How To Steam Clean Blinds?

Cleaning the blinds regularly is an important work that many people don’t know and forget about it. If these are neglected or not cleaned, they become the dust that floats around the floor. So you should be aware of this. Blinds need to be cleaned regularly to protect the home environment.

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Using the steam cleaner is an easy and effective way to clean blinds. The machine can be two types vertical and slatted—most of the cleaner made by the wood or plastic. By using one of those, you can make the floor and windows clear.

Surely, it will be hard work if you don’t know anything about setting up or installing a steam cleaner. Don’t worry! It’s not rocket science. Continue here and read our tips to make your cleaning easier.

Tools for Cleaning Blinds

There are several types of tools or machines that are being used for cleaning blinds. The apparatus and method of using depend on how much dust has been accumulated and how dirty it is. So the tools and usage methods may change in the situation. Depending on your blinds, you will be able to clean with the following items.

  1. A vacuum cleaner with an attachment
  2. Microfiber cloths or a microfiber mini blind duster

Number one is better because you can clean multiple blind tiles and tires at once by using this. Also, it’s a handy tool that is easy to operate. Operators can clean without previous experience.

How to steam clean blindsHow To Steam Clean Blinds

You can see, most of the time blinds are dust. That time it’s best to start cleaning when the blinds are dry. The main reason is that the water and dust combine to become like a mess form. If water and dust mix, it becomes difficult to remove. If your floor or window blinds are too dirty, then only dusting will not be enough. It would be best if you cleaned thoroughly and deeply. Here are the few points for the best use of clean steam blinds.

Attached vacuum

To clean up smoothly, you need to take blinds cleaner with an attached vacuum. Right now, there are many steamers that have not attached a vacuum. So, check out before buying. The machine will remove the dust and dirt. You have to operate and put it in the right place. Users can make cleaning more manageable by using a towel, brush or vacuum. That’s why I recommend you to choose the best steam cleaner for blinds cleaning that is attached vacuum. It will immediately extract and remove dirt and improve working speed.

Use a squeegee tool

Right now, there are various types of steam cleaner available in the online and offline market. Those are not the same. Each has different features and contains different kinds of facilities. Most of them provide a squeegee tool with a small brush. Those are the best and widely used for blinds cleaning.


Recently there have been many advanced machines in the market that have air and water filters. The machines with filters are effortless to work. So, when purchasing this equipment, make sure the filter is connected. If you want to use this tool in the hospital, you should buy machines having HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) filters. This is not only suitable for the hospital but also perfect for blinds cleaning.

Use carefully

You should be careful when using blinds cleaner as it contains a lot of temperatures. For this reason, we don’t recommend steam cleaner for fabric blinds. It needs to be used in the right place; otherwise, there is a risk of damage.

Step To Steam Clean Blinds

The following are a few steps to help ease your process. If you are new in this era, steps will be helpful to complete the task after applying them.

  • Start the machine after adding water and keep it for a short period. Consult with the manufacturer if you want to know exactly how many minutes to continue.
  • Slide the output that comes out of the machine and wait for it to dry.
  • To clean horizontal blinds, Shake the brush to separate the dust and dirt with the steam cleaner.
  • To clean vertical blinds, move the duster up and down or use up to the downward movement to clean quickly.
  • If your blinds are wooden, have to clean extra dirty by using a vacuum cleaner brush.
  • If the blinds are plastic, make them dry by hanging them outside in the air before replacing in the window
  • If any dust remains after cleaning, you must use a microfiber towel to remove it.


This are the detailed information for cleaning dirt from floors or windows. Using those ideas, you can easily clean the blinds and save time. To keep your blinds always attractive, try to clean them every couple of weeks or weeks.

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