How to Steam Clean a Mattress?

After a hard day, you need to take proper rest. In this case, you can’t want to sit down on the dirty mattress. For bacteria, dirt, dead skin cells, bed bugs, and smells free mattress, steam clean is the best and environment-friendly way to clean up it. Steam clean can remove sweat and urine stains from the bed. Today in this post, I am going to show how to steam clean a mattress.

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Before starting to steam cleaning, at first take out the bed of all blankets, sheets, pillows, and mattress topper. The pillows and mattress toppers have a lot of sweat and dead skin. It must need to wash first. After striping these, follow the steps below.

Step 01:Wash and dry all the bedding to clean and sanitize

At first, the cleaner need to wash pillows, pillowcases, and mattress toppers with warm water from the washing machine and dry it properly. It is an essential step to free the deodorize. From the following process, it can be depending on the size and materials of the bedding. But most of the pillows are safe for the wash. Check the tag of the pillow to get the cleaning instructions.

Step 02:sprinkling baking soda to Deodorize the mattress

Baking soda performs such beautiful work to remove deodorize from the fabrics. To clean up twin-sized mattress, you need to sprinkle at least 1 cup of baking soda that is 240 ml. If anyone has a bigger or smaller mattress, they could modify the quantity accordingly. For this step, the cleaner needs to consider the following things.How to Steam Clean a Mattress

  • For a king-sized mattress, here is a need for the whole box of baking soda.
  • Anyone can use commercial scented deodorizing powders, but baking soda works here perfectly without any harmful chemicals.
  • Use a couple of drops of oil before sprinkling to get perfume lightly on the mattress.
  • Put a small amount of white vinegar or laundry cleanser into the baking soda to penetrate and remove the smirch.

Step 03:Allow the baking soda to sit on the mattress for a specific time

To perfectly sit on the mattress, here is a need for at least 1 hour. It can help to absorb oils and smells. But if anyone has a strong smell, like urine, they could wait a long time to sit the baking soda to remove all smells. In this case, if anyone can wait for 24 hours, they will get a better result.

Step 04: Try to Vacuum the mattress slowly and thoroughly with the hook attachment

After completing deodorize the mattress perfectly by applying step 3, start the vacuum hand attachment gently on over the mattress. Then hold the vacuum in place for a long time to constant contact with skin. For applying this step, you may use any hand attachment that came with the vacuum to clean the mattress. But a wide-mouth hose attachment with a rotating brush will be better work.

Step 05:Choose a perfect steam machine that fits the needs and budget

Before you take those attempts that are preparation for steam cleaning. In this step, the cleaner needs to pick the right steam cleaner that will full-fill the needs within the budget. In this case, you choose any machine that able to heats the water at least 212 °F (100 °C).  On the other hand, people may also use an iron if it has a steaming function, a clothes steamer, or a household steam cleaner.

Note: Most of the household carpet cleaners can’t be able to produce enough hot water to kill dust mites and bacteria. Check the specifications before it uses.

Step 06: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to fill and heat the steamer

Most of the steam cleaner machine has a tank for water, a motor to generates heat, and also a wand for applying the steam. Put the water by following the manufacturer’s suggested level and turn it on, then wait a few moments to heats up.

Note: Read the user manual carefully before applying any attempt from steamers.

Step 07: Apply the steam to the mattress properly

To start steaming, at first hold the on above the mattress, but make sure don’t touch on the mattress. Then apply it from the top left corner in 2 feet (61 cm) strokes on the mattress. Then move it slowly on the right side until the whole mattress covered. But remember, the mattress should be soggy but not soaking wet from the steam. In this case, it will be taken a long time to dry up. If anyone sees, the mattress has too wet; they could turn down the dial for the measure of steam cleared.

Step 08:Steam the sides of the mattress for a deeper clean

After completing the top corner to right corner, run the steamer from top to bottom. In this case, try to produce maximum steam penetration to remove bacteria, mites, or bed bugs. Most of the mattresses made with one-sided, never need to steam on the underside. But if anyone has a double-sided mattress, they will wait until the dry on the top side then repeat the all process to clean up the bottom.

Step 09: Wait enough time to dry the mattress completely

For the drying process, it completely depends on how much steam you used on the mattress. But most of the time, it will be taken 2-4 hours. If anyone wants to dry fast, they could run the fan and open the window, if it is possible to put the mattress under the direct sunlight on the room area, they get a quick result. On the other hand, anyone has a clean outside space; they will transfer the mattress on the direct sunlight.

Note: If anyone has carpet or wet/dry vac steamer, they could use it to remove extra moisture from the mattress.

Step 10: Cover the bed with clean linens after fully dry

In this final step, double-check the moisture to pressing down with a dry hand or dry towel before putting the bedding. If the mattress carried the moisture growth bacteria repeatedly. So, it is the most crucial step before covering and sleep on it.

To use the mattress on after the cleaning on the night, try to start the cleaning process early in the morning.

Benefits of Deep Cleaning a Mattress with Steam

Steam clean is the natural and safe cleaning way for pets or kids. To steam clean the bed, you will get a couple of advantages below.

  • Cleared the sweat stains: Over the night when you are sleeping, your sweat is leaves with the mattress. After sometimes, it can make odor and stains on the mattress. But steam clean is able to remove the odor and stains from the mattress and make it bacteria-free.
  • Steam can remove the urine stains: If anyone has children on the family, it’s very usual to have stain and odor of urine on the mattress. The steamer can remove ammonia stains and urine from the mattress. You can also try out steam cleaner for the vinyl floors to cleaning the floor stains.
  • Kills bedbugs: Bedbugs and fleas will be a reason to take away your sleep. If anyone has those, they could steam clean with hot water to remove it.
  • Removes allergens: Allergy is the regular problem at home. It can found on your mattress from dust and dust mites. Clean up it regularly with the steam cleaner to solve this problem.

What is the Cost of Cleaning a Mattress Professionally?

The charge will depend on which method used and the condition of the mattress. Usually, this charge will around $50-$150. But if any house has bedbugs, the cleaner will charge to remove it from $500-$1500.


  • Try to use a mattress protector to protect from dirt, dust, and stains from the mattress. In this case, you should use one of the protectors that can easily be washed on the washing machine.
  • If anyone puts the mattress on the outside in the hot sun for at least every few months, it helps to mold or sponge up hidden moisture from the mattress.
  • Try to keep cool as much as possible. Because of the overheated room, one of the reasons behind the extra sweat and become it dirty.


  • Keep out the handle of the steamer from the children. It will be about 220 °F (104 °C) so be careful.
  • A couple of times see that steam cleaning can fade the color in the mattress fabric.
  • Try to avoid laying on the bed the damp towels.

What you need to steam cleaning process

  • Baking soda – 1 cup (240 ml).
  • a vacuum cleaner with a hand attachment.
  • A steam cleaner, if you don’t have it, use steaming iron.
  • Necessary oil in any scent if anyone wants. (optional)
  • Fans to get quick up drying. (optional)

Dirt, stain, the odor of urine is very usual matters at home. But if you don’t clean up it properly, it will become ugly within some days. To clean up it, steam clean is the most popular and natural safe way. All of the following processes are effective and environment-friendly. But be careful about your children when the steamers turn on.

After all, to get a quality sleep from dirt, stain, bacteria and allergy-free mattress, steam clean is the best option. No quality alternatives are available here. Try it today and comment on the comment box what happening on your mattress.

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