The 5 Best Steam Mop For Vinyl Floors Reviews 2021

Finding the best steam mop for vinyl floors, is not like that, one day you go to the store and bring at home then find it as an excellent mop. Instead of that, there are some hacks to learn first, then you need to see which of them offer the best way to clean vinyl plank flooring. Because dealing with the vinyl flooring means that the mop won’t damage the vinyl plank. 

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Here in this article, we are going to uncover some of the steam cleaner for vinyl floors that not only suitable for the floor but also, bring extra features that stand out from others. Want to know how this will benefit your vinyl floor? Then just grasp the whole article today. 

Do steam mops damage vinyl floors? 

 This would be one of the most frequently asked questions from them, who have vinyl floors. As you know that the steam mop nowadays, is the best choice for delivering a non-toxic cleaning process at the same time it cut off the maximum human effort, so it is on the hype. The process seems fully versatile for the maximum floor types, however, it falters at the vinyl floor. The good thing is that not all of them, and so some of them have zero chances to damage your floor. 

Want to know how? Well, normally we know the steam mops are versatile in the design and manufacturers tested out the difference to show up their uniqueness. Due to this reason, some of them come with extremely affordable, and some others are less customizable in regards to the heat generation mostly. 

Now the main point is, we are talking about the rest of them which are the perfect win for the vinyl floors, and what are they? To know them, you must need to read the following top 5 vinyl floor cleaning machine

Top 5 steam mop for vinyl floors reviews

If you want to know what is the best way to clean vinyl floors, then you must come to know some of the best steam mops that will do the job for you. Here we sorted out them and explain how top 5 steam mops are the best for this. 

1. Smart Living Steam Mop Plus White and Green  – steam cleaner for vinyl floors

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Smart Living Steam Mop Plus White and Green

Smart Living Steam Mop Plus comes with high-temperature steam that will reach up to 110°C and specialized in cleaning floor tiles, laminate and vinyl floor. The green round handle is ergonomically designed to grip it and clean the floor surface at great ease. Also, it helps to maneuver the mop effectively for the toughest floor to deal like vinyl. Steam mop for furniture

It is lightweight, and the weight would be like 7.05 pounds. Having this weight allows you to move hard to reach corners and you can keep the cleaning process for longer hours without tired off. The size and texture of this are minimalistic, so you can easily store it and it takes less space. 

While cleaning the surface, you need to fill it with water not so frequently. After that, you need to attach the reusable microfibre pad. The pad is so handy and does not get mess even after overuse, but the best recommendation is to replace it. The power steam is so generous, which is easily deal with any surface, especially the vinyl

Smart Living Steam Main Features: 

  • It comes with instant heating performance with the 110°C in minutes
  • Ensure any hard surface cleaning without adding any detergents or noxious chemicals
  • Especially, best performing for the ceramic floor tiles, vinyl and wood laminate floors
  • Green ergonomic handle gives very good grip and makes ease of running and moving the steam
  • Easy to fill with water and re-use the micro-fiber pad for the cleaning purpose

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2. Bissell Spinwave, 2307vinyl floor cleaning machine

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Bissell Hard Mop comes with a cordless feature so you don’t need to bother with large area coverage. It is run by a lithium-ion battery and give you 20 minutes of constant cleaning experience. The cleaning path that will come in contact with the floor has 14″ of size. Check here the best bathroom steam mop.

The exciting feature of it is to have the on-demand spray solution for that you can easily bring more power to clean the toughest floor with the mess. As it doesn’t relate to the power cord, so you will experience the ultimate mobility with it and even with the hard to reach areas also

The whole operation of the cleaning process would be quiet, so there will be no noise to bother you. You can safely clean all types of floor surfaces including vinyl, hardwood, tile, laminate and many more. And, having the dual purpose storage tray ease the cleaning process of that different surfaces. Check best multi-purpose steam cleaner

Bissell Hard Mop Main Features

  • It has a powerful steaming process provides hard floor spin mop and minimize human scrubbing efforts
  • It comes with the cordless experience so no hassle to cover a big surface 
  • Powered by the 18V Lithium-ion battery gives cordless cleaning constantly up to 20 minutes. 
  • The on-demand spray allows dealing with the toughest mess with the multi-surface formula
  • Dual mop pads come with the washable features placed at the dual-purpose storage tray 

