Complete Guide to Steam Vapor Cleaning

The steam cleaner became a tool that has had more significant importance over the years in the world of hygiene and cleaning. Steam cleaning machines do not have greater science regarding their operation. They only need water to operate. They heat the liquid to more than 80 degrees Celsius. So, the steam comes out with the greatest possible force. The steam cleaning machine has become a great ally of cleaning due to its great capacity and functions. It allows for removing dust from the most difficult places.

What is steam vapor cleaning?

To talk about the steam cleaner, we must go back to the 80s. When a large number of brands specialized in vapor cleaning machinery began to investigate how to use water for vapor cleaning. The idea of ​​the steam machine for vapor cleaning was that it could remove or soften a very complicated particle of dirt to detach it later. Currently, they have steam regulations, speeds, and temperature gauges to avoid risks.

How does steam cleaner work?

The operation of a steam vapor cleaning machine is quite simple. Each one has an internal or external tank in which water is added.

By turning on the steam cleaner, the operating mechanism increases the temperature to heat the water. Then, begin to produce the steam. It exits through the holes at the end that goes to the floor.

Once the steam starts to come out, you just need to pass it through the place you want to clean. They usually bring some absorbent cover or brush to remove the dirt once it becomes loose.

Although the steam is used for cleaning, it may be the case that the floor is very wet. It depends on the surface and the climate. So, it is recommended to use a dry cloth or mop to clean the remaining moisture on the floor.

How steam should cleaner be cared for so that it is not damaged?

The use that you give to the cleaner will determine its durability over time, one of the components that you should pay the most attention to is the pilot tank or water tank. The minerals and components of the water can obstruct the pipes due to the formation of lime.

It is important that from time to time, you use descaling tablets to clean the ducts and empty the containers every time you use the steam cleaner.

Steam vapor cleaner is a machine that emits steam at high pressure. It can bring some doubts about its cleaning and maintenance. Therefore it is important to know how to proceed. The steps to follow are as follows:

  • The water tank must be completely emptied.
  • With a little water, rinse the container to remove any sediment that may be present.
  • A little of the special product for steam cleaners have to be placed to avoid the appearance of calcification. It would reduce its useful life.
  • Finally, it is left to dry, the tank is replaced and the steam cleaner is kept in its usual place.

But the main question people ask when they first see a steam cleaner is: How to use the steam cleaner? And it is logical because for many these artifacts seem like science fiction. For others, something very complicated to use. But here we indicate where the steam cleaner is very useful:

To disinfect and sterilize textiles or fabric-containing items, you must run the steam cleaner over rugs, curtains, upholstery, mattresses, bedding, pillows, and lampshades.

To remove accumulated dirt, some of the areas of the home that accumulate the most dirt are window gaskets, radiators, blinds or the kitchen fume extractor. For this, it must be placed in medium-high steam flow. The jet is left for a few seconds over the area in such a way that the dirt loosens and disperses.

To clean grease from kitchen appliances, the steam flow should be set to maximum and leave for a few seconds directly. Then, make short movements to finish loosening the grease.

To remove the accumulated lime from the taps, the steam cleaner must be passed through them from time to time. The steam flow must be medium, as it is gradually detached, but effectively.

Steam cleaner for indoor and outdoor cleaning

The steam cleaner can be used in an infinity of activities within the home, no matter if the area or place is inside or outside the home. It is not only a great ally to keep the home clean but also serves to make decorative renovations. Some of the most common uses are:

Clean car upholstery with a steam cleaner

Upholstery is usually the last thing to be cleaned with a handheld steam cleaner and car upholstery is no exception. Although the most important thing is that when cleaning with the steam machine, mites and allergens that may be hidden in them are eliminated.

To clean the car upholstery, start by placing the steam cleaner in aspiration mode. This will allow the dust and any particles that are there to be extracted. Particular emphasis should be placed on the grooves, as a large amount of dust tends to accumulate there.

Then the tank is filled with water and the special upholstery accessory (if any) is placed. Steam is activated at the level recommended for the upholstery. It passes with short but quick movements so that the padding does not soak up moisture.

If the upholstery has a stain, it must be removed in advance, so that it does not spread any further.

Finally, the upholstery is allowed to dry before replacing it if the interior of the car is not allowed to ventilate.

When cleaning the car with the steam cleaner, it is important to start from the top. That is, from the ceiling, the sides, the seats and finally the floor mat.

Cleaning rugs with a steam cleaner

Vapor cleaning is exceptional, as the strength and effectiveness of the steam remove the dirt accumulated deep in the carpet fiber. It is a dry cleaning revitalizes the fabric and the heat of the steam sanitizes the entire carpet, eliminates mites, bacteria, germs and allergens that may be hidden in the depths of the fiber.

