Cleaning Laminate Floors With Vinegar, Baking Soda, And Water

Like other floors, laminated floors need to scrub regularly. The use of harsh cleaners could damage the surface and discolor the floors soon. Also, if you avoid daily cleaning and follow occasional scrubbing, still there are still scratches to get scratches or wrapping. The old method of cleaning laminate floors with vinegar is very efficient and cost-friendly too. The owner of every laminated floor should consider adding this in his/her cleaning routine.

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I understand you may use the usual dry mop or broom to keep the dirt away. But if that does not work entirely, you need some concentrated solution to keep your floors stain free.

How to use vinegar to clean laminated floors?

Vinegar is a versatile ingredient when it comes to cleaning different surfaces, including your precious laminated floors. Here are some simple tricks for cleaning laminated floors with vinegar. Have a look below.

Daily cleaning

You can use vinegar for regular cleaning. I would suggest if your floors often get dirty by dry grimes and medium traffic. Use one part of vinegar and one piece of water to make a solution. Distill vinegar is best for floor cleaning. So keep that in mind.Cleaning Laminate Floors

Take a clean mop and a buck filled with a vinegar-water solution. Now swap the mop left to right or back and forth and make the entire floor clear.

The reason behind using this vinegar-water solution daily is not to build but any spot or discolorations that often create by usual dust and dirt. And that is how you will manage to keep the factory shin of the laminated floors pretty well.

Spot removal

Admit it, even with daily cleaning. You can’t avoid the problem of stubborn spots. That could create by liquid spilling, chewing gum, or mark of wet grim. Hopefully, the usual vinger+water solution removes many spots. You can use hot water like good to touch and vinegar for the thick mud layers and other bad spots. But what if the stain doesn’t come off quickly by this?

Here is a trick for you that I always use for stains. Take-

  • ½ cup of white vinegar
  • ½ cup of baking soda and ½ cup of water

Apply the solution on the spot leave it for 10 sec and wipe with a clean cloth. If still there is some residue, repeat the process.

Don’t use the solution more than three times on a spot. Or use it on the entire floor. Generally, vinegar is gentle enough to keep the color and shine of the story, but the baking soda is not. It’s a harsh alkaline. It would damage the floor.

Use your rotten lemons

Most of the use left lemon in the fridge and forte to use until it’s rotten. If you have some lemon in the refrigerator, then now it’s time to use it. You can use the lemon juice with lukewarm water instead of vinegar. The recipe is the same as the vinger+water. Also, you can make a paste with lemon juice and baking soda with water to treat the obstinate spots as well.


Many commercial cleaning products are available in the market for cleaning laminated floors. Some use mild detergent also. But trust me, these are nothing but a waste of money and lower the lifespan of a floor. The home method is far better to keep the floors in shape. Try to use clean mops every time and dry the clean floor well by a fan. If cleaning laminate floors with vinegar is flowed regularly along with drying it correctly, your floors will remain new years after years.

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