Can You Steam Clean Travertine Floors?

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First of all, yes, you can steam clean the travertine floors of yours. The process is very simple and similar to other things that you clean with a steam cleaner. However, it is safe for the travertine floor too. So, you need to worry about damaging your floor at all.

Damp Mopping

I must tell you that travertine is a substance that is stone-like and not ceramic tile. If I clarify more, then it can be compared with limestone. Now, the cleaning modalities between travertine and ceramic are extremely different.

However, damp mopping on ceramic tile works well, but there is a certain risk involves with that, and it can damage the travertine floor, and it can also leave a residue as well. That’s why cleaning travertine floors with steam mop makes sense.


You can think, is it safe to use steam mopping the travertine floors? Well, the answer is yes. It’s a highly safe cleaning method and won’t harm the floors at all. But, you need to make sure to do the cleaning according to the instructions of the manufacturer.

At the same time, you need to make sure not to hold the mop on the same spot for longer than ten seconds. If you do that, it could damage the floor of yours.

Stain Care

For stain care, if you are thinking of using any acid-based products or vitamin-C based liquids on the surface of your travertine floor, then you should drop the idea. That is because those could permanently damage the floor. However, if your floor ever spills with wine or fruit juice, then quickly steam mop the floor to clean the floor and prevent it from damage.

Useful Tips

Keep in mind these tips:

How Often Should I Clean Travertine Floor?

Now, you can ask how often I should clean my travertine floor. Well, according to experts, you can regularly sweep your travertine floor that will help the floor to stay clean. At the same time, vacuuming and mopping weekly or when it is dirty or soiled is also a great idea.

Besides, you need to consider about disinfecting as well. You can do that monthly. On the other hand, wiping grout lines can be done every few months will be enough.


I hope your confusion is gone about steam cleaning the travertine floor. It’s a safe and great way to keep your floor clean and safe. But, you need to follow the process correctly, and manufacturers guide too.

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