How to clean steam mop pads?

The steam mop is a perfect tool to clean the floors easily. If you clean the floors with this tool, no need to use chemicals and other materials, it’s a machine powered by electricity. If anyone wants to get rid of all types of germs and bacteria and make the floor disinfect, steam cleaning is the perfect tool. The tool contains a water vessel and heats the water at enough temperature to fight with harmful germs.

After cleaning several times, the pad of the steam mop becomes dirty. So it’s essential to wash steam mop pads to clean the floors for next time. If you clean steam mop pads after a specific time, it will work like a new one and will be long-lasting. In this article, we are going to talking about the process of cleaning steam cleaner pads.

Step to clean steam mop pads

Many people use to drop the steam mop and bought a new one after cleaning several times. In my view, it’s an extra cost. If you clean it instead of throwing outside, you can use it later and save some money. If you agree with my statement, continue with me. Here I have included a few steps to make it clear. Take a look at below;

Using detergent

Mix the water and detergent on a pot. After mixing well, wet the pad of steam mop in the water and keep it for a few minutes. If it’s too dirty, you have to keep it for more than 15 minutes. After a particular time (it depends on how dirty it is), you have to make it clean with pure water.

Using a washing machine

You can also clean pads with the washing machine. It’s an easy and effective way to get rid of dirt from pads and other clothes. If you are similar to it, try out the method.

Using a soft brush

It’s another easy way to clean pads. Before cleaning, make sure that the brush is soft enough; otherwise, it can tear off soft cloths. On this method, you need to use some detergent with a small amount of water.

Hand washing

Hand washing is an instant way to clean the pads. It’s an old and effective way to clean the dust and dirt from the cloth without destroying it. You have to use soap and rub the pads until the cleaning is finished.

Drying & Storing

After completing the cleaning, now you need to dry the pads. It would be best if you find a dry place to hang it in the sun for drying quickly. After a few hours in a little light of the sun, it will dry out. If the place is level, it may take a long time to dry properly. You can turn the pad upside down to get the result quickly. After drying, bring it home and keep it in a dry place. Now you are ready to use it when needed. It will work like a new one.

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