Can I Put Vinegar In My Steam Mop?

The steam cleaner is one of the most used cleaning machines to make the floor disinfect. Many of the users want to put vinegar in the steam mop. But they are not sure about it and want to know the answer to the question of whether it is right to put vinegar in a steam mop or not.

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Vinegar is a popular herb that kills germs. If your surface is made of tile, you can add vinegar to your steam mop. And, if your floor is made of hardwood, do not use vinaigrette in a steam cleaner because there are so many chemical ingredients in vinegar that will damage your floor.

It’s not possible to say exactly whether you can use vinegar or not. Because it totally depends on your floor. This article describes in detail to make the decision easy. After reading, you can make your own decisions.

Benefits of Cleaning with VinegarCan I Put Vinegar In My Steam Mop

Currently, there are many types of vinegar in the market; white acid vinegar is very good. It contains 7% acid, which is very effective for cleaning the house. The bathroom cleaner, kitchen and living room can be easily cleaned by mixing 50 percent of the water and 50 percent of the vinegar together. Have a look at those:

  • It’s very easy to get rid of germs and stains from the surface.
  • If you mix up with detergent and hot water, results will be more effective.
  • Vinegar works as a sanitizer. It will fight with all of the germs and bacteria to make the floor disinfect.
  • If you do not clean for a long period, then the floor will be smelly. With vinegar, you can easily remove the odor.
  • If you use too much vinegar, it may not work well. So it should be used in small quantities—mix half water and half vinegar in a container.

Why is Vinegar Bad for Hardwood Floors?

Vinegar has many benefits for cleaning the tiles floor and vinyl floor. But when it comes to hardwood floors, there are many disadvantages. Most common disadvantages are described below:

If you are cleaning with a steam mop and want to use vinegar on hardwood floors, it may cause crack or discolor. You can check steam cleaner for laminate floors

Generally, the hardwood floor has a chemical cover that saves the surface from damage. Also, it keeps the floor bright. If you put vinegar in a steam mop and start cleaning hardwood floors, the possibility of removing this finishing will be high. As a result, your floor will be thin.

You already know that vinegar should be used with the water. If you use vinegar with the steam cleaner on hardwood floors, the residual water will slowly enter your surface, which can cause damage later. Especially, if you clean it frequently, your floor will not last long.

It would be best if you found a solution to save your floor from damage. In this case, you can consult the manufacturer. If you want to use a steam mop, buy a model that works without water; it will not damage your surface. Using a microfiber towel to clean manually is not a bad thing. It would be better if you can mix soap and water to clean up. Then you can use enough water that will not be harmful.


Hopefully, now you have understood when to use vinegar and when not to. If your floor is made of wood, it is best not to use a vignette. And if you want to use, the above things should be kept in mind. If you can perform by following the right procedure, there are many benefits for you.

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