Can all type of carpets be steam cleaned?

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You can clean carpets with a steam cleaner, but you have to follow some rules and regulations. The rules will help to keep the carpet in good condition. Otherwise, steam can be damaged by the carpet. More and more carpet manufacturers are using special products on fabrics to make them more resistant to dirt. All in all, you won’t find any stain-proof carpets on the market and sooner or later, you will have to face the time to wash them. Steam cleaning of carpets is very effective, as long as you take into account some previous considerations.

How to use a steam cleaner on the carpet?

Before you start, you should consider a detail. Steam carpet cleaning is more geared towards maintaining and sanitizing fabrics than stain removal.

Why is this warning important? Occasionally, rugs can have considerable stains and the action of steam may worsen them.If this is the case, before using the steamer on your carpet, try to treat the stain independently.

Once you are ready to proceed, follow these steps:

  • Cover the furniture in the room in which you are going to work to avoid absorbing moisture.
  • Spray the entire surface of the carpet with the steamer and move it over it with slow movements, gently pushing it onto the fabric.
  • Do not let the carpet get excessively wet by the effect of the steam. Precisely for this reason, the cleaning of carpets with a steamer is usually carried out in early summer.
  • The drying process is very important. It has to be as fast as possible to prevent moisture from settling into the tissue and consequent fungus growth.
  • If you can lay the rug outside without direct sunlight, so much the better. If not, it ventilates the room very well.
  • And if you cannot open the windows, turn on heaters, air conditioning or fans and connect a humidifier (if you had one).

Steam cleaner consists of:

As its name suggests, it washes carpet using steam. The mechanism is very simple to understand. The steamer works, in essence, as a spraying tool fitted with a pump that is connected to a motor.

Every time you activate the button, the machine gives off a jet of ‘dry’ steam that, thanks to the temperature and pressure with which it shoots out, penetrates extraordinarily into the tissues.

What is the main advantage of cleaning carpets with a steamer?

That this system not only leaves fabrics shiny but also, thanks to the heat of the steam that expels, sanitizes your carpets and frees them from mites, microbes, bacteria or any other type of threat.

Disadvantages? Yes, it also has some other.For starters, its price can be quite high (although you will pay for it with extraordinary cleaning).

And on the other hand, all carpets support this type of cleaning. So before you get down to business, check the manufacturer’s label and make sure your rug is dry cleaning compatible. Always use a fan or turn on AC while cleaning the carpet with steam.

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