Can I Steam Clean Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

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The answer is yes; you can steam clean vinyl flooring. But, you can do that doesn’t mean it’s safe and you have to do it. The most important factor would be the heat that the steam cleaner generates and can damage the floor. However, if you still want to use a steam cleaner, then follow my guidelines.

Do Steam Mops Good for Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

I admit steam cleaning is a fast and effective way to clean things. The process is easy, and since it works with heat, that’s why it can kill all germs. But, before you get started cleaning with this, you need to understand, is it good for the flooring? Well, let’s talk about it.

Luxury vinyl floorings are entirely synthetic. They are made out of 100% plastic material, and they are coated with a material called polyurethane. These materials are waterproof and heat resistant for a certain point.

I have told you the materials used to make luxury vinyl floorings. It’s coated with good materials, but it can’t handle that much pressure, so heavy load during cleaning can damage the flooring. On the other hand, it can resist heat for a certain degree, but extreme heat can damage the floor. So, in my opinion,steam cleaning can damage the vinyl floorings of yours since steam mops generate heat.

Steam Cleaning Precautions for Luxury Vinyl Flooring

I know I have told you that steam cleaning the vinyl floor can damage your floor. But, if you use the steam cleaner or mop correctly, then you will be able to minimize the damage of your floor. Now, those precautions are as follows:

Steam at Half Power

If you really need to steam clean your vinyl floor, then I will recommend you to use the steam cleaner at its half power. That will help the machine to generate less heat, and it won’t be able to damage your vinyl floor.

Steam with Light Setting

You must use the right steam cleaner or mop to clean your floor. At the same time, you also have to make sure you are using the steam cleaner with a lighter method. Never set the cleaner into scrub mode because it can damage the coating of your vinyl floor.

How to Steam Clean Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

With these steps, you will be able to steam clean your vinyl floor:

Step-1: At first, you have to vacuum or sweep the floor of yours so that all the stones, dirt, and sand can be completely removed.

Step-2: Get a bucket and mix water and little soap. Or, you can also use vinegar as an alternative.

Step-3:Now, dip your mop on that bucket and remove all the excess water.

Step-4: Mop the floor.

Step-5: You can use a microfiber cloth to remove any water and soap that can cause damage to the floor.

Final Verdicts

I hope you will be able to clean your luxury vinyl flooring with asteam cleaner with the above steps. But, make sure to follow all the precautions and control the heat so that you can avoid damaging the floor.

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