Top 7 Best Steam Mop And Vacuum Combo 2021

Cleaning the home is an essential part of keeping your home in good condition, and everyone has to do that. However, using the right cleaning tool can be life-saving, and the use of the best steam mop and vacuum combo might be your magic wand. Do you care to know more? Keep reading.

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The way at which steam mop and vacuum combo operate makes them efficient, powerful, functional, and useful. It saves stress, human effort, and plays a significant role in getting rid of stubborn particles, micro-organisms, stains, and more that could serve as a threat to the health of every household member.

Without further ado, we have made the list of the top-rated products you can consider in the market with some additional information needed for you to make the right choice and have a pleasant experience with the cleaning device. Our top choice from the list below is the roborock E35 Robot Vacuum and Mop.

Best Steam Mop And Vacuum Combo Reviews

1. BISSELL CrossWave – Best Vacuum Mop Combo

Best Vacuum Mop Combo

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The BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner work better than a sponge mop as it helps to clean and pick up dirt from different surfaces without hassles. The multi-surface cleaning makes it one of the best to use on tile, sealed wood floor, rubber floor mats, pressed wood floors, and area rugs.

Getting a cleaning device that can mop and pick up dirt is a significant investment you will never regret. The combo cleaner is active on the floor and carpet. It is the best choice for you if you have a large floor area to clean as it makes the cleaning process easier and faster.

The construction of the cleaning device boasts of a two-tank system of which one keeps the clean water and the other the dirty water. It helps to ensure you use the freshwater in cleaning the floor. The dual action multi-surface brush does a great job of mopping and picking up dirt at the same time.

Also, the cleaning device has smart touch control located on the handle, which allows you to switch between cleaning hard floors and area rugs easily. It is straightforward and safe to use for anyone interested in the most natural way of cleaning the floor.


  • Corded electric
  • Smart touch controls
  • Two tank system
  • Great suction power
  • 0.4 capacity
  • Innovative microfiber and nylon brush

What we don’t like

  • It is a corded cleaning device with a 25ft cord, and it thus restricts movement to some areas when the cable gets to its limit.

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2. Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

Best Vacuum And Mop Combo

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If you ever find yourself in the market for a cleaning device, the roborock S5 Robot Vacuum and Mop will be an excellent investment for you. The operating system of the cleaning device is alluring and time-saving. It makes cleaning of the floor more comfortable to do for you.

Unlike another cleaner that you have to move around on the different surfaces, this device works without having your hand around it. It works around automatically, thereby doing the necessary cleaning that you desire.

The cyclone 3D cleaning system works with a 2000pa high suction, and the floating main brush with other side brushes and rolling brushes fits well on the floor, thereby keeping the floor clean and free from dirt.

Just as said earlier, the cleaning device can walk around cleaning the entire floor using the LDS smart navigation. The cleaner scans each room in your house and then computes the information through an algorithm known as SLAM that generates a real-time map of your home.

The combo cleaner has a botanical bionic design of the water tank, and it boasts of a variable speed side brush that spins at the rate of 330RPM during any cleaning process along an edge. Also, the cleaner runs on a 5200mAh battery, which can run continuously for about 150 minutes.

Cleaning all kinds of the floor is very easy with the cleaning device. It can pick up anything on its way irrespective of the size of the particles. It can climb up to anything to keep the surface clean, and during the movement, it can easily detect any object to prevent a collision, which could lead to damages.


  • Strong 2000Pa suction
  • 5200mAh battery capacity
  • Washable E11 filter
  • Map saving & Zoned cleaning
  • Precision laser navigation
  • Barrier tape & No-go zone
  • Clip-on water tank
  • 2cm climbing ability
  • Bionic mopping system
  • LDS smart navigation

What we don’t like

  • The only significant setback about the cleaning device is that it comes costly.

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3. Dyson DC50 Vacuum Cleaner – Best Mop And Vacuum Combo

Best Mop And Vacuum Combo

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Here comes one of the unrivaled vacuum cleaners that has all it takes to keep your entire house clean and safe from a potential hazard. It is known as Dyson DC50 Animal Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner, and it is a perfect home and offices.

If you are looking for a full-size vacuum cleaner, then this might not be a good option for you. It is a smaller size and therefore requires that you often empty the canister. Also, it can only be used to clean floors with small and tiny particles.

The vacuum cleaner is handy, efficient, and reliable at picking up dirt. It is ultra-lightweight, and that makes it safe to use and carry anywhere you want to clean in your house. It has a detachable cleaner that is being used to clean from high places such as cobwebs.

The use of the cleaner is straightforward, but you need to use very close to a power socket because it comes with just 25ft power cord. It is a safe device to use around your kids. It is straightforward to assemble, operate, and store in a safe place after use.


  • 25ft cord length
  • 2 Tier Radial cyclones
  • 1 AAA battery

What we don’t like

  • It is not an ideal option for hard floor, and sometimes it gets clogged by picking heavy materials

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4. Bissell Symphony Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell Symphony Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner

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The Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner is a complete cleaner you need for your home. It works more than just cleaning, which is known as a vacuum, but also steams the floor and ensures no bacteria survive. It is best to consider if your kids often play on the floor.

