How To Clean a Steam Mop – Step by Step Guide

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Cleaning a steam mop regularly is very important if you want to get the best effective performance from it. Apart from this, regular cleaning also impacts the durability of your steam mop. Since this cleaning tool makes your life easier by letting you cleaning your floors effortlessly, you should keep it clean after every use. But do not worry about cleaning it rather just follow our instructions. So let us know how to clean a steam mop easily and quickly. 

Why clean a steam mop is Important?How to clean a steam mop step by step guide

No matter it is a branded or unbranded steam mop, regular maintenance and cleaning are involved when you own one. There are several reasons for which you should clean your steam mop. One of the important aspects of cleaning this tool is a healthy cleaning. When you clean your floor with a steam mop, the mop cloth gets dirty. So if you keep your mop and mop cloth clean, it cannot spread the unhealthy ingredients to your floor. 

Another important reason to clean your steam mop is that if you clean it after every use, you are ultimately extending the life of the tool. If you keep anything always clean, its durability increases incredibly. Therefore, cleaning a steam mop is important for all. 

How to clean a steam mop?

In reality, there is no fixed way to follow to clean your steam mop. Depending on your preference and habits, you may follow any technique to clean it. But we have gathered the most effective technique and presented all the required information about how to clean a steam mop perfectly. So let us take a look at these following steps now.How to clean a steam mop

  • Firstly, unplug your steam mop

Before you start cleaning your steam mop, you should unplug it first without thinking further. This is a very important step because if you forget to unplug it, you may encounter severe electric shock or similar injury. 

  • Make the water tank empty

If there is water remaining in the water tank after your last use, make sure to empty the tank. The important thing is you should never keep water remaining in the water tank. otherwise, mold will be developed in the tank will result in warm growing and damp areas. SO the best job is to empty the water tank after you use this tool every time. 

  • Keep the water tank clean

You must clean the water tank regularly with a cloth. Move the cloth inside the tank properly and clean the tool carefully as if there is no debris left inside. 

  • Clean the nozzle

Cleaning the nozzle of the steam mop is also equally important. If there is any debris clogged in the nozzle, your steam mop will not produce steam. So make sure to clean the nozzle before you use it. 

  • Change or clean the mop pads or mop cloths

you have to change the mop pad after every use if it is disposable. If the mop cloth is made of microfiber or cotton, then clean it every time you use a steam mop

  • Wipe over the steam mop

This is the final step of the steam mop cleaning process. You should wipe over the steam mop on a regular basis. To do this, you can simply use a dry cloth. 

Steam Mop Not Steaming: How to Fix it if Blocked

It is normal incidents that sometimes your steam mop is seen that it is not steaming which means it is not producing any steam. It may happen for several reasons. so below are some of the most effective techniques to easily get rid of such type of problem. Steam Mop Not Steaming: How to Fix it if Blocked

  • Sometimes mineral substances clog up the system if you use hard water in your steam mop. So if the nozzle or filter gets blocked, you can try a descaling pin or paper clip to remove the blockage.  
  • You can also try the CLR, Lime-a-way or white vinegar to unblock your steam mop.  The cotton swab is also effective to unblock your tool. Also, clean the spray tip by a paper clip if there is any debris. 
  • If there is a lack of water in the water tank, the steam mop will not produce steam. So if you see that your tool is not steaming, then double-check the water tank and make sure that it has sufficient water.  Again, only after getting enough heat, water will produce steam. So if you notice that the tool is not steaming, you should wait for a bit so water can get heat. 
  • Steam mop releases steam using enough pressure in its system. So if there is any pressure leakage in the system, it will not produce steam. Therefore, make sure that there is no pressure leakage and you have fitted the bottom cap properly.

Safety tips:

We are going to provide you some safety tips along with the instructions on how to clean a steam mop so you will be able to have a better cleaning experience with this tool all the time.  These safety tips, on the one hand, will save you from any accidental incidents. On the other hand, it will allow you to use the tool most effectively. To get perfect output from a steam mop, you should follow the safety tips below. 

  • Plug in a steam mop only after attaching the mop cloth
  • Do not skip vacuuming your steam mop
  • Do not leave hot steam mop idle at your floor
  • Add nothing to water or water tank
  • Do not continue the cleaning with a dirty mop cloth
  • Never try to wash mop cloths with a fabric softener or dryer sheet


Hopefully, you got the total idea of how to clean a steam mop properly. You also got to understand the necessity of cleaning the tool. So if you want to sparkling clean your floors quickly and effortless, you should have a best steam mop. Again, if you want your steam mop to deliver better performance with increased durability, you have to clean your tool regularly. You already got how to do that easily. 

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