12 Best Steam Mop For Laminate Floors in 2021

When you are using a laminate floor that means, you have considered budget-friendly flooring. Besides, it seems durable and easy to maintain. On the other hand, it is a great alternative to the wooden floor. However, it is a compressed formation of wood hence, one may apply less effort for cleaning. But what about steam mopping, and is it a good surface for this cleaning process or not?

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To sort out this answer, you need to read this article. Also, we will sort out and let you know the best steam mop for laminate floors. Based on your budget and preference, you can find yours 


Top 12 Steam Mop For Laminate Floor Reviews

Choosing the Best steam cleaner for laminate floors requires to know some in-depth scenarios. Here we sorted out the best steam mop for laminate floors

1. Comfyer Vapor Steam Mop – Steam Mop For Laminate Floors

steam mop for laminate floors

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Comfyer Vapor Steam Mop comes with the powerful heated steam, all you need to do is to simply press the power button, and it will come into action. It is quite fast then it’s competitors as it takes just 15 seconds and quickly let the water dry in 20 seconds. 

You can adjust the steam mode to go to a different intensity level. The water tank takes 400ml water which ensures 30 minutes of runtime for the deep and thorough cleaning apartment. In order to apply flexible cleaning, you will get the mopping head 180° to take turns, and the 26 feet power cord will deliver you high performance. You can check Best steam mop for vinyl floors

No worries to replace the pads, as it comes with three washable microfiber pads, and also effective to carpet cleaning. Last but not least, it comes with the intelligent steam control that keeps 70°~90° angle from the floor for 15 seconds

Comfyer Vapor Main Features: 

  • It comes with a powerful heated steam that eliminates 99.9% of dust, stains, and allergen

  • The steam modes are easily adjustable which will need your different needs to turn on the different intensity of cleaning mode
  • It comes with a 180° Flexible mopping head and 26 feet power cord which ensure better mobility

  • The intelligent steam control run it while a 45-degree angle and stop between 70 to 90 degrees

  • You can replace the pads and carpet glider when it is necessary, and those are washable microfiber 

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2. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop – Steamer For Laminate Floors

Steamer For Laminate Floors

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LIGHT ‘N’ EASY is renowned for its multifunctional ability while steaming, furthermore, it comes with a detachable handheld unit as well. Therefore, it is user-friendly and versatile for all floor surfaces.  The good thing is you can easily settle the mode from HI, MED, and LOW steam, therefore, it seems perfect regardless of laminate to the stone floor. 

It is a perfect win against the dirt and grime because it can generate 110°C of hot steam, and remove stains and sticky mess as quickly as possible. You can easily use it with distilled or tap water. The advanced feature that brings our attention is to have the intuitive smart switch that prevents steaming while it remains in the upright position. Know more about best steam cleaner for furniture

Later on, this is brilliantly designed for becoming more responsive in regards to heat up. Therefore, it takes just 30 seconds for instant heating up, and reduce the chances of greasing while it remains dry without steak. It is comparatively better secure for pets, children, and yoga lovers. 

LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Multifunctional Steam Main Features: 

  • It takes 30 seconds for fast heat up and reduces all the grease or messes as quickly as possible
  • Easy to change the intense mode from Hi, Med or low, and allow all floor surface
  • It comes with the intuitive smart switch so you will remain safe even drop it down at the upright position
  • It comes with detachable head parts like 3pcs of microfiber mop pads and 2pcs of grout cleaner with a jet nozzle
  • The jet nozzle seems perfect to get an easy reach even the tightest corners like showerheads, refrigerator frost, kitchen, and bathroom. 
  • It has a pressurized system that generates up to 110°C hot steam to remove stains and sticky mess

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3. McCulloch MC1275 Hot Steam Mops – Steam Cleaner For Laminate Floors

McCulloch MC1275 Hot Steam Mops - Steam Cleaner For Laminate Floors

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Want to grab the powerful steam mop that can generate like 212F hot steaming? Then you must come to know about McCulloch MC1275 Steam Mop, which won’t give you a hard time as it has 180 degrees triangle head, for that it is easy to handle. More features await to give you ease, especially the 6 in 1 multi-function design. In meantime check the best steam mop cleaner for bathroom

More importantly, the whole operation seems to your multifunctional even deal with the stone mop. The pads are from a washable microfiber so you won’t have a hard time to wash out. Finally, this steam cleaner handle is easy to fold so you can keep it without taking up much space. 