This is a powerful vacuum that can capture anything such as pet hair, debris, and some other small particles. The package includes one soft microfiber pad, one microfiber scrubby pad, a detachable steam boost tray, a removable mop pad tray, and four steam boost detachable pads.

That which makes the vacuum cleaner different from others is the scent waters which you can use in the steam mops. As you keep steaming the floor with the mop using the scented water, it will leave behind a fresh scent.

Also, for vacuum, it comes with an odor scent disc, which you have to insert into a mop pad to help you remove all the smell and odor from the pet while cleaning the floor. The cleaner is lightweight and very easy to carry from one place to another. The cleaner is best used on sealed hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, granite, and marble floor.

It comes with all that is needed to get your hand to work efficiently, as it is straightforward to assemble and operate. It has dry tank technology, which helps you to empty the tank without getting your hand dirty quickly. If you are looking for a cleaner that gets rid of bacteria and germs to make your home safe, this is the best choice for you.


  • Dry Tank Technology
  • Quick-Release Mop Pad Tray
  • Cyclonic Vacuum
  • washable soft mop pad
  • washable scrubby mop pad
  • Steamboost tray and (4) Disposable Steamboost pads

What we don’t like

  • The cleaner has no significant setback, but some complained of leakages which might be as a result of human error

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5. Roborock E35 Robot Vacuum and Mop – Best Mop And Vacuum Combo

Best Mop And Vacuum Combo

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If you are a fan of roborock cleaner, here is one of the options for you to consider. It is known as roborock E35 Robot Vacuum and Mop, and it comes with exciting features such as 2000pa strong suction, route planning, app control, and it is ideal for carpet floor and hard floors for homes with pets.

The Roborock E35 makes use of logic to clean. The device makes use of dual gyroscopes and dual optical motion tracking sensors to analyze and monitor every movement. The operating system makes it easy and quick to clean the floor without any hassles.

The effectiveness of the cleaner is second to none as it boasts of a powerful suction that is efficient at picking up crumbs, pet hair, dirt from the floor to ensure the home is safe for you and kids that play around on the floor. It is ideal for carpet, wooden floors, and hard floors.

The cleaner is powered with a 5200mAh battery, and once it is fully charged, it can run for 150 minutes of non-stop cleaning of the whole house. The cleaning device has different cleaning modes such as quiet, balanced, max, turbo, carpet, and mopping modes, which makes cleaning all easier for you.

One of the fantastic features of the cleaning device is the auto-recharge and resume. Once the machine is running and the power runs low, the E35 will stop the cleaning process, revert to recharge, and then continue from where it stops cleaning. It cleans very fast, saves time and human effort.


  • Auto-recharge and resume
  • Multiple sensors
  • Washable filter
  • Multiple cleaning modes
  • App control
  • Long battery life

What we don’t like

  • It is required that you use with Alexa and you have to get that separately even though it comes relatively expensive

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6. BISSELL Symphony – Best Vacuum Steam Mop Combo

Best Vacuum Steam Mop Combo

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Getting the BISSELL Symphony Vac and Steam is a good investment for a 2 in 1 cleaner for your home. The vac and steam play a significant role in keeping the floor of your home clean and free of germs and bacteria that could be harmful to you and your kids. It is safe to use around kids.

It kills bacteria and germs at about 99% with the bits of help of the steam. Sanitizing your floor is now more comfortable compared to using traditional mop and water to scrub the floor. The combo cleaner can easily pick up the dirt of different sizes and steam at the same time.

If you are going to be using the steaming mode of the cleaning device, you must warm up the heater for about 30 minutes to get it useful. And on the off chance you have difficulty in operating the combo cleaner, you can retire to the user manual for further information.

The vac and steam cleaner are ideal for hard floors, bare floors, and it features a 5-way adjustable handle, quick-release mop pad tray, 25 feet cord, and a tank with 12.8 oz capacity. On a final note, the vac and steam cleaner is straightforward to use and ever effective.


  • Powerful cyclonic vacuum
  • Dry tank technology
  • Mop pad kit
  • Scent water
  • 5-way adjustable handle

What we don’t like

  • It gets stuck on spots easily

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7. ILIFE V5s Pro, 2-in-1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – Best Vacuum And Steam Cleaner

Best Vacuum And Steam Cleaner

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Nothing can ever be compared with the feeling you get from mopping your floor without having to touch the cleaning device. That is precisely what you get from ILIFE V5s Pro, 2-in-1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, and Mopping. It is a dynamic cleaning device that can be used to pick up dirt and as well as disinfect the floors to ensure you are safe.

It supports a proper hygiene lifestyle for those who have kids at home, and they have to play most times on the floor. It is perfect for hard floors. Cleaning is straightforward and fast with it. If you are interested in steam, you have to heat the water for 30 minutes before starting your cleaning routine.

