Best Steam Cleaner For Bed Bugs 2021 Reviews – Top 5 Picks!

Want your cleaner to get inside of cracks and crevices, and bring out the bed bugs, which is the toughest insect? Then you come to the right place to know how you cope with bed bugs using the best steam cleaner for bed bugs. 

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Well, there are so many alternative cleaners that can easily kill the bed bugs, but why should you opt for a steam mop? Because, a steam mop can only offer you chemical-free cleaning, which is eco-friendly, and never harms your pet or kid both. To know more about how it works and how to choose the best of them, then make sure you read the whole article.

Can steam cleaner kill bed bugs?

Bed bugs are not easy to kill, one needs to have such machine cleaner, which can ensure all the features in its specification. To kill the bad bags, we find out the Achilles heel, and the weakness comes with the temperature. Hence, a mop should come with at least 120°F (48°C), that is good to go for killing each and every one of them. 

So, when it is time for choosing an option to kill the bed bugs, preferably steam cleaner for killing bed bugs would be the best choice. Never try out the carpet cleaning machine, as it never kills the bed bugs with the limited temperature. 

Instead of that, a steam mop can ensure adequate temperature that can kill the bed bugs. We tested out using an infrared thermometer and shortly we can see that steam can kill the bed bugs up to 2-3/8” into a gap. 

Benefits of using a steam cleaner for kill bed bugs:

Buying a steam mop can only deliver with the maximum benefit, especially when you are in the mission of killing bed bugs. Here are some of the benefits are shown below: 

  • A steam mop generates a temperature of 180°F, and some mop comes with even more, and this is an ideal temperature to kill bed bugs.
  • A steam mop comes with the broad nozzles that can hit the toughest corner at a time so it never spares any single bugs to kill.
  • A steam mop can easily sanitize to the cracks and crevices and ensure the maximum steaming therapy, and eventually kill all the bed bugs
  • It is the best alternative to the chemical used machine, keep us safe but not the bed bugs
  • It does not leave any untouched spot, so one needs to repeat the cleaning session once again, once it rolls on the surface it instantly kills the bed bugs, no need for repetition. 

Note: Here we sort out some of the major benefits of a steam mop, if you want to know more on this, you can have a look at our another article, where we shared all the hacks. 


5 Best Steam Cleaner For Bed Bugs Reviews 2020

Bed bugs are not easily visible to the human eye, so it is really tough to check out them. So you can only rely on the best steam cleaner for killing bed bugs. Here we are going to discuss the 5 best steam cleaner for bed bugs. 

1. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner – Steam Cleaner For Bed Bugs

Best Steam Cleaner For Bed Bugs 2021 Reviews – Top 5 Picks! 1Steam Cleaner For Bed Bugs

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The Dupray neat steam cleaner is an eco-friendly sanitation solution, and it shows no mercy to kill the bed bucks. It is simple to use but never compromises to deal with the toughest mess that hides inside the grouts or any crevices.  It heats up quickly but it takes only 7 min. After that, the lethal temperature can produce more than enough to kill every single bed bugs, and the temperature is 135°C/275°F. 

The heat generation is fast and ensures the low moisture on the surface, so it won’t give you a hard time cleaning the damp floor. This mop has an integrated funnel with the large capacity tank that contains 1600 ml, and can easily perform up to 50 minutes of service at a stretch. 

All of these would be done without even using a drop of chemical, that is the ultimate win for you. Unlike the other devices that make the surface messed up, the steam mop comes with a funnel and never makes the floor messy. It gives you space with the ease of using as it has extra long power cord 16’/ 5 m, and the retractable handle gives more ease of grip as well. Lastly, it reaches to any place with the 6’6″/2 m of the steam hose. 

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Main Features: 

  • The superheated steam technology ensures immersive heat generation up to up to 275°F/135°C.
  • It eliminates the need to refill the tank and provides 50 minutes of constant cleaning
  • It offers chemical-free bacteria cleaning up to 99.9%
  • Brilliantly crafted with the nozzle funnel that never gathers messes
  • Lightweight and the power cord is 16’/5 m with integrated cord wrap

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2. Ivation 1800W – Best Steamer For Bed Bugs

Best Steam Cleaner For Bed Bugs 2021 Reviews – Top 5 Picks! 2Best Steamer For Bed Bugs

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Ivation 1800W canister cleaner is a multi purpose steam cleaner that comes with 14 accessories that clean your floor ensuring the detailed sanitation. The handheld nozzle gun easy to snap with different attachments, and those kits ensure the tough cleaning. It delivers the pressurized steam that kicks out all most 99.9% of bacteria and germs. 

