How can you use steam cleaning for marble floors?

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The marble floor is a popular and stylish material that has been using for many years. Right now, it’s become a luxury floor. These popular tiles are made of stone, which is very attractive to see. It is not difficult to maintain and keep clean, but it must be done carefully. Although it is made of stone, it is softer than stone. So you have to be careful when you are cleaning. Unfortunately, if you do any wrong, it can be harmful and can not be repaired easily.

On the floor of the marble, many types of germs and bacteria enter that need to be cleaned regularly. Although it’s possible to clean with a regular mop, but will not disinfect the floor. In this case, you can use a steam cleaner because it can disinfect naturally. To get rid of harmful germs and bacteria, the steam cleaner is a useful tool—no need to use chemicals for that.

Step To Clean Marble Floors With Steam Cleaner

Before starting the cleaning, you have to know the process. That’s why we included several steps to make your tasks easy. Remind that; each step is essential for you, so take it seriously.

Remove the furniture and make the floor empty

To clean the floors without any obstruction, you have to remove chairs, tables, and other accessories from the surface before starting the steam cleaner machine.

Sweep the floors completely

Sweep the floor thoroughly before cleaning the floor. Put the dirt in a container and drop it in the dustbin and keep the broom it’s place. This step will make the next task easier, and the machine will be performed properly.

Put the water into the container

Right now, there are many steam cleaners available in the market which contain water pot. At this step, you need to open the lid of the vessel and fill the container with cold water. After that, close the water pot. So before buying a steam cleaner, make sure that it has a pot of water.

Heat the water

Now time to heat the water until it reach enough temperature. If you want to kill germs and bacteria or remove stains from the surface, turn on the cleaner and wait a few minutes.

Attach a microfiber pad

Add a microfiber cloth or towel to the base of the steam cleaner, which allows you to clean the dirt on the floor quickly. The microfiber pad attaches well to the floor. As a result, the dust will be removed properly.

Start the cleaning

After following the above process, you are ready to clean. Push the machine slowly and move forward. If there are any visible stains, rub several times in one place; the saints will be removed forever. Continue cleaning until you have finished the entire floor after that wait approximately 7-8 minutes to dry the surface and bring back the furniture to its place.


That is the complete article about the cleaning process of marble floors with a steam cleaner. I hope no more words required for that, and you have understood completely.

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