But it is important to make sure that the carpet you have admits dry cleaning. Otherwise, the result may be contrary to what you want. To do this, you should carefully review the carpet label and verify that it has the icon that indicates dry cleaning. Keep in mind that steam cleaning seeks to maintain and sanitize carpets, but not to eliminate stains, as some must be treated before passing the steam cleaner.

To clean the carpets with the steam cleaner, roll the living room furniture and cover them with a plastic blanket to avoid any absorption of moisture. The steam cleaner should be taken and passed on the carpet with short and constant movements, pressing the fabric so that the steam flow penetrates more deeply. It should be almost at the maximum level. Avoid over-wetting the mat as this would result in an unsatisfactory result.

Finally, it is necessary to carry out the drying process. For this, you can proceed traditionally (tending it to shade) or placing an appliance that emits a strong current of air (fan, heater, among others) or simply leave the windows open. Everything will depend on the size of the carpet in question. What is sought is to avoid the formation of any fungus as a consequence of the humidity accumulated in the depth of the strands.

Clean Vapor Blinds

A decorative element widely used today is the blinds. They usually have different colors, designs, and sizes. In addition to being made of a wide variety of materials that make cleaning easier or not. The problem is that they accumulate a lot of dust and dirt, which ends up being a cleaning and health problem for the family.

The steam cleaners or steam guns are a great device for cleaning blinds. They can eliminate any accumulation of dust, dirt, or grime without damaging or changing its original color. In addition, the effect of the steam sanitizes it and makes it free of bacteria, mites, germs, or any microorganism harmful to health.

After verifying the material for the manufacture of the blind and that the intensity of the steam heat cannot damage it. The shutter unfolds, the steam cleaner begins to pass from one side to the other with even movements and with a certain slowness. So, each part of it receives a good amount of steam.

Then with a dry cloth, we proceed to remove every one of the dirt stains that have formed over time. The best way is to clean the internal part first and then the external part.

Then the blind is reviewed again with a dry cloth to get rid of any remaining moisture that may remain. At this point there is still accumulated dirt, you must pass the steam cleaner again and then dry it.

In the case of blinds that are in one piece and are wound at the top inside a drum, this must be removed before cleaning. The blind begins to clean from top to bottom (covering the entire length) with even movements and with some slowness. Then proceed to remove the loosened dirt with a cloth. It is important to remember cleaning the area where the rope and the rope itself is screwed.

Clean awning with a steam cleaner

Awnings can come in different types of materials and most of them support steam vapor cleaning. In some cases, you have a steam cleaner that can be fitted with liquid soap. It can be a great cleaning ally to leave the awning impeccable. Especially when it is made of fabric only.

To clean the awning, the following steps must be followed:

  • The awning is fully deployed, all dust and soot residue that may be in it is sucked up.
  • The stains are then cleaned with a cloth dampened in liquid soap or detergent and scrubbed to remove.
  • Then the steam cleaner is passed through the awning with upward movements, continuously and with some slowness. So, the steam can penetrate each of the fibers of the awning.
  • Moisture is dried with a dry cloth, if necessary. Steam is repeated in areas where dirt or accumulated dirt has any resistance.
  • If you use a steam cleaner that can be used with the soap inside, after passing the soapy steam, you should go over it with the steam cleaner filled with water alone.
  • Finally, when the awning is completely clean, it is allowed to dry before rolling it up or storing it. Thus avoiding the formation of fungi or mold due to the accumulation of moisture in the fiber.

Maintenance and Cleaning of a Steam cleaner

For the vapor cleaning of a steam cleaner, only a little freshwater is needed, it is not necessary to use any detergent or disinfectant to wash it. Of course, if you want to descale the steam cleaner, some brands recommend using descaling products to keep your steam cleaner in optimal conditions.

However, for those who prefer more natural and less aggressive methods. They choose to clean their steam cleaner with vinegar. For this, after rinsing with natural water, the tank is usually rinsed with a mixture of water and vinegar. And others only use pure vinegar. Both ways are effective in preventing calcification.

The most daring place a mixture of water and vinegar inside the tank and activate the steam. After this, the tank and the steam cleaner in general to eliminate any drop that may be trapped in any groove or corner. It must be completely dried, assembled again, and stored in a dry and moisture-free place. For those models that bring a bag, it is stored inside it, before placing it in its usual place.

It is important to note that the accessories must also be rinsed and dried before storing. However, it is not necessary to pass these elements through a mixture of water and vinegar. It will help to avoid any situation or as a simple precaution.

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