Do Steam Cleaners Disinfect?

When just cleaning is not enough for you, suppose you have children or pets and your floor affected by germs, or you want to clean the bathroom. That time, you need a cleaner that can kill all of the germs at once. Right now you are looking for the best solution and also looking for a confusing answer that is it possible to disinfect by applying steam cleaners?

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Well, let me tell you. To kill the germs quickly, It is necessary to select a steam cleaner that has sufficient temperature. According to the experts’ guidance, a steam cleaner that has a temperature between 212 °F and 300 °F is capable of destroying almost 99.9% germs and viruses. No need to use any chemical sanitizers. To complete this process, users have to heat cleaner at least two minutes or more.

Does steam cleaning really disinfect?Do Steam Cleaners Disinfect

The short answer is yes. It’s possible to make the house health and environment-friendly. There are several types of steam, including mops and vacuum with attachments for use on different types of surfaces. These machines are very effective to work quickly, and no need to use chemicals. However, this cannot be done through a normal process, so specific rules must be followed. If anyone completed the following process correctly, he could get rid of harmful germs and bacteria.

Heat up to the right temperature

When you are buying a steam cleaner for cleaning and kicking germs, you should opt for a tool that can provide enough temperature. Most of the steam cleaners cannot fight with harmful viruses. So it would help if you buy a steam cleaner which can give more than 100 °C (300 degrees Fahrenheit); that is good enough to kill more than 99% dust mites, bacteria, germs, and allergens as well. Machines with high temperatures will be capable of destroying all kinds of dirt and bacteria trapped on the floor.

Heat water for 3 minutes

Only moving the steam cleaner does not mean that your place will be sanitized. The water must be heated to a certain temperature. So you have to heat and warm water until reaching the recommended temperature. What is the recommended temperature? Plugin your steam for three minutes or more to heat up. After that, it will gain energy and will be able to kill bacteria, germs effectively.

Steam Cleaner vs Chemicals for Sanitization

This is the confusion area when it comes to clean the floors with destroying germs. There are two options; Chemicals and Steam Cleaner. Both can make your floor clean and kill germs. Now you are thinking about what you should choose for doing the work. Here you will find everything you need to know. Here is best steam mop for laminate wood floors

Indeed, chemicals are also enough to sanitize, but there are some problems you may face. Especially, it can be harmful to the surface. Many of the manufacturers don’t suggest it. That’s why we are suggesting that use a steam cleaner to make it easy and safe. Also, we have included the advantages of using steam and the disadvantages of using chemicals.

Benefit Of Using Steam To Clean Instead Of Chemical

Using steam for cleaning instead of Chemical is profitable. There are advantages that you can enjoy. Have a look at those:

  • The steam cleaner is suitable for all places, including the bathroom, floors, carpets, toilets. But chemicals can’t be used everywhere.
  • Steam cleaning gives both facilities; with which you can clean dirty and destroy germs. Instead, Chemical isn’t enough to clean properly.
  • Most of the Chemicals made for other services. So might be harmful to home; especially for those people who are suffering allergies. On the other hand, a steam cleaner is friendly for all of the people. This is beneficial for patients because it offers a healthier environment.
  • Some Chemicals contain harmful ingredients for children, but the steam cleaner is totally safe for children and pets as well.
  • An extra budget is needed for using chemicals. On the other hand, it can be accomplished with water through a steam cleaner.
  • The steam cleaner is natural, easy to use, cost-friendly and environment-friendly as well.

Disadvantages Of Using Chemical For Disinfecting and Sanitizing

  • Chemical is not friendly for carpets and with the materials of the floor.
  • Some chemicals can damage your machine or parts of it. You should not add harmful chemicals to your device.
  • Mixing extra Chemicals can damage your floor. Especially if the floor is made of wood or bamboo.
  • It is expensive; because purchasing chemicals requires additional costs.

Chemical methods for disinfection can remove up to 99% of germs. Likewise, steam cleaning machines can naturally eliminate germs.  After considering all of the aspects, it is easy to understand that the steam cleaner is better than chemical methods. Where you are getting the same results in both ways, then the question of using chemical processes at high cost does not come up.

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