Does Steam Clean Damage Grout?

Grout is the material that holds tile pieces together. Generally, the grout of the bathroom or kitchen gets dirty soon. As it has the porous property, dirt easily set in it. For this reason, it is not easy to clean the dirty grout. Most of the house owners have a steam cleaner. So, many of them want to know that if it is possible to use a steam cleaner to clean grout. Some are scare of using this tool because they think steam cleaners can damage grout. To know the truth, read the details.

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What is grout and why it gets dirty quicklyDoes Steam Clean Damage Grout

Let’s learn the basics about grout and the matter of getting it dirty. Grout is a mixture of cement, sand that is used to install tile pieces. Epoxy grout is one type of expensive grout that is for the glass tiles. This type is water-resistant and contains less prone. So, this grout does not get dirty quickly. But most of the people use the cheaper type of grout. Most of the bathrooms contain cement-based grout.

Tile grout is for installing and stabilizing the tiles. Though the tile surface is smoother and does not get dirty quickly, grout is not smooth and attracts debris. The grout of tubs and bathroom easily attracts soap scum, grime, mineral scale. On the flooring of other rooms, grout contains debris and also can have the residue from detergent water. When the waste and dirt goes through the pores, it is challenging to clean with the normal process. In this case, many of us want to use a hard brush and a powerful chemical to get a better result. But it gives an unsatisfactory result. So, finding the best way to clean grout is essential.

Does steam clean damage grout?

A steam cleaner is a great tool to clean most types of surfaces. But is it work effectively on the grout without damaging it?

Yes, a steam cleaner is a great alternative to clean grout. It does not damage grout. You can steam clean your floor and grout effectively with a steam cleaner. Besides, there are some modes of steam cleaners that are good for cleaning grout. When steam cleaner works on the grout, the steam goes to the surface of the grout and take out the dirt and sanitize it. As grout is more robust than steam, steam cannot damage it.

But if you use a harsh chemical to clean the grout before, then while steam cleaning, the grout can get damaged. We know that a steam cleaner works only the vapor power. It does not work with chemicals. This reason keeps most of the steam cleaning safe from damage. So, safely use a steam cleaner to steam cleaning grout of bathroom and kitchen.

How to steam clean grout with a steam cleaner

Grout is harder, but it contains a lot of prone. So, if it gets dirty, it is not easy to clean it properly. Though steam cleaner does not use chemicals, steam can clean and sanitize grout surfaces effectively. Steam, its temperature, and its pressure work very well against dirt. However, let’s see the proper way to use a steam cleaner on the grout surface.

Take the right cleaner

All types of steam cleaners are not suitable for every variety of applications. But it is not possible to buy steam cleaners separately for every item. But if you look at the accessories with the steam cleaner, you can decide the right one for you. As an example, extended hoses for heavy steam cleaner and scrub brush for portable cleaner are suitable for grout cleaning. Besides, you should consider the tank capacity and the accessories provided by the manufacturers while taking a steam cleaner for home. Avoid metal brush. Instead of this, use soft or bristle brush made of nylon.

Remove the items not suitable for steam cleaning

Some things are not good for steam cleaning. So, before using a steam cleaner on grout, remove such type of items. So, to avoid damaging the items around, you should remove the elements such as Persian carpets, kitchen utensils, toothbrushes, etc.

Remove loose dirt

To get rid of the trash, it is better to use a vacuum cleaner before start cleaning with a steam cleaner. For the bathroom, you can wipe the surface to remove the grime.

Use the steam cleaner

Now make your cleaner ready to use. Fill the water tank with fresh water. Then plug in and switch the machine heat up the water. Use the steam cleaner from the highest area to the low area. It is important to remove dirt effectively. Do not run the machine randomly. Work on the smaller section. If you want to use a brush, see that it works properly. Otherwise, you should clean your brush after sometimes.


After using the machine, rinse the grout with clean water. Then wipe the floor with a clean wet towel. If you see any dirt on the grout, you can repeat the process.

The Grout area is lower than the tile surface. Besides, the grout surface is not smooth. For these reasons, it gets dirty quickly. As steam cleaner does not damage grout, use it as the best tool to clean grout surface.

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