It comes with the variable speed like HI, MED, and MED to LOW steam, and applicable for various floor surfaces. The versatility of it also surprising with different attachments like you may have 1x microfiber attachments.

McCulloch MC1275 Main Features: 

  • It comes with powerful steaming that rise up to 212F hot steam
  • The smart digital setting gives you the ease of setting between low to max steam controlling
  • It instantly heats up and takes up to 30 seconds and then eliminates almost 99.9% of harmful substance-using natural power streaming 
  • It requires minimalistic physical effort for having a swiveling mop head and lightweight construction
  • No worries to change the pad as 1x washable microfiber pad included

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4. BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop – Floor Mop For Laminate Floors

Floor Mop For Laminate Floors

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Bissel introduced with the best mop to clean laminate floors as it is effective for both harsh hardwood to laminate, all you need to do is to change the mode. It comes with the angle tool, grout tool, bristle scrub brush, and flat scraper tool, all of them ensure an ultimate cleaning experience. 

Besides the versatile tool kit, all of them easy to attach with the extension wand or handheld steamer. The main focus is the swivel steering that ensures easy storage and getting access to the tight spaces. Get more details about best handheld carpet cleaner

After intense cleaning, you will find your surface fully free from bacteria and germs. The manufacturer keeps the width of the cleaning path just accurate which is 13 inches. We recommend you apply the white pads for everyday cleaning and the scrubby pads are for dealing with sticky messes. 

BISSELL PowerFresh Main Features:

  • it has a 3 in 1 steam mop that helps to clean the surface at different angles and modes. 
  • Swivel steering confirms to go across the tough corners, and easy to wall mounting
  • It is fully adjustable with any type of surface including hardwood, linoleum, granite, ceramic, and marble
  • The tool kit comes with portability so you can carry while cleaning
  • The jet nozzle seems perfect to get an easy reach even the tightest corners 

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5. Shark Steam Pocket Mop Hard Floor Cleaner – Steam Mop For Laminate Wood Flooring

Mop For Laminate Wood Flooring

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Shark Steam Pocket Mop especially comes for the hard floor cleaner as it has an immersive swivel steering, and the water tank capacity is good to go as well. It can bring a large surface in one place, as it has a 20-inch power cord, and you can quickly release it for safe and easy storage. 

The main attention of it is to have the natural mopping and get inside to the hard to reach corners. More importantly, it heats up in just 30 seconds and immediately takes into action. The sanitization process is up to 99.9 percent for that it can kill almost all the bacteria in your laminate floor or any surface.

Soft grip handle and washable 2 microfibers make it easier cleaner. Lastly, the shark steam would be the ultimate winner in this game which allows to clean even the sealed surface, also great for breaking down the tough messes. Check out the best steam cleaner for mattress

Shark Steam Pocket Mop Main Features: 

  • Shark Steam Pocket Mop comes with a 20″ power cord that helps to kick out almost 99.9% of dirt and grime
  • Allows natural mopping and easily heat up instantly, and takes just 30 seconds only 
  • It comes with 2 washable microfiber pads that easy to lift and lock and eliminate the messy mops
  • Applicable for the sealed or glazed hard surface and easily break down the tough messes using detachable parts

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6. Bissell Spinwave, 2307 Cordless Hard Mop – Steam Mop On Laminate Floors

Steam Mop On Laminate Floors

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The Bissell Spinwave, 2307 Cordless Hard Mop, is a reliable mop you can use on floors that are laminated. It is very effective and efficient at getting you through the messy cleaning task. The cleaner works perfectly on all sealed hard floors, and it helps in restoring the look of the floor to its initial look before it gets dirty. Clean your grout using the best steam cleaner for grout

The design of the mop cleaner is stylish and alluring, and it is handy for you to move from one place to another, but it doesn’t have any carry handle, so you have to hold onto the stick for you to clean with it. The design is an epitome of class and style as the swivel steering ensures you can reach out to any length, beating off obstacles to get any cleaning task done perfectly.

The construction saves time and energy as you do not have to engage yourself in cleaning, unlike with the traditional means of mopping the floor. Also, the machine runs on an 18V lithium-ion battery that runs for 20 minutes of cleaning time once it’s fully charged.

