Do You Need to Steam Clean Brand New Carpets?

Yes, in my opinion, you have to steam clean or use other methods to clean your new carpets. That’s because new carpets contain many toxins that can harm you or your baby’s health. Some of the toxins and harmful materials require deep cleaning. So, you should clean your new carpet and can use the steam cleaning method.

How to Steam Clean New Carpet?

Here’s the step-by-step guide that you can follow steam clean your new carpet:

1. Clear the Room

At first, you have to clear the room of yours. You can start by removing all the furniture, toys, and other stuff. It’s because too much stuff could slow down the cleaning process. However, some of your furniture could be too heavy to move. To protect them, you can use a waterproof tape. If you don’t have any flex tape, then you can use aluminum foil for moisture.

2. Vacuum the Carpet

You now need to vacuum the carpet. You have to vacuum it for wiping out all the dust, dirt, crumbs, and hairs. That’s because steam cleaner can’t clean solid dirt particles.  For the first time cleaning, you have to take your time and do that slowly so that all the dirt can be gone. On the other hand, you have to vacuum the carpet in the opposite direction on your second time.

3. Treat All Spots

Stains can be a problem for your carpets. Lipstick, food, wine spills make the carpet look very dirty. Now, you can’t use the vacuum or steam cleaning method to get rid of those spills. You have to think something else like:

You can use a piece of cloth with a stain remover to clean your carpet. At the same time, you can also dab the spot with a stain treatment solution. Give the carpet a few minutes before you start steam cleaning.

4. Prepare the Steam Cleaner

You must now prepare the steam cleaner. If possible, you should remove the water tank from the cleaner. Fill the tank with distilled water. You don’t need to use carpet cleaning solutions or vinegar. That’s because only water is enough for steam cleaning. You must use the steam cleaner at 212°F.

5. Run the Steam Cleaner

You must now run the steam cleaner on the carpet of yours from one corner to another. Make sure to clean in straight lines, and also remember to overlap the previous lines as well. It will take care of all the dirty spots.

6. Time to Dry

Hot water extraction from carpets can take at least 12 hours. So, you need to take your carpet to the sun and let it dry for 4 to 12 hours.

Final Verdicts

I hope now you know how you can steam clean your carpet. However, if you have pets, then you should clean your carpet twice a week. On the other hand, if you don’t have pets but baby, then once in a six month is enough.

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