Does A Steam Cleaner Kill Bed Bug?

Can we use a steam cleaner to kill bugs? The answer is tricky! Bed bugs need a minimum of 160 °F to die at this temperature. The steam cleaner can produce high heat able to kill bed bugs. To control bed bugs at home, there must be needed a commercial steamer.

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The adjustable steam cleaner with at least one-gallon capacity. So, cloth or carpet cleaning steamer can not be used instead. Here we will discuss how to kill bugs by a steamer.

How To Utilize Steam Cleaner To Kill Bugs

It is quite costly for an individual to bear the expense of commercial steamer. We suggest buying reused steamers with adjustable options.Does A Steam Cleaner Kill Bed Bug

So, a user can clean carpet and control bugs both by adjusting the temperature. Now look at the procedure of how to use the steamer:

Attach A Particular Nozzle

Steam cleaner comes with many nozzles to use in various places. Take the triangle shape nozzle and attach it. Avoid wide shape nozzles to prevent bugs from blowing around.

Fill up the water tank

Fill the water tank with cold water. And turn on the main switch to warm the water enough. After reaching its required ranges, the steam will be ready to use. Wait until the steamer is ready for use.

Check out the Temperature

Bugs can live on the low temperature, and carpet or rugs can burn at high temperatures. So, a user must be careful enough while using the steamer. The heat must be between 160°F to 180°F.

This heat is sufficient to kill bugs, and it’s eggs. But don’t raise temperature up to 200°F. Cloths, carpet can be burnt on the contact of this heat.

Start The Mission

Move the steamer slowly over the carpet, rugs, mattress. Moving too fast-moving allows the bugs to survive. If any living bugs are seen, hold the machine over the bugs for at least 30 seconds.

That’s it! We advise you to use the steamer on the bed, sofa, mattress, rug, carpet, and even in the corner of the house. Don’t leave the furniture, shoe rack, wardrobe, etc. Bed bugs can be anywhere and lay its eggs!

Take Rest!

Take some time before approaching a new area or new upholstery. Fill the tank out if the steam is running out. It is better to finish the operation within one day. If there is a gap, bed bugs might be multiplied! Don’t forget to repeat the second time steaming after a few days. If you want to desolate bed bugs!

Dry The Upholstery

After killing all the bed bugs turn on the ceiling fan of every room. Then open the windows to circulate air. These will help to dry the wetness from the bed, rugs, sofa, etc. If the rugs or bed sheets feel too moist, dry them off under the sun!

Call Pest Control

Keep the local pest controller number. It is challenging to steam the house to kill bed bugs! It is even tough for single and job holders! So, call the professionals to kill the bed bugs from your home!

They will help bed bugs or any other insects from producing. We would like to share one tip here! Keep your rug, curtains, or bed sheets under sun. It kills any germs and insects.


Bed bugs are bloodsuckers and have a high impact on the human body from its bites. It can cause rashes, allergic symptoms, etc. It is most dangerous if a family has kids.

So, prevention is better than cure! Prevent bed bugs by calling pest controllers or using a steamer.

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