It manages to serve as a through steam cleaning with the 338°F of steaming. Therefore, you will have continuous steaming, killing bacteria with viruses up to 99.9% and give no space to live bed bugs in your home. The high capacity of a rolling tank can easily hold 4 Liters of water so allow 30 minutes of constant cleaning. 

The pressurized steaming is so intense compared to the many steamers that it takes huge power up to 1800W. The main reason why you should buy it is the extended power cord up to 16.4 feet. Also, the steamer gun is handheld and allows maximum maneuverability. 

Ivation 1800W Main Features: 

  • It comes with 1800-watt to ensure half an hour of powerful performance
  • A water tank is easy to remove and refill and holds 4 liters of water
  • The manometer allows the reading of pressure levels in a real-time 
  • It brings all the necessary accessories what can apply for indoor and outdoor cleaning both

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3. COSTWAY Multipurpose – Best Steamers To Kill Bed Bugs

Best Steam Cleaner For Bed Bugs 2021 Reviews – Top 5 Picks! 3Best Steamers To Kill Bed Bugs

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Costway Steam Cleaner is a great professional unit to clean and sterilize almost everything of your home. It comes as a humanized design with dual wheels and 360 degree rolling casters for that it is far more accessible to any corner of your home. As you know bad bugs always found in the toughest corners then this will help.

As you are cleaning the whole surface of your home then the water tank should have a large capacity and it has 1.5L of that. Once replenished, the period will take like 8 to 9 minutes and then again do the constant cleaning. It sanitizes the cleaning objects by dint of 18 versatile accessories so you can enjoin this steam to the outdoor cleaning as well. 

It comes with a built-in corded system that is traced on the back of the product. So the cord has an extension of up to 16 foot which is more than average for the maximum coverage. To keep the accessories and to find them while handy the steam mop has a hidden accessories box that seems convenient to use. 

COSTWAY Multipurpose Steam Cleaner Main Features: 

  • 18 accessories easily tuck into the box and come in handy at different cleaning work
  • It has pressurized steaming power so the temperature goes up to 226 °F and deeply sanitize the object
  • 1.5L of large tank capacity allows it for serving the continuous steaming for a long time
  • Easy to mobilize due to the caster wheels and can take U turn like 360 degree
  • 16 ft power cord ensures maximum streaming coverage

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4. Pure Enrichment PureSteam XL – Best Steam Mop To Kill Bed Bugs

Best Steam Cleaner For Bed Bugs 2021 Reviews – Top 5 Picks! 4Best Steam Mop To Kill Bed Bugs

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PureSteam XL designed with advanced steaming technology that ensures fast heating within 45 seconds. It is the best choice for them who don’t like to seatback while steaming the surface. Because after the fast heating, it can provide also the continuous steaming for 1 hour at a stretch. 

The 1/2 gallons of water tank make sure such an immersive steaming which is incredible indeed! By the way, the 1500W power capacity paves the way to heat up instantly. While other steam mop fails to cover the garment cleaning and mopping as they don’t have such equipment this one comes and wins many hearts. To deal with the garment steaming it includes the fabric brush and a garment hanger, that works nice.

Because it dedicatedly refreshes the fabrics, kill bed bugs and dust mites also remove the wrinkles. As you know the bed bugs often sneak into the thick carpet and in your fabrics so it kicks out all of them. But the best thing is to steam your cotton, rayon even silk cloths like a magic wand and after that you can see them wrinkle-free

Pure Enrichment Main Features: 

  • It has a 1500W powerful heat generation and heats up in 45 seconds so saves more time
  • It offers with the 1/2 gallon larger tank that is easy to remove and allows mess-free refill
  • Provides with the constant steaming for an hour after each refill
  • Specialized in fabric or garment cleaning using the garment hanger and fabric brush

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5. PurSteam – Best Steam Cleaner Bed Bug

Best Steam Cleaner For Bed Bugs 2021 Reviews – Top 5 Picks! 5Best Steam Cleaner Bed Bug

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PurSteam is the perfect deal for them who want to enjoy the effortless deep sanitizing. It does not come with a bulk amount of accessories rather it has a 9-piece of the accessory set. Fortunately, all of them handy, and especially you can even kill the bed bugs. 

It is lightweight and portable so you can steam your living room to the kitchen and sanitize the whole surface, which saves many hours. Furthermore, this multi-purpose cleaner safe for all types of floor tiles. The fast heating option saves your time as it takes just 4 minutes for warming up. 