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3. Shark Genius Powerful Hot Steam Mops – steam mop for vinyl floors

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Do you want to have a powerful steam mop that can generate like 212F hot steaming? Then you must come to know how Shark Genius Steam Mop works. The good thing to use it is not to give you any hard time, as it has 180 degrees triangle head. More features await to give you ease, especially the 6 in 1 multi-function design. Check out best commercial steam cleaner

More importantly, the whole operation seems to your multifunctional even deal with the stone mop. The pads are from a washable microfiber so you won’t have a hard time to wash out. Finally, this steam cleaner handle is easy to fold so you can keep it without taking up much space. 

It comes with the variable speed like HI, MED, and MED to LOW steam, and applicable for various floor surfaces. The versatility of it also surprising with different attachments like you may have 1x microfiber attachments.

Shark Genius Main Features: 

  • It has a powerful steaming process that rises up to 212F hot steam
  • The smart digital setting gives you the ease of setting between low to max steam controlling
  • It instantly heats up and takes up to 30 seconds and then eliminates almost 99.9% of harmful substance-using natural power streaming 
  • It requires minimalistic physical effort for having a swiveling mop head and lightweight construction
  • No, bother to change the pad as 1x washable microfiber pad included

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4. ThermaPro Elite 12 in 1 steam mop –  steam cleaner for vinyl floors

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ThermaPro Elite hit the market with the best versatile offer, as it is 12 in 1 for tiles, vinyl, hardwood, and carpet. The main attention of it is to have a handheld steam cleaning process, and thus it is detachable easily. One can use not only for, floor surface but also, for the garment and carpet as well. Here is the best steam mop for laminate floors

When you look at the design, then you will find it as a unique triangular shape. This shape brilliantly designs to reach the hard corners of any surface. Easily maneuver this triangular steam mop and clean now any edges of your home including the carpet and garments. 

The water tank holds like 250 ml water and allows the cleaner for the immersive cleaning process, for that you can deeply apply the overall cleaning process. Most importantly, it is safe to use even if you have the nerdiest pet inside the home. The sanitation process gives up to kick out the germs and grime up to 99.99%. The cord of it is adequate with 16 ft length and cover spaces. Get more details about best steam cleaner for bed bugs

ThermaPro Elite Main Features: 

  • It comes with the unique triangular shape that applicable to the hard to reach areas in your home
  • A multifunctional household tool, and thus apply to any floor surface including garment and carpet
  • Becoming the handheld cleaner, it is easy to use and complete home cleaning solution
  • It sanitizes up to 99.9% and no use of harsh chemicals, also pet-friendly

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5. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Floor Steamers – vinyl floor steam cleaner

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LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Floor Steamer is for those who chose the cleaning process within portability and having an ergonomic design. It comes with a super-lightweight design and just needs to 3.5 pounds without adding water. Now rinse and cleaning work would be that easy at the same time protect your different floor surface including the most delicate one, vinyl. you can check out best steam mop for mattress

Furthermore, when it comes to the steaming power, it has a powerful 1150W high-temperature steamer that ensures the natural steam and starts within the 20s. All you need to do is to easily set it up and bring on the floor, and water when it is required. The flexible mop head and 20ft long cable ensure whole floor coverage. check best steam cleaner for grout

With Light N Easy, you can now replace the messy mop along with the heavy buckets, and more importantly the human effort. As it comes with the reusable triple-layered microfiber pad which will kick out the maximum stubborn stains in no time. Besides, it works optionally for the carpet to remove bad smell.

LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Floor Steamers Main Features: 

  • It comes with the 3.5 pounds lightweight without water and so it helps to move across the floor easily
  • Run by powerful 1150W of the high-temperature steamer, and provide natural steam in just 20s. 
  • The mop head is ergonomically design so it comes as flexible with the 20ft long cable it kicks out the maximum debris
  • A reusable triple-layered microfiber pad is a good win for cleanout surface without getting stinky or messy
  • Work for versatile floor and stop steaming process once you lose the grip

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How to Pick the Perfect steam mop for vinyl floors?

