How To Prevent Footprint On Laminate Floor?

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It is not easy to clean a laminate floor traditionally. For the small groves on the laminate floor, it is hard to clean the surface. Besides, you need to pay extra attention to prevent footprint on the laminate floor. Footprint makes the laminate floor looking dirty. So, most of the people are concerned about this odd thing. But some useful ideas are beneficial to clean and prevent footprint on this type of floor.

Prevent footprint on laminate floor

To keep the beauty of your laminate floor, you must be concern about the footprint on it. Some useful ideas and methods are beneficial for you to prevent print on the laminate floor. I am going to share them with you.

Cleaning footprint on laminate floor

This method is to clean the built-up footprint on the laminate floor. At first, clean the remaining footprint and then follow the other tips to prevent the footprint.

Vacuum the floor

Vacuuming the floor is the first practical step to loosen the dirt from the floor. If accidentally fall, anything on the floor from the hand can leave a hard stain. The traditional cleaning process cannot remove the stains properly. So, to remove all the dirt, vacuum the floor. You need not use any chemicals in the vacuum.


After vacuuming, mopping is the best way to clean the footprint from the laminate floor. However, use a clean and dry mop. If you want, you can mop with a wet one. But for too stubborn stain, mopping is not enough. But if you regularly steam mop the laminate floor with a wet one, you can prevent the footprint easily. Instead of cold water, try to use warm water to get a better result. If you face more built-in dirt, only water is not enough.

Use a vinegar solution

The most effective way to remove the footprint from the laminate floor is by using a vinegar solution. If you fail to clean the footprint by the previous methods, you can follow it. For this, you need vinegar, water, a mop, a bucket, a clean and soft cloth. Take a bucket and take one-gallon water in it. Then pure some vinegar in water.

Remove all the things from the floor. Now take the cloth and wet it with the solution. Squeeze the cloth and remove excess water. Use the damp cloth to wipe the floor. Here, you can use a mop. Now let the floor be dried.

How to prevent footprint on laminate floor

Cleaning and preventing footprint on the laminate floor is not the same. To keep your floor clean, you need to clean it frequently. When you see the footprint, you should clean it. Generally, if you clean the laminate floor regularly, there is very little chance to develop the footprint on the surface.

On the other hand, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar or mineral spirits to prevent the footprint. To make the mixture, you should use one part of the spirits and one part of vinegar. Then mop the floor with the solution. Besides, soft cloth is the best thing to mop a laminate floor instead of using a mop.How To Prevent Footprint On Laminate Floor

To clean the laminate floor, always use less water than you can. Try to use such amount that after sweeping, you cannot see it. For a substantial footprint, use a robust vinegar solution. If you see any water left, use a soft dry cloth.

We see that to prevent footprint on the laminate floor; only the best way is to sweep the floor regularly. But using too much water can hamper the floor. So, clean your laminate floor regularly to get rid of the eye-catching footprint.

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