How To Clean Floor Tile Grout With Steam Perfactly

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Steam cleaners are the power tools that you can use for your grout cleaning or any other deep cleaning. Generally, cleaning the tile grout is a laborious task and takes a long time and effort to complete. But if you know the art of how to clean floor tile grout with steam efficiently and quickly, it becomes a plain sailing job for you. In this article, we would provide step by step instructions so you can clean your floor tile grout easily. 

Why Steam Cleaning For floor tile grout?How to clean floor tile grout with steam

In steam cleaning, you don’t need massive water of buckets, mops, or cleaning agents like detergent that is essential for traditional cleaning methods. Just with the use of steam, you will get a sparkling clean floor with a steam cleaner. So steam cleaning and steam cleaner are eco-friendly and efficient. A portable steam cleaner for tile grout is recommended for you, as it will make your task easier. Because of several reasons, you should use steam cleaning for floor tile grout.  

  • No harsh chemical, No toxin: Steam cleaning lets you kill almost 99.99% germs and bacteria without using any toxic or harmful chemicals such as detergent or bleach. You get a pollution-free and chemical residue-free house and floor by using a steam cleaner that utilizes water and heat at a specific temperature and pressure levels.
  • Pet and Child-friendly: As steam cleaning requires no chemical elements to clean your house, tiles, or objects, so you can ensure a healthy environment for your pets and children while cleaning your home.  
  • No Allergy: Steam cleaner provides natural steam, so it’s safe for all. It doesn’t promote allergy, which other traditional cleaning methods may do. It will not increase the allergy or the risk of allergic symptoms. So steam cleaning is better for those who are suffering from allergies. 
  • Cheaper: In bare eyes, it may seem expensive to have a perfect steam cleaner, but it saves you a lot of money in the long run. Once you get a steam cleaner, you don’t have a further cost to complete your cleaning task or maintain your tool. 
  • Mold Removal: If there is mold developed on your floors or tiles, you cannot kill it even applying bleach. After that, it will start causing your health problems. But if you have a steam cleaner, you can easily get rid of molds. 

How to clean floor tile grout with steam? 

A steam cleaner directly throws steam of more than 200°F onto the tile grout, so there is no chance for any germ or bacteria to survive. Along with that, the grout of your tiles becomes amazingly neat and clean. So to get the power cleaning performance from a steam cleaner, we are going to provide clear guidelines on how to clean floor tile grout with steam below:

Required Supplies and Tools:

  • Mop, broom or bucket and sponges
  • Steam cleaner having attachments with a grout brush

Step 1: Clean your tileHow to clean floor tile grout with steam

First of all, you have to clean your tiles to remove dust or debris. Only after removing dust and dirt, you can effectively use the steam cleaner so that it will give the best result. 

Step 2: Get the steam cleaner set for operation

Now, you have to set up the steam cleaner to start operation. Setting up the steam cleaner is less time-consuming also quite simple. You only need to fill up the water tank with water, plug in the cord, turn it on and set the steam and wait for the proper heat and pressure. After you set everything, start your cleaning carefully. You have to remember that before starting setting the cleaner, make sure the cleaner brush is suitable for the grout size and tiles type. 

Step 3: Begin steaming and Scrubbing the tiles grout

At this step, you have to turn on the steam according to the recommended rate of spray. Then scrub the grout gently by giving a hard hand back and forth. Apply the process section by section until it is clean or you are tired. Then keep the process continue for the rest of the tiles. 

Step 4: Rinse and Repeat 

Now repeat the process and rinse the area. You should avoid scrubbing the tiles periodically and try to clean the dirty water before it goes back into the grout again. Continue the process for all the tiles. 

Step 5: Sealing Cleaned Grout

Finally, after washing off the residue, you should seal the grout with a quality grout sealer. You will easily get the best quality sealer in the market for your tile grout cleaning. Finally, you are done with your work, and you will have glittering tiles in your home. 

Tile Grout Cleaning Safety Tips

We care for your safety. That’s why along with the grout cleaning guidelines, we are also providing some safety tips for you to properly use a steam cleaner so you can have safety usage besides smooth cleaning experience. Below are some of the essential safety tips for you that you should try to follow:Why Steam Cleaning For floor tile grout?

  • Clean the steam mop before using it.
  • Make sure to attach all the required accessories securely and adequately.
  • You should plug in the steam mop only after making sure you have attached the mop cloths. 
  • Vacuum your floor or object before starting steam mop cleaning.
  • Don’t mix anything to water or the water tank. 
  • Don’t use dirty mop cloth while cleaning with a steam mop.
  • Always wear shoes while you are in the process of cleaning with the steam mop.
  • If it takes a long time to clean your grout, take some rest, and then start. 
  • Do not wash mop cloths with a fabric softener or dryer sheet.
  • Please don’t leave the hot steam mop idle after using it.
  • Keep your steam cleaner clean after every use. 


Hopefully, following the steps of how to clean floor tile grout with steam that we have described above isn’t that complicated. Instead, it will make your cleaning task smooth and right. To get the most out of a steam cleaner, you should go for a multifunctional steam cleaner that also can be used as the best multi purpose steam cleaner for cleaning grout. So to get the both-way benefits of cleaning and scrubbing your tile grout nicely and making your job easier, try to follow our provided guidelines. 

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