When it comes to clean any vinyl floor using a steam mop, we often ask: What to Look for in a Quality Steam Mop?  Yes, the question worth raising as the vinyl floor is delicate at the same time expensive. That means, you just need to know what steam mop would be a good match for your vinyl steam. 

  • Safety choice: 

As we have just told you about, the safe or unsafe choice. As vinyl is delicate then your steam should not come with powerful moping by default, and it is good to go if you can customize it. On the other hand, the mopping pad is another choice which should remove the stain using delicate cleaning therapy that won’t harm the wooden planks. 

  • Killing Germs and Grimes: 

The main reason for applying the steam mop is not for the visible cleaning purpose alone, rather it should have more power to clean the germs and grime which is untraceable. 

  • Steam control: 

Continuous hot vaporization with the fixed mode is the worst choice for the vinyl floor. You had better look for a steam mop that comes with more adjustable features with a digital controlling system. The customization process would be the safest choice ever, we believe.

  • Tank capacity: 

Having a good amount of water in the tank is a must, as it ensures the maximum steaming duration, and minimize the human effort. For that, we recommend you to have more than 250 ml, but less than one liter to ensure mobility, on the flip side. 

  • Maneuverability 

This is the best gem of any steam mop, and give you an extra bonus while dealing with cleaning your vinyl surface. Normally it depends on a few things, and at first, to have better navigation or maneuverability, your mop has to be lightweight. Secondly, it requires to come with enough cable length, if corded and cordless would be the best choice, for sure. Finally, the padded head should be design in such a way, so it will reach every edges and corner of your vinyl floor surface. 

How to properly use a steam mop for vinyl floors? 

At the first shot, very few of us try out steam mop for the vinyl floors, as we believe it may damage the surface. However, this is not all that true rather it may help to get better cleaning. Here are some instructions, you may follow. 

Step:1 First come always first-served or done. So make sure you sweep the floor and remove any easy dirt, stone or sand using human effort, as the machine may get stuck with the large part of the debris. 

Step: 2 Once you are done with this, then remove the beater bar to avoid any scratch on the surface. 

Step:3 Now you need to put warm water in the steam mop bucket, and this has to be more than 250 ml, and mix Lysol, soap or the vinegar would be the best choice. 

Step:4 Now you need to dip them into the bucket and bring out the excess water.

Step:5 Mop the floor surface, as usually, you do

Step:6 You come to the final step, and you need to use the microfiber pad for drying out the floor and don’t mix any soap now that makes the surface slippery

If you want to see the best results with the Vinyl floors, then avoid too much scrubbing as you know the surface of them is so delicate to do this. Instead of that, the best thing you can do is to clean the surface often and mop them gently. 

Frequently asked the question:

If you still have some questions in your mind, then you can have a look at these queries with answers.

Are steam mops safe for vinyl floors?

Normally, steam mops do have the chance to damage the vinyl plank floors, especially when it doesn’t come with the adjustable heating system. However, the rest of the others are good to go, and somewhat deliver better cleaning stuff. 

Is steam mop good for vinyl floors?

Not necessarily all the mops are good for the vinyl floors except some of them, which has better heat adjustability, mobility, and digitally enhanced conditions

Can you use Lysol on vinyl floors?

Yes, Lysol is a good choice while cleaning the vinyl floors as it helps to disinfect the surface from germs.

Can you use a steam mop on luxury vinyl floors?

You can use a steam mop on any surface including the luxury vinyl floors, but you need to make sure the steamer comes with perfect features, especially the customized heating pressure. 

Are steam mops better than regular mops? 

Steam mops would be the best choice, and it no more hype but a common cleaning tool for the maximum floor surface. 

Bottom line:  

We have just given you an overview of the best steam mop for vinyl floors, now time to introduce which of them is the best steam mop for vinyl floors. We believe the ThermaPro Elite is a real gem here, which comes with a multi-functional purpose and show no mercy to your vinyl floor. Perfect cleaning with the vinyl floor due to having multiple adjustabilities with heat management. More importantly, the hand-held condition after detaching to the main body allows it to reach the tight corners of the surface, meanwhile, you can also clean the furniture, carpet, and even the garment as well. 

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