Can You Put Floor Cleaner in a Steam Mop?

Steam cleaning is a technique that is increasingly booming and the results and ease with which it is used are well known to the public. If you are thinking of buying a steam vacuum cleaner, you will like this article. In this article, we will answer can you put a floor cleaner in a steam mop and analyze its advantages and disadvantages.

It makes perfect sense that these vacuum cleaners run on water vapor. Inside the water is heated to more than 90º leaving the steam under pressure. The higher the steam pressure, the cleaning can be carried out more intensely.

Can you put a floor cleaner in a steam mop?

No. It is not recommended to use any type of floor cleaner in a steam mop. Manufacturers of steam mop suggest using distilled water. Because the floor cleaner contains chemicals that can void the warranty and harm tile grouts. Also, you can use hot water in a steam cleaner.

Many of you will already be aware that hot water is by far the best natural cleanser. It can be found in nature. This is because it is able to dissolve any type of dirt, even from floors. But what we are asked most often is: with the steam mop, can I clean any kind of surface? The answer is more complicated than you might think.

One thing is sure and must be said immediately. The steam mop can be used without fear on any type of floor, except for the glazed ceramic. It is in order not to crack the enamel. If for any reason, you are unable to use your steam mop to clean the following surfaces. There are alternative methods that you can use to avoid getting dirty. Our guide focuses on the possibility of not using toxic detergents, which by the way, in addition to being corrosive in most cases. Very often, they are also the most expensive solution. Let’s start immediately with a type of floor very appreciated in our country: Marble.

A solution for every surface

Marble is a very delicate type of floor and the best thing is to use natural detergents. For example, with warm soapy water, you can make the first pass. You can perform the classic rinse and finally apply a layer of linseed oil. If possible then you can also polish them with chamois leather. It is the one that is also used for cars. Remember well, that marble stains very easily if it comes into contact with acidic substances such as vinegar or lemon.

If this happens, I advise you to dry the surface and rinse it with hot water quickly. Always spread the excellent linseed oil. Now let’s move on to another type of floor, very precious and appreciated in the houses of our beautiful coasts, the mosaic floor. In this case, the use of soapy water is the most recommended. They must then be dried and polished with a classic layer of linseed oil, even a cotton cloth is fine for polishing. In this case, any stains can be removed with lemon or with soda and hot water.

The most porous floors

For stoneware floors instead, you can use a bucket of water filled with ¾ of hot water and for ¼ of white vinegar. The terracotta instead, a type of very porous floor that stains very easily. It must be passed even more carefully with the vacuum cleaner. Then, washed quickly with a mixture of white vinegar and hot water. Also, here we can polish with linseed oil. We come to linoleum floors. These can be easily cleaned with a mixture of hot water and apple cider vinegar. Only in this case, the steam mop should be used sparingly or avoided entirely if possible, as in the long run, the steam could dissolve the material.


Take special note for the most delicate of all floors. This should be passed with very soft cloths, perhaps using those in microfiber that capture dust very effectively when you want. It should instead be washed very quickly with a mixture of hot water and a few drops of alcohol.

It is good to specify that a correct cleaning of domestic environments, using steam systems, should always take into account the size of the home. This is because there is a difference between cleaning a small shop and cleaning a very large house. Not to mention, really large environments such as large shopping centers.

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