Can I Use a Steam Mop On a Bamboo Floor?

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We all know that steam mop is popular to clean floors hygienically. But there is a problem when it comes to Bamboo floors, although Bamboo floors are widely known for durability and strength. One thing you should keep in mind that they are not waterproof. There is no doubt that the bamboo floor always remains dry.

If you clean it with a steam mop, your bamboo floor will start to absorb water. Also, steam can penetrate between tiles made of bamboo. This will make the floor colorless, and joints can be broken if they cannot withstand a lot of heat. That’s why water or steam is extremely harmful to the bamboo floor.

In most cases, it becomes impossible to repair. According to many experts, Bamboo floors can withstand substantial water but is likely to be damaged by water or steam. Therefore, you should never keep water on such floors, and water or other fluids should be removed as soon as they appear.

Why don’t we recommend a steam mop for cleaning bamboo floors?

There are many reasons for this recommendation. It will be damaging your valuable floors, and damaged by the water is very difficult to repair even impossible. Here are a few reasons:

  • Bamboo floor absorb water and become warps
  • Steam will penetrate to the joint of bamboo tiles
  • As a result, floors will be discolored and broken because they are not capable of suffering a lot of heat.

How can I clean my bamboo floor in the right way?

The right way to clean a bamboo floor is by following the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you read the manufacturer’s instructions, you can see that most of the manufacturer recommends to not use water and steam for cleaning the surface of the bamboo floor.

Some manufacturers said that their machine is to be used on bamboo and wooden floors. But you should be careful with this recommendation. The best way to clean up bamboo floors is by using those types of tools that are made for bamboo floors.

Step To Step Process Of Cleaning Bamboo Floors

  • First of all, you have to sweep the whole floor to clean all types of dirt, including dust and small stones.
  • To remove the dust easily, sweep the surface on a daily basis.
  • Always try to use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner that has a wooden attachment.
  • You can also use wood floor cleaning spray or microfibre mop to clean up the bamboo floor.
  • Although you can use some water with the cleaner tool, never keep extra water on the surface of the bamboo or wooden.
  • Never use these types of material that can damage the surface, such as sharp things, harsh, and chemicals.
  • Avoid using furniture polish to make the surface more smooth. If there will be something wrong, it won’t be removed.
  • It would be better if you can find out a cleaning solution depending on the condition of your floor. For that, you have to consult with the manufacturer.
  • If you do not find a solution, you can use soap. Add soap to the bucket with a small amount of water and mix well.
  • Move lightly on the surface but pay close attention to areas where is a lot of dirt.
  • Finally, it is crucial to check that your floor is too dry. For this, you can use a microfiber towel or cloth to suck the water.


That is the complete guideline about cleaning the surface of the wooden or bamboo. The bottom line is, you should never clean Bamboo floors by using a steam cleaner and follow the above guideline to clean the bamboo floor safely.

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