How Often Can You Steam Clean Your Floors?

To clean the house it is not always necessary to use industrial detergents. There is also a natural method: clean with the steam. It is obtained with simple water brought to a boil. Also, it helps effectively and quickly to naturally eliminate dirt and grease, avoiding the expansion of the often nauseating fragrances of detergents and the possible consequent arrival of allergies, especially in children. Cleaning with steam has its many advantages and today we will present how often can you steam clean your floors. Also, you can clean several appliances that help us with housework.

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How often can you steam clean your floors?How Often Can You Steam Clean Your Floors

It depends on the type of floor. You should perform steam clean a kitchen once a week, bedroom floor once a month and wooden floor once in 3/4 months. But, you should do it carefully if you are using detergent or chemicals. Otherwise, it will damage the grout and wooden polish on the floor.

Clean house with steam

Before seeing how to clean the house with steam, it is good to remember a premise: it cannot be used with all surfaces.

Steam cleaning offers the possibility of cleaning without detergents. The steam appliance has a nozzle from which a pressure comes out to dissolve all the dirt accumulated in the most inaccessible corners of the house. It is capable of sanitizing more than any existing product. It eliminates germs, bacteria, eliminates mites and all those allergens that cause the most common allergies.

Clean toys

With the steam, you can clean the toys of the little ones, the medical equipment you have at home. For example the aerosol machines. The changing tables and you can eliminate the bad smells that rise up from the drain pipes.

Clean bathroom

The steam eliminates mold in the bathroom, refreshes the curtains that often become impregnated with the odors of the home or smoke from the exhaust gases coming from outside. Steam cleans sanitary ware and taps from which limescale is easily removed.

With your steam cleaner, easily wash the terracotta or ceramic floors, but not before using the vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, the steam sprayed on dirt tends to dirty even more. In some cases, steam is also allowed for carpet or parquet.

The jet of steam eliminates the dirt that builds up between the tile joints, in the kitchen, bathroom or other rooms. With steam, clean the shower cubicle, the house mirrors, and the stoves, especially the grates that tend to accumulate a lot of fat and often appear greasy.

Clean painted surfaces

Always be careful when checking which surfaces you can use your steam cleaner on without causing damage. In fact, it should never be passed on painted surfaces, on wood or on wax because these materials could be irreparably damaged.

Never pass the steam cleaner on cold surfaces, such as windows when it is very cold outside. The contrasts between the cold air and the heat of the steam could cause injury. The fridge and freezer can also be cleaned with steam but only after turning them off and defrosting.

Clean fabrics

Steam thoroughly cleans certain types of fabrics such as linen and cotton. So go ahead for the sofa covers, the pillowcases of the chairs, the armchairs, the sofas. Say yes again steamed on the house mats and the doormats, for deep cleaning. Avoid steam on particularly delicate fabrics such as silk, because you could seriously damage them. Also prefer light-colored fabrics, because if painted, they may release color or discolor.

Advantages of steam cleaning

Even so, we also want to support our theory that the use of steam cleaning for day to day has many positive points:

  • Steam does not pollute or harm the environment.
  • Thanks to the temperature at which it is applied and the force with which the steam is expelled. This cleaning method is able to descale the driest dirt more easily.
  • Steam cleaning is not a huge expense for your pocket since you do not need detergents for a greater cleaning effect. Your economy will thank you, and you can give yourself a few extra whims at the end of the month.
  • It is a quick cleaning method that does not steal time from your daily plan.
  • For the little ones, it will not be dangerous to be close due to the lack of chemicals in their use.
  • Today we live in a situation due to climate change that forces us to save water is very important. With a minimum amount, we can clean a large space.
  • The appearance of mites and bacteria that can affect allergy sufferers is avoided.

Learning to know how to steam clean has many advantages. Without a doubt, savings and time spent are the most important thing for our day to day.

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