What is the difference between carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning?

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Steam cleaning and dry cleaning of the carpet is totally different. Carpet steam cleaning is done by passing hot water into the carpet with a high-pressure cleaner that helps to remove the stains. On the other hand, carpet dry cleaning is done by removing the oily stains from the carpet easily.

Steam carpet cleaning

When performing this type of treatment, it is advisable to vacuum the carpet first to remove any dust and residue particles that may have. The product used to clean the carpet should respect the type of material with which the textile surface is made. It is recommended to test the product in a small and inconspicuous part of the carpet before damaging it all at once. To perform this cleaning technique, steam and rotating machines or other extraction and injection methods will be used.

A steam carpet cleaner is usually used for professional deep cleaning of curly or long pile carpets. The steam “combs” the fabric fibers and loosens their knots.

Dry cleaning technique

In order to perform dry carpet cleaning, it is necessary to use specific machines that allow you to clean even the most difficult areas without having to overturn the furniture. These cleaning methods are not harmful to health and also respect the environment. Cleaning the dry carpet will allow us to remove dirt, eliminate traces of stains, avoid the appearance of possible fungi and bacteria and prevent bad odors in a completely safe way. With this type of system, the rugs and carpets are completely clean and dry and can be reused immediately.

Usually, for this type of intervention, the dry carpet cleaner is used: this type of machine introduces into the carpet dust soaked with a solvent which has the task of dissolving dirt and greasy stains. When the solvent evaporates, the dust remains on the carpet, which is then sucked in with the vacuum cleaner.

Clean carpets carefully

Carpets and rugs are surfaces that need a good cleaning, maintenance and care, since with the passage of time, they are among the elements that undergo a heavy accumulation of dirt and degradation.

Carpet is the part of the cleaning, sanitizing, washing and stain removal activities, a series of actions that require specific expertise. Use the technologies, products, and machinery suitable for removing stains and dirt, preserving fibers and fabrics. In fact, a professional cleaning company will be able to use specific machines. Such as the injection-extraction carpet cleaner that cleans the carpet in depth by rubbing it with shampoo diluted in water. The most suitable washing and sanitizing solution in order to preserve the quality of materials over time.

The carpet has a series of insulating characteristics associated with heat and cold. A carpeted area will help improve air conditioning levels in the summer and keep the heating level stable in the winter season. This is because the carpet surface acts as an insulator with respect to external weather conditions.

Final word,

The rugs are often used to isolate certain spaces, placed in the office will help to soundproof the work environment in order to avoid distractions. With this, you will avoid contributing to the increase in noise pollution with steam cleaning.

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