The main attention of it is to have the straight nozzle which has a narrow ending funnel that helps to reach the tough areas where the bed bugs sneak in. Again, the bent nozzle reaches to them any areas where the straight one doesn’t have any access. Overall, it allows us to reach any cracks and crevices and ensure maximum bed bugs killing along with the dirt and grimes.

PurSteam Main Features: 

  • It is a multi-purpose cleaner which comes with 9 different accessories for targetted cleaning
  • This mop ensure constant and fast heating and pre-heat takes only 3 to 4 minutes
  • Lightweight and portable steam mop has a handheld version so it is accessible to all the surface
  • The nozzle straight and bend version applied different places hitting the targeted areas

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What to Look for in a Quality Steam cleaner for bed bugs?

Quality steam cleaners have a lot of things to consider. It kicks out the maximum dust mite and bed bugs at the same time allow ease of use. Here are some of the graving factors that you need to consider.

  • Accessories:

Killing bed bugs are a hard nut to crack. So the arsenal needs to fill with lots of ammunition like the steam mop requires to have so many accessories. To keep these, you need to spend some handsome cash. And the main weapon of the arsenal is the broad pointed nozzle that can easily reach the right place, instantly arrested the bed bugs, and encounter them at once. 

  • Temperature:

One of the main reasons to use the steam mop as it can unleash such a great amount of temperature. And, to kill any bed bugs it has to become with at least 120 degrees of Fahrenheit. Fortunately, most of the average steam mop can ensure even more than that. Living bed bugs get killed by the blast of the temperature easily and it can never revive. 

  • Size of tank: 

The size of the tank may not directly help to kill the bed bugs, nonetheless, it ensures a better experience while steaming. The bigger size means the more time you will have for blasting the bed bags. The shorter tank needs to replenish again and take time to generate the heating and steaming. Hence, the wise thing is to choose a steam mop that comes with a larger tank. 

  • Length of the cord and hose: 

Remember one simple hack that is the bigger the corded system the easier it would be. The shorter one means, you need to be always put your steam mop beside of that and maybe you can not reach the place where the bed bugs are sneaking into the hidden places. 

  • Warm-up time: 

When the water finished from the water tank then it takes a while to warm up again after that you can again start your business. But the less duration means the less working hour you will have remain eventually save you time. 

Note: This are about some of the discussion of a quality steam cleaner and to know more you can have a look at our How to choose perfect steam mop cleaner buying guide

How to use a steam cleaner for bed bugs?

Killing bed bugs are no more the hardest stuff. Applying a handheld steam cleaner for bed bugs would be great to do so. However, learning some hacks will help you to do this in a better way so here are they:

  • You need to pick the triangular nozzle that works best and then attach to the steam want
  • Once you snap in then move the nozzle slowly, take your time to deliver the intense heat to that covered area
  • Make sure while you are moving it, the surfaces get the right temperature in between  160-180°F.
  • Try to use a dry steam cleaner for bed bugs to avoid getting the wet fabric or decrease the intensity level of steaming can prevent this as well. 
  • Once you are finished doing so then switch on a fan that will help to dry the damp surface

Note: Want to know more about how to use a steam mop? We have already sorted out it for you, and to dig deep into this topic you can read our other post. 

Frequently asked questions:

Are bed bugs really that bad?

Bed bugs bring many health hazards leaving the welts or red bumps to our skin. The reaction deteriorates even worsen when a pack of them attacking regularly and we don’t take precautions to prevent them.

What kills bed bugs instantly?

Intense temperature can only kill the bed bugs instantly and the temperature requires to increase up to 120 degrees of Fahrenheit.

is steam cleaner effective for bed bugs?

Steam cleaner comes with pressurized cleaning that has more than average temperature which easily kills any bed bugs.

Can I use a steamer to kill bed bugs?

Yes, one can use a steamer cleaner to kill bed bugs as it conducts the chemical-free cleaning at the same time the best effective process to kill them. 

​How Should You Use Steamers Against Bed Bugs?

Use a broad triangular nozzle and move slowly to provide maximum heat across the surface then the bed bugs will be killed by it easily. 

Final Remarks:

Choosing a quality steam cleaner for bed bugs is for killing the worst and the rest of them. More or less, every steam cleaner aids to kill bed bugs then ask us how the best steam cleaner for bed bugs makes differences? Well, saving your effort and steaming hours indicate that you got the perfect deal. 

But while buying, most of us want to purchase the item that works great at the same time would be the cheapest out of the pack of best deals. Keeping this mind, we recommend you to bring the  PurSteam World’s Best Steamers. It comes with fewer accessories which makes it affordable comparatively with others nonetheless this is handy to kill every single bed bugs.

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