It has a powerful motor that controls the operation of the cleaning with maximum mode and pet hair technology pickup. It is efficient at picking up dirt, debris, and dust on any surface. It is lightweight, easy to carry from one place to another without hassles.

With the integration of the smart sensors, the V5s pro knows your home better than you do as it will move around and get all the surface clean and free of dirt and dust. Once it is fully charged, it can run for as long as 140 minutes.

Regarding the movement of the device, it has a more significant road over wheels with self-rescue technology that allows it to move freely, even on uneven flooring. The sensor controls it, and so, it doesn’t run into any object. Also, once it automatically recharges itself when it runs out of charges and resumes cleaning from the spot, it stops.


  • Four cleaning modes
  • Front obstacle sensors
  • Barrier-cross for a height of 10mm max
  • Automatically docks and recharges
  • Automatic operation including recharge

What we don’t like

  • It has no significant setback

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Benefits of using the Best Vacuum Steam Mop Combo

There are lots of benefits you get from using 2 in 1 cleaning devices such as vac and steam, and below are some of them you should know.

Saves time and reduce human effort

If you are familiar with the use of mop and water to clean the floor, you will agree that it is not too easy, especially if the floor area is tremendous. Cleaning the floor is easier to do using the combo cleaner, and it saves you time and energy.

The combo settings include the vacuum and steam. The vacuum mode helps you to pick up dirt and some small particles that litter the floor while the steaming mode helps in sanitizing the floor to ensure it kills bacteria, germs and keep the floor safe for you to use.

There are some vac and steam cleaners that operate without you touching them. They work automatically through the help of a sensor that is integrated into the construction. So using a sensor-driven combo cleaner saves you the stress you are likely to go through using a conventional cleaning method.

Prevent the growth of flying allergens and pathogens

Keeping the home environment clean is lifesaving as it helps to limit the chances of pathogens infestation in your home. Steaming plays a significant role in killing bacteria and germs on any surface.

It is quite difficult for germs and bacteria to survive under some degree of heat, and that is what the steaming will do. After vacuuming the floor, you should steam to sanitize the floor to ensure the whole environment is safe and clean for the household.

Easy to use and reliable cleaning

One of the importance of using a combo steam cleaner and vacuum is because of its effortless operation and its efficiency. Cleaning is fun using the combo cleaner, and it keeps the whole floor clean and free of debris, dust, and dirt.

Safe to use around kids

Another benefit you get from the use of the combo cleaner is that it eliminates the use of chemicals. Using chemicals to clean the floor can endanger your kids and some of your household members. Therefore, the use of combo cleaner is an excellent decision as it makes use of distilled water to disinfect, and that makes it safe for all.

Best vacuum mop combo safety tips

There is some safety precaution that you need to keep in mind before and during the use of the combo cleaner

Keep away from kids

Some of the cleaning devices come with a cord, and that means you need to attach to a power outlet. Your kids can walk around and trip off as a result of running into the cable. So, you should use it when your kids are not around.

Follow the instruction

Once you get the cleaner, one of the essential things you should do is to read the user manual and follow all the instructions given in the manual.

Keeps clean after use

Always keep the vac and steam cleaner neat and in proper condition before storing it. If you fail to keep in good condition, it might end up giving you some difficulty in operation when next you intend to use it.

Important things to consider when buying the best vacuum and mop combo

There are some critical things that you need to consider whenever you are out in the market to get a vac and steam cleaner, and they include:

The handle

The handle of the cleaner should be considered as it determines how easy it will be for you to move the cleaner around. Some come with the different adjustable option, and some can bend to the point they can reach out to the bottom of your couch and bed.

Time of operation

Most of the steam cleaner has its time duration for activity. Some can work for two to three hours on a full charge, and some can operate as low as that. So, you must check out the time duration for cleaning before you buy anyone.

Tank capacity

Another important thing you should consider is the tank of the steam cleaner. The tank capacity determines the level of floor you can cover. If you have a large floor area to clean and steam, you should get a steam cleaner with a large tank capacity to avoid delay in cleaning, such as refilling the tank often.

Frequently asked questions?

how to use the best vacuum and steam cleaner?

Once you get hold of the instruction manual, you just have to follow the instruction on how to use the steamer. Also, there is instruction on how to use the vacuum mode and steamer mode.

Do I have to use a chemical?

The use of vac and steamer doesn’t allow the application of chemicals but only distilled water. Once you pour the water in the tank, you let it heat up for about 30 minutes, and then go ahead to steam up the floor.

How efficient is it at cleaning the floor?

It is better experienced than said. It is beneficial, powerful, and efficient at cleaning the floor by picking up dust, dirt, and even the smallest particles.


What will be your choice if you have the privilege to own a device with multipurpose ability? Will you go for it? If yes, that is the same response I will give. Therefore, for those who are interested in getting the most straightforward and safest way to clean their home, the use of the best steam mop and vacuum combo is the right option and best investment for you.

However, you might want to consider roborock E35 Robot Vacuum and Mop for many reasons and one of its features that is of interest to us is the 150 minutes of continuous operation.

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