How To Clean The Carpet Without A Machine?

It is possible to clean the carpet without a machine or heavy equipment. Besides, carpet cleaning machines such as vacuum cleaner is expensive too. `Or for professional cleaning, you need to call the professional carpet cleaner. It also requires a handsome amount of money. For this reason, many carpet users want to know the process of cleaning a carpet without using any machine.

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Clean carpet without a machine naturally

We can’t buy or rent a machine to clean carpets every time. But for this reason, cleaning the carpet will not be stopped. Use some cleaning solutions and remove the stains, odor, and dirt from your carpet. Check out the best steam mop for laminate wood floors here.

Use a carpet brush to loosen the dirt

For heavy stain, use a brush at first to loosen the hard dirt and remove the soil and pollutants from the carpet. To scrub the carpet, sit beside the carpet on knees, and use your hand with enough energy. Then use your hands to run the carpet to remove the loosen dirt from it.

Deep clean the carpet without machine

If you cannot use a steam cleaner to clean your carpet, you can still get a clean one by using some items with hands. For this, you need a brush, a sprayer, a bucket, white vinegar, etc. However, start the process with the following steps.

Clean the carpet with vinegar

  • Take some warm water in the bucket. Now add one fourth cup vinegar in the water. It is now your cleaning solution.
  • Now Use the scrub brush and wet it with the solution in the bucket. Then use it on the carpet. It would help if you kept it in mind that you only soaked your carpet with the mixture but not saturate it.
  • When you thoroughly scrub the carpet, take some freshwater in the bucket. Take a clean cloth and wet it with fresh water. Then rub the carpet with the wet cloth again.
  • Then let the carpet dry. You can run the ceiling or floor fan to make the drying process more comfortable.

Clean the carpet with baking soda

How To Clean The Carpet Without A Machine

Baking soda is a great cleaning agent. Most of the cleaning processes at home are effectively done by baking soda. It is eco-friendly and works well against odor and stains. So, you can use this thing to clean your carpet.

At first, sprinkle some baking soda on the stained area of the carpet. Now use a spray bottle to mist the baking soda with some hot water. Let it sit for a few hours. It will soak the dirt and absorb the odor. Now shake the carpet to remove the baking soda.

Clean your carpet with snow

It seems strange. But it is possible to deep clean a carpet with snow. However, this process works well for small carpets and rugs. For this, take the rug outside of the home. Then shake it properly to remove dust and loosen particles.

This process is suitable for the winter season. Keep the carpet outside to acclimate low temperatures. Now pile 4 inches snow over the rug. You can use a broom to spread the snow. After a few minutes, beat the rug with a broom. Repeat the step for several times. After that, remove the excess snow. Keep the carpet at a pace to evaporate the snow without making it wet.

The processes above are beneficial to clean the carpet without a machine. Somebody cannot imagine cleaning their carpet without using a vacuum or carpet cleaner. But if you try, you can do it without spending your money.

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