technology to provide you and your belongings in your home the maximum safety.

It includes 18 pieces of heavy-duty and multi-purpose accessories to offer you a smooth and comfortable cleaning experience. When this steam cleaner is on the action, you will get a sparkling clean floor and surface without leaving any dust, debris, germs, or bacteria on the surface.

Special Features

  • An extra-large 16-foot of power cord makes your task easier to steam clean all over your home.
  • The angled nozzle of this tool allows you to target the hot steam on the surface with grease and grime.
  • The floor scrub brush of this model is very powerful for scrubbing your floor perfectly.
  • It contains a powerful motor of  1500-watt so you can operate it with adequate power and force.
  • The beautiful cord wrap helps you to store the cord after every use.

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4. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Multifunctional Steam Mops – Multi Surface Steam Cleaner

Multi Surface Steam Cleaner

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LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Cleaner is such a powerful steam cleaner that can heat up in just 30 seconds to offer you the fastest and superior steam cleaning. Utilizing the steam settings from low to medium to high, you can clean your hardwood floor, tile grouts, vinyl plank, carpet, marble, ceramic, and a lot more.

This fantastic steam cleaner comes with the unique cylinder cleaning tool, so you don’t have any tension to clean your cylinder or any other cylinder-shaped objects. With the quality window squeegee, you can clean the dirt, oil spot, or hard water stains from your home or car window or shower doors.

A capable jet nozzle of this cleaner will enable you to reach into more hard edges, corners, smaller surfaces such as showerheads, toilet seats, kitchen or bathroom sinks, refrigerator’s frost, sliding-door tracks, etc. All these powerful and useful features have made this cleaner one of the best all-purpose steam cleaners.

 Special Features

  • It comes with an intuitive smart switch that prevents the release of any steam when the cleaner is at an upright position.
  • Using the 3 different intensity settings, you can control the extent of the steam pressure and temperature.
  • It includes an effective bristle scrub brush so that you can clean any sticky messes from your bathroom or kitchen or any surface easily.
  • Using the unique grout cleaning brushes, you will get a glittering tile grout on your floor.
  • It contains 3 pieces of microfiber mop pads to ensure more and better cleaning.

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5. Steamfast SF-370WH  – Best All Purpose Steam Cleaner

Best All Purpose Steam Cleaner

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If you look for an easy home multi-purpose steam cleaner, then you must try Steamfast Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner to enjoy the power of cleaning. The large 45-ounce water tank can hold more water and provide up to 45 minutes of continuous steam to make your entire cleaning process uninterrupted.

It can produce and deliver hot steam at a faster speed so you can start and complete your cleaning tasks faster.  The pressure and temperature of the steam are so perfect that you can clean any type of your floor, tiles grout, window, curtains, carpet, decorative pieces, clothes, etc.

This model comes with 15 versatile and effective accessories, including a wonderful steam mop attachment to offer you a sealed flooring surface and objects. These extra accessories will let you apply the steam cleaner to the tough edger or corner of your floor or surface.

Special Features

  • The steam cleaner can deliver heated steam of up to 200°F at which no dust, dirt, germs, or bacteria can survive.
  • The scrub tool and corner tool work better on any floor surface and corner.
  • It includes a powerful jet nozzle to deliver heated steam smoothly.
  • The brass utility brush is very effective in working on any type of surface.
  • The steam locking switch allows you to lock the steam flow at any time you want.

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What to Look for in a Quality multi purpose Steam?

In our top 5 best multi purpose steam cleaner reviews, we have described all the details of the best steam cleaners produced by different brands. So it will be easier for you to choose any of the above models or brands. But if you are skeptical about which one to buy or what to consider before buying, you should read this section carefully. Below are some of the basic things you need to consider before purchasing a steam cleaner:

  • Ease of use: Before going to choose a steam cleaner, you should check whether or not it contains easy operable functions or settings. You should also select the one that is lightweight so you can carry it easily.
  • Various functions: You should make sure the steam cleaner comes with enough functions and attachments you need to do the jobs perfectly and effortlessly. You should not opt for a steam cleaner with complex functionality and features.
  • Warm-up time: Some steam cleaners take 5-10 minutes to heat up, and some get heated up in even 30 seconds or under a minute. So if you choose the one that takes less time, then you will not have to wait for the heating up after turning on the machine.
  • Tank size: The more water your steam cleaner can hold, the more it can deliver steam, and the longer you can clean before refilling it with water and reheat. So the tank size is an essential consideration before choosing a steam cleaner.
  • Heat function: The steam cleaner needs to produce the steam of the temperature level at least 200° to sanitize your floor effectively. So you should check for the heat function before buying one.
  • Price: Price is one of the best considerations for all of you. Depending on your budget, try to buy one that comes with versatile features and other attachments.

Note: There are some differences between a steam cleaner and steam mop. So naturally, you have to consider some different factors to choose a steam mop. However, if you want to buy a steam mop, you can read the steam mop buying guide here.

How to use a multi purpose Steam cleaner?

Before starting cleaning with a steam cleaner, you should follow some instructions. As steam cleaning is entirely different from regular cleaning, you need to go through some cleaning techniques to ensure better cleaning and higher durability of your cleaning machine. Some of the most important methods are as below:

  • Move your Furniture
  • Vacuum your floors
  • Make your steam cleaner ready with mop clothes, other attachments, and accessories
  • Add nothing to the water tank and cleaner except water
  • Leave your carpet to dry after steam cleaning

Note: We have described above in brief about the effective usage of multi purpose steam cleaner.  But if you want to know more in detail about how to use a steam mop or a steam cleaner, we would recommend that you read the article here?

Frequently asked questions:

We have also come up with the answers to some of your frequently asked questions for your convenience. So you can gather more knowledge about the steam cleaner and steam mop.

Can I put vinegar in my steam cleaner?

Yes, you can put vinegar in your steam mop to increase the cleaning power. But most of the manufacturers recommend not to add anything.

Can you put bleach in a steam mop?

No, you cannot put bleach in a steam mop. Almost all manufacturers don’t recommend adding bleach in your steam mop.

Do steam cleaners disinfect?

Yes, steam cleaners disinfect and sanitize your floor, tiles, surfaces, and other objects. It can kill 99.99% germs and bacteria and leave your floor safe.

Do steam mops really clean floors?

There is no doubt about the cleaning power and effectiveness of a steam mop. It can really clean your floor and surface nicely.

Is a steam cleaner better than a mop?

Whether or not a steam cleaner is better than a steam mop depends on your cleaning needs. Both offer better cleaning for different purposes.

Final remarks

Different producers and brands bring different types of steam cleaners in the market, focusing on various aspects. Some are specially designed for floor cleaning, some for carpet cleaning, some for tile grout cleaning, and some are versatile for cleaning everything, including clothes. That’s why we have discussed all the best multi purpose steam cleaners. So that you can choose any of the models depending on your needs.

However, we would recommend LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Cleaners because of its effective usages. It only takes 30 seconds to heat up, so you can start your cleaning quickly. This cleaner is one of the cheapest steam cleaners but contains all the useful features. So investing in this steam cleaner will be one of your best decisions. 

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