How To Steam Clean Carpet With A Steam Mop?

Steam cleaning a carpet is a good idea to remove dirt, pet hair, germs from the carpet. But if you want to use a steam mop to steam clean your carpet, you may think about how safe it is. Yes, you can steam clean carpet with steam mop. Generally, steam mops are designed to clean and take care of different types of hard floors. But with few tricks, it is possible to clean the carpet with a steam mop. However, most of the people use a steam mop for their floors. If they know the proper way of using it to steam clean the carpet, it will save their time and money.

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Why steam clean carpet with a steam mop

The people of cold countries use rugs to keep the rooms warm. As carpets contain many fibers, dirt, pet hair, and other things, attack it quickly. So, to keep the carpet clean, most of the people use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpets. It is okay for regular cleaning. But to remove all the dirt and bad smell properly from the carpet, try to steam clean it on a monthly basis.How To Steam Clean Carpet With A Steam Mop

Steam clean not only cleans the carpet but also kills germs and bacteria. Though it is better to use a steam cleaner to clean carpet, you can use a steam mop instead of it. A steam cleaner is more expensive, and most of the people do not have this machine. But steam mop is not costly, and careful use does not hamper the lifespan of the carpet. Besides, a steam cleaner is bulky and takes a lot of space. But a steam mop is lightweight and easy to use. So, steam mop makes your steam clean job easier.

Steam clean carpet with a steam mop

To steam clean a carpet with a steam mop, you can follow the few steps below.

Move large items from the carpet

The first thing you need to do is to remove items such as a book, toys, etc. from the carpet. If there large furniture near the rug, you can use waterproof papers to cover the legs of the furniture because steams can damage them.

Vacuum the carpet

After removing the other things from the carpet, you should use a vacuum cleaner to remove the loosen dirt, dust, and fur. Many people want to skip vacuuming when they use a steam mop to clean the carpet. But this step is essential to prolong the life span of your steam mop. Vacuuming removes the hair and other particles that cans stuck on the mop head. After using a vacuum cleaner, you can effectively use your steam mop to remove germs, and other particles remain.

Take care of hard stains

It is better t use a brush to remove the hard stains from the carpet before using a steam mop. Just use a brush and scrub on the stained area to loosen it.

Fill water to the mop

Now it is time to add water to the mop. You should follow the manufacturer guide while filling the tank with water. Avoid overfilling. The best thing in the case of steam mop is that you need not use any chemical to the water tank. Hot steam comes from the mop is enough to kill germs and bacteria.

Attach the carpet glider

At first, attach the cleaning pad of the steam mop to the right place and secure it. Then take the carpet glider and connect it properly. Most of the steam mops contain carpet glider. But for the security of the carpet, you should buy it separately if you do not have it.

Start from the corner

Now start your cleaning. Light cleaning with a steam mop is good enough for the carpet. Clean the carpet by following straight lines to avoid missing any part.

It is easy to use a steam mop to steam clean a carpet. So, when your carpet gets dirty and smelly, try your steam mop to steam clean the carpet.

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