It doesn’t make noise when in operation, it doesn’t emit gas or emission, which makes it eco-friendly. With this machine, you are surely going to enjoy the convenience of cordless freedom to clean all areas in your home and office. Check here best steam cleaner for bed bugs

The operation is effortless and straightforward as it puts you in control of the cleaning process with the on-demand spray, which allows you to control the amount of solution you release to the floor to avoid any messy condition.


  • Washable mop pads
  • Dual-purpose storage tray
  • Self-spray control
  • Quiet cleaning
  • 18V Lithium-ion battery

What we don’t like

  • The mop pad loses its toughness over several uses

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7. Shark Genius – Steam Clean Laminate Flooring

Steam Clean Laminate Flooring

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The Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Pocket is a perfect cleaning system that you need to deal with hardwood floors. You’ve got no reason to leave your laminate floor unattended as you’ve got one of the perfect cleaners you can acquire in the market today.

The fact it comes cheap doesn’t necessarily mean it is below par to what it can do regarding cleaning to ensure you have a neat and clean floor. It has a good working and operational system that gives nothing but the best cleaning performance you could ever imagine. If you need the best commercial steam clearner

It is made from one of the top-quality material, which makes it highly durable with a long-lasting record which makes it gain more recognition among home keepers that loves to do the cleaning themselves. It has touch-free technology, which makes it so easy for you to engage in any cleaning task without getting stressed or weak.

It has a water tank capacity of 220 millimeters, and the control of 3 setting makes it easier for you to set the steam to your preferred cleaning mode. The cleaning system is unique as you do not leave any mess behind with the help of the dirt grip pads that absorbs and trap dirt.

Also, the cleaning system of the vacuum mop cleaner has a genius head with direct steam channeling, which helps you to be in total control of the cleaning process. Also, when cleaning and you got stuck on stubborn stain or dirt, you can use the steam blaster to attack the dirt and get them easily loosen so you can have a perfect cleaning performance.


  • Steam blaster
  • Touch-free technology
  • Dirt grip pads
  • Big water tank capacity
  • Double-sided dirt grip washable pads.

What we don’t like

  • It has no operational setback at the moment of writing this review.

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8. Smart Living Steam Mop – Steam Cleaners Laminate Floors

Steam Cleaners Laminate Floors

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The Smart Living Steam Mop makes the lists of the top-rated mop cleaner you can call on its service for dealing with tough stain and dirt on your laminate floor. It works in a subtle way to get the look of your floor back to the way it was when you fix it in the first place. It is effortless and smooth, which is the reason you should consider it. Check here best multi-purpose steam cleaner

The mop cleaner makes it all easy for you to clean hard surface flooring without the use of toxic chemicals or detergents. The cleaning mop uses high-temperature steam that reaches up to 110 degrees Celsius to clean the floor. This doesn’t just help to deal away with dirt, but it also helps to disinfect the floor.

So as regarding sanitizing your floor surfaces, you’ve got a dynamic and ever-reliable cleaner in Smart Living Steam Mop. It is indeed smart in its way of operation; it is quiet and doesn’t give any form of gas, which makes it safe to use.

To operate the cleaning machine is effortless and straightforward. You just have to fill the tank with water, allows the water to heat up, and then initiate the cleaning after attaching the reusable microfiber pad. It is fun to use. Furthermore, it boasts of a high level of durability as its made from high-quality material.


  • Reusable microfiber pad
  • Water tank
  • High-temperature steam mode

What we don’t like

  • It requires high maintenance.

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9. Bissell, 2747A PowerFresh – Bissell Steam Mop Laminate Floors

Bissell Steam Mop Laminate Floors

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The Bissell, 2747A PowerFresh Vac & Steam All-in-One Vacuum is also a dynamic cleaner that you can consider if you are in need of a perfect machine to customize your cleaning performance. The cleaning mop is designed with top-notch materials that make it highly durable and long-lasting.

With the easy touch of the cleaning mop that helps you switch between cleaning function when cleaning, the all in one vacuum is sure a great investment for you. It is very effective at vacuuming and steaming your laminate floor at the same time.

The powerful cyclonic vacuum plays a great role in capturing dirt, debris, and dust. It doesn’t only clean but also sanitizes your floors with a record of 99.9 percent of eliminating germs and bacteria. The control of the machine is simple and straightforward. You can switch from steam, high steam, and vacuum.

