How To Steam Clean A Sofa?

The steam cleaner is an essential gear in a home. End of the day you can’t want to see a dirty sofa or other upholstery. A steam cleaner helps to remove embedded stains. Not only that, but it could also be removed allergens, sanitize all surfaces, and kills bacteria, mold, viruses, dust mites from the Sofa. By following a couple of steps, you may know how steam clean a sofa.

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How to use a steam cleaner to clean a sofa:

The Sofa is an essential upholstery for a house. It can give an enjoyable time with the guest. But I think you can’t want to set the guest in a dirty Sofa. For cleaning a sofa, you need to take a couple of initiates that are made clean and bacteria-free.

A lot of processes have to get out dirt or stains from the Sofa. But ultimately those are not long-lasting actions. Some of the free processes you found online to get out the stain, but it’s not capable to clean a Sofa properly.  For getting a crystal clean Sofa, just need to steam clean a sofa after it looks like dirty. Anyone can easily steam clean a sofa by following instructions below.

Step 1. Preparing the Sofa:

At first, the cleaner needs to clean any dirt, dust, trash, allergens, pet hair, and dander on the Sofa. Remove all pillows from the Sofa and vacuum off each side. Then sweep off the backside of the Sofa. Make sure every crack and inside every crevice are clean. This is the very first and most essential step.

Step 2. Pre-treat the stains:

If has any stains on the Sofa, spray them with cleaner. For completing the staining process, it can take around 3-5 minutes. But you’ve waited enough time to dry up the cleaner. If the stain is oil-based, you should use a commercial cleaner to get out the stain. If anyone doesn’t have the steam cleaner, they will try to mixing vinegar, baking soda and rubbing alcohol or cornstarch with water and use it to remove the stains.

Step 3. Precondition the fabric:

The main reason to steam clean the Sofa is to remove all the ground-in dirt and dust. There is a product on the market that is soil emulsifiers. It will help extricate all of the components that have been ground into the fabric. After collecting this product, spray it all over the fabric and pillows. Then Brush the fabric with shampoo properly. In this case, you don’t need to worry about taking the emulsifier and shampoo off the fabric. It will come out after steam cleaning.

Step 4. Pick the right steam cleaner:

After completing the initial process, you need to pick the right steam cleaner to steam the Sofa. Many types of steam cleaner available on the market. But the best one is which are specially launched to steam clean fabric and upholstery. This type of steam cleaner able to steam clean your Sofa perfectly.

Step 5. Prepare the steam cleaning machine:

For using a steam cleaner, the user needs to combine warm water and cleaner to the machine. The combination of quantity is varied one another. In this case, you may follow the directions on the model. Then remove a box from the steam cleaner and load it with warm water and upholstery cleaner. But don’t fill it too full because it will over-saturated on the fabric.

Step 6. Start the steam cleaning:

At first, plug up the steam cleaner machine and turn it on. If the Sofa has any pillows, start cleaning them first. Then take the handhelds steam cleaner and spray the surface with the steam on all over the Sofa. But don’t need to try to add steam in the vast area at a time. After taking a little break, repeat the process until the Sofa, and its fabrics become clean.

Step 7. Let the Sofa’s dry:

It is the final process of steam cleaning. After completing all process correctly, it needs to dry the Sofa for some time. This time is vary based on how humid and the weather of the day. But eventually, anyone wants to dry fast and to get back the Sofa, and they could use a fan or using a blow dryer.


A clean Sofa exposes the beauty of a room. But in daily life, it really hard to save the Sofa from dirty thinks. Children and pets are stains always on the Sofa. After this attempt from the children, you just need to steam clean for cleaning the Sofa at least in a month. If anyone doesn’t have any steam cleaner machine. They could hire it from the local store.

After all, anyone can follow these instructions perfectly; they can recover the Sofa’s cleanness easily. But make sure don’t try to do these process speedily, try to complete the process steadily.

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