Can I Use A Steam Mop On Laminate Floor?

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Though steam mop is a useful tool to clean floors, it is not suitable for all types of floors. The usability of every machine is not appropriate for every type of application. So, a tool that is not suitable for a thing can damage and lessen the lifespan of this thing. However, using a steam mop on the laminate floor is not the right decision. Steam mop creates heat and moisture, and that can hamper this type of floor. Now know the details of this matter.  Check out best steamer for laminate floors

Can I use a steam mop on laminate floor

Using steam mop on laminate floor

The direct answer is no to the question of using a steam mop on laminate floor. There are several reasons behind this case. We know that a steam mop left the water on the floor. Besides, it releases heat. So the floor can crack and get damaged. To understand in detail, learn the basics of laminate floor and steam mop.

Laminate floor and steam mop

Laminate flooring has a multi-layer and looks like wood. The back layer supports the flooring and protects the moisture. The most durable layer is the core layer. Above the core layer, the design layer presents the appearance of this floor. And the most outside layer is the wear layer. It is made of aluminum oxide that protects the surface from stains.

So, this flooring cannot tolerate moisture and high temperatures. On the other hand, steam mop works on electric power. It uses water to make steam to clean anything. When you use a steam mop to clean the laminate floor, it provides steam and temperature using electricity. Though it kills germs and cleans effectively, it is not suitable for laminate flooring.

Why not you use a steam mop for laminate floor

Most of the people avoid using a steam mop on this floor. Now see why not you should use a steam mop on laminate floor.

Steam mop weaken the laminate floor

When you use a steam mop to clean your laminate floor, the extreme heat produced by the mop weakens the floor. It weakens the adhesive and breaks down it. Though the laminate floor looks like wood, it is not made of wood. It has several layers that are added together. However, a steam mop needs high temperatures to produce steam. Besides, it creates pressure. Those pressure and heat weakens the adhesive and makes the layers separate.

You cannot see the damage by a few time uses. But if you use a steam mop for this floor, you will see that your floor is destroyed.

Moisture from a steam mop can cause rot

Water from a steam mop can go through the gaps of the joints and damages the floor. The floor looks fade day by day. Besides, it produces a lousy smell because excess moisture set inside the layers and planks. Thus gradually grows mold.

Using steam mop also void laminate floor warranty

Most of the laminate flooring companies warn that they will not provide a warranty for the damage of the laminate floor caused by water and moisture. So, while cleaning this floor, you need to pay extra care. As steam mop creates moist, the warranty of your floor will not void for it.

We always advise you to avoid steam mop for laminate flooring. You can use a steam mop to clean other types of flooring. But for a laminate floor, it is not good. If you use a steam mop to clean the laminate floor once or twice, you cannot see the effects. But the continuous uses can make the floor rot and damage.

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