The vacuuming system works with a great system in place which picks dirt and dust from the floor and empties them in the dry tank included in the package. Also, with the mop tray, you can always remove the mop pad to replace it with a new one if need be.


  • Microfiber soft pad
  • Microfiber scrubby pad
  • Detachable mop pad tray
  • Dry tank technology
  • Powerful cyclonic suction

What we don’t like

  • Fortunately, we have got no setback attributed to the cleaning machine.

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10. O-Cedar Microfiber – Steam Cleaner On Laminate Flooring

Steam Cleaner On Laminate Flooring

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If you are on the lookout for a steam mop you can always use without hassles and stress, the O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop is one of those you should consider. The steam mop works smoothly, and it doesn’t leave any mark on the floor whenever you are using it to clean. Its operation is efficient and straightforward for anyone to control.

It works by heating up the water for 20 seconds, and then you can go ahead to use the steam mop on your floor. It also has adjustable steam level settings, which places you on the right platform to decide how you intend to achieve your cleaning task.

The steam mop works by getting rid of dirt, dust, and debris on your floor, and with its operating system, you can deal with stubborn dirt you have on your floor. Also, it can kill bacteria and germs on the floor as most of them can’t survive under heat conditions.

Furthermore, the lightweight design of the steam mop makes it easy for you to move from one place to another without hassles. Also, with the swivels and glides, you can always enjoy the best cleaning performance without stress or losing your energy.


  • Triangle head
  • Lightweight design
  • Adjustable steam settings
  • Microfiber pad

What we don’t like

  • It has no significant setback.

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11. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY – Cleaning Laminate Floors With Steam Mop

Cleaning Laminate Floors With Steam Mop

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The LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Floor Steamers is one of those of the floor steamers that you can consider for cleaning the floor. It works best on laminate floors, tiles, and carpets. The steamer is lightweight and made from high-quality materials that make it highly durable, which contributes to the lifespan of the steamer.

It works in a dynamic way to ensure you don’t have a dirty floor. Its cleaning capabilities are superior, and its control is smooth and straightforward. The steamer mop isn’t just designed to clean the floor, but it plays a great role in keeping the floor in good condition.

It has a flexible system that helps to deal with messy condition with its exceptional absorption, steam permeation, and optimum friction which all contributes to make the steamer a great choice for the tough cleaning task.


  • Microfiber pad
  • Flexible mop head
  • Manual pump
  • Lightweight design
  • 340ml water tank capacity
  • 20ft cord length

What we don’t like

  • None

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12. Shark Genius – Steam Mop For Wood Laminate Floors

Steam Mop For Wood Laminate Floors

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The Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Pocket gives you the platform to be in charge of your cleaning routine and determine how well you want to clean your floor. Indeed, it has a system that allows you to control how you blast the steam on a particular surface to get rid of dirt, dust, and debris on your floor.

The steamer machine has a 220-millimeter water tank capacity with three settings intelligent steam control. With the double-sided dirt grip washable pads, you can have the best cleaning coverage in your house to ensure it is clean, just like the way you want it.

Also, the control of the steamer is dynamic with the help of the genius head with direct steam channeling, which makes your home safe from dirt, dust, and debris. Also, this machine has touch-free technology, which makes the machine a great choice for cleaning.


  • Rectangular Mop Head
  • Microfiber pad
  • 220ml water tank capacity
  • Three-setting electronic Intelligent Steam Control

What we don’t like

  • It has no significant setback

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 What’s the Best Way to Clean Laminate Floors? 

Many people earlier depend on the DIY cleaning solutions which are an old-fashioned process, this requires mixing vinegar and water which eventually come as the best laminate floor cleaning solution.

However, this old-school process is no longer in use. People are now more conscious to avoid chemical substances. Instead of using these, the steam mop cleaner would be the best choice for laminate floors as it is safer, better, and easy to use.

