Can you steam clean Venetian blinds?

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Venetian blinds invented in Persia. Before starting the article, I would like to share with you why we know it as Venetian blinds. How it was named; for the very first time, it was brought up from Venice city to Europe. So it is assumed that it was named following the name of Venice city. It is made of hard materials of plastic. These types of blinds are mostly used in commercial or very advanced buildings.

The use of Venetian blinds began in the middle years. It is in high demand now. If you are also using blinds on the windows and looking for the cleaning process, then this article will be helpful for you.

It’s essential to clean Venetian blinds regularly if you want to make those last longer. You have to clean the blinds before dust and dirt gets accumulated on these; otherwise, your room will be dark. Now come into the main question. I know that you want to know whether it is possible to clean Venetian blinds with a steam cleaner or not. The answer is yes. Now we are going to discuss the working process.

How To Clean Venetian Blinds With A Steam Cleaner?

There are several ways that you can apply to clean Venetian blinds. When you want an easy solution, I will tell you about using a steamer. With the steam cleaner, you can clean quickly and effectively. To make the work easy, here I have added a few steps to start cleaning.

Step 1

If you want to deep clean within a short time, make sure to use a piece of soft cloth as a duster. Then open the lid of the steamer and fill the container with water.

Step 2

When the container is filled with water, turn on the switch and keep plugging in for a few minutes. If you wait for two minutes, that’s enough. To be more sure, you can discuss it with the manufacturer.

Step 3

After waiting for a particular time when steam is produced, you are now ready to start cleaning. Brush the window from top to bottom swiftly.

Step 4

When the cleaning is done, wipe the window with a dry cloth to clean the dust thoroughly. That way, you have to wipe several times from top to bottom.

Step 5

If your blinds are horizontal, move the brush across it to remove the dust. If the blinds are vertical, up and down is enough. If you are not an expert on cleaning, you may notice the dust remains till now. At this stage, you need a microfiber towel to wipe properly.


A steam cleaner is an advanced and powerful tool to get rid of dirt and dirt from the Venetian blinds. The machine must be operated efficiently in every corner of the window for thorough cleaning. Also, the machine must be push carefully; otherwise, there is a possibility of damaging plastic. Hopefully, these steps will make your job easier and save time.

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