Cleaning Laminate Floors With Steam Mop Risky Or Safe?

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Everyone wants their floor to be cleaned in an easy and super-fast way. But how safe is cleaning laminate floors with the steam mop? Most of the specialists will advise against the steam mop for the laminate floor.

Even the laminate floor manufacturer also does not recommend favoring this cleaner. And it has some negative impact on the floor for long term utilization. But still, this cleaner can be used on this particular floor with special care. We will discuss everything thoroughly here!

What Is Laminate Floor?

We must understand what the laminate floor is first before finding a compatible cleaner for it. A laminate floor is manufactured with materials of fiberboard and melamine resin. Check out best steam mop for laminate floors

These pressed together to make the main structure. The top floor is a very protective emollient. It has a shiny and wooden structure from the out view. It’s not a wood floor, though. So, the topcoat is a bit sensitive.

Why The Manufacturer Not Recommended Steam Mop

A steam mop produces heat and water to clean the surface. But this can be proved dangerous for the laminate floor. For a long time of using the glossiness of the floor might fade out. The floor is water-resistant, but still, it needs to wipe out the steam. The water stain could be visible on the floor.Cleaning Laminate Floors With Steam Mop

Besides, the glue used to seal the materials could be unstuck for overheat. And all these damages are not covered under a guaranty or warranty. That’s why the manufacturing company does not allow us to use this cleaner. But you may see the stem mop company recommends their product for the laminate floor.

The first reason is for sale, and the other reason might be their warranty. If any damages cause under their stipulated time, they will pay for it. So, if you feel okay with that, you can use it for cleaning.

What Should Be Used Instead Of Steam Mop

The best and the first thing that comes to mind is a Vacuum cleaner. It is splendid for dry cleaning. It cleans the floors from deep, and no dust is left behind. The second option is the broom! It also helps to clean the floor perfectly.

Even it won’t cause any harm to your expensive laminate floor. And it doesn’t cost like a vacuum cleaner. For spot removing, wipe out the stain with a tissue or soft cloth. This floor doesn’t soak liquids like rugs or carpet. The stain also won’t be visible if it swabs immediately.

However, if anyone thinks of cleaning the floor with liquid, they can use vinegar and water solution. It is fair to use a liquid solution weekly or monthly. And don’t forget to wipe out the extra water from the floor and dry out as well. You can add lemon fragrance oil into the solution to avoid vinegar odor.

Still, Steam Mop Can Be Used?

A steam mop is still used in a few cases! If you give the most priority to faster cleaning! Second is low heated steam mop if found in the market then. If you find an adjustable steam mop, that can be used!

Low-temperature mop produces less steam, and it doesn’t have a big impact. So, this type of mop is compatible with laminate floors.


The majority of cleaning laminate floors with a steam mop is NO. But we suggest getting a low-temperature steam mop to clean the laminate floor. For easy and deep cleaning. But this mop should not use a daily basis. On the other hand, a vacuum cleaner is a better option. It would protect the floor also.

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