Benefits of Using The Best Mop For Laminate Floors

Using the best mop for laminate floors is the best thing you can do right now. But why it is, and how it will benefit you? Here are some insights into that

  • When you will be using the microfiber mops that will clean almost 99.99% of dirt and grimes, which others can’t do so
  • Using steam mop allows to remove stains from the floor and bring the original color
  • Normally, the laminate floor tends to get scratches when scrubbing, you can eliminate those scratches with gentle pressurized mop cleaner
  • A steam mop is more versatile than its competitors, and for that, it is ideal for laminate floors
  • A steam mop can cover a large area but it takes less effort, the sophisticated features help the user to do so

Note: A guide has been written on Are steam mops worth it over a Regular Mops? will be good for you and will add value to you.

How to choose the right steam mop for laminate floors?

There is so many steam mop out there, and more or less all of them multi-functional and effective. But there are some other things to know, so let’s figure out them from below.

  • Figure out the surface:

The first thing you need to do is to find the surface and measure it. Here you need to figure out how big is the floor surface and which would be the best floor steam cleaner for laminate floors. Besides, you need to sort out whether you are using it for only the laminate floor or not. When you can figure out these, then you can easily choose the best one 

  • Quality

You may clean the surface using any mop cleaner, not necessarily all of them come with quality parts. Besides, a good mop will able to kick out all the grimy dirt along with the stubborn germs from your household. 

  • Convenience

You must not look for a cleaner that is hard to use instead of that, a cleaner requires to reach between the tight corners. The best thing for that is to become lightweight and friendly to use. Last but not least the maneuverability and simplicity is the best selling point, that you need to consider. 

  • Reputed brand: 

Whenever you are going to buy any steam mop never compromise with the good brands. It always pays off, and it helps to distinguish between the worst. Furthermore, you will have a good warranty as well. 

  • Durability

The ability of them may come to deem after certain days later, and the steam mop for laminate wood floors will last longer. This is called the integrated feature of an ideal steam mop cleaner.

  • Eco-Friendly: 

More or less every steam cleaner comes with an eco-friendly feature, for that you can easily clean out the system avoiding the harmful chemical substance. So, when you come to know your steam cleaner meets that demand, only if think about it.  

How to use a steam cleaner for laminate floors? 

You don’t need to go through a whole article to learn how to use a steam cleaner. There is only just a simple precaution you need to know, and the rest of the process seems so easy. When dealing with the laminate floor, you may not worry about the tear or damage, which is the main reason to have it. 

However, there are some hacks to use them, when you will apply the steam mop make sure you have filled the tank with the fullest level of water. Afterward, turn on the start and there you will find the different modes of intensity like from Hi to low.

For your Laminate floor, we recommend you to start with the low mode and then move on to a higher intensity level. But keep in mind when you switch on to the HI mode then make sure it is only for the tight corners or remove the stains only.

For regular usage, the best process would be don’t heat and run frequently, take time, and let the system for heating up. Then you can further apply it on your laminate surface. Washable microfiber will help you to replace it with another and for that, you don’t need to worry about messy mopping at all. 

Frequently asked questions:

Are steam mops safe for laminate floors?

Steam mops are not only a safe choice but also the safest one, as it minimizes the scratches, treats well especially for laminate floors

are steam mops good for laminate floors?

Steam mops designed for all sorts of floor surface including laminate also, all you need to do is to turn it on to the correct intense mode of cleaning

can steam mops damage laminate floors?

There are a few chances to do so, as it is proactive cleaner and automatically turns the system off when goes to the upright position. 

can you use a steam mop for laminate floors?

You can use a steam mop for laminate floors because it is multi-functional, easy to adapt with the laminate floor and go across to the hard to reach corners

How often should you mop laminate floors?

It actually depends on how dirty is your floor. However, normally you should mop your laminate floor every two weeks later. 

Final remarks :

We are almost done here and now at the bottom line of this review. You may have sorted out yours, and now let us show you which one is the best steam mop for laminate floors. From our consideration, we choose Shark Steam Pocket Mop Hard Floor Cleaner. It has powerful steam the best in the business for delivering natural mopping motion. Why we choose this have some reasons. 

First of all, it comes with a long cord-like 20 feet for fully laminate surface coverage. Secondly, it provides sanitization with instant steaming power, as a result, it can reduce almost 99.9% of germs, dirt, and grimes. More importantly, it is easy to use with the washable pads, and when you grab it the grip feels so flexible and turns to 180 degrees. 

The main reason why we choose your laminate floor is to have immersive cleaning that can kick out the maximum allergens in a natural way. 

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