How To Steam Clean Windows?

For a smart-looking house, it must need clean windows. But in modern times, deposits of dirt on the windows every day. To get a crystal clear look, you should clean the windows every time after deposited dust. In this case, steam clean is the most effective and affordable way than other sprays or detergents. To help your window cleaning, today, in this post, I will describe how to steam clean Windows.

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To clean windows, at first, you need a steam cleaner that comes with a squeegee handle or a portable steam cleaner. But make sure it has wand attachments and comes with the squeegee baton in the kit, after purchasing or hiring the steam cleaner to follow these steps below.

Step 01: Prepare the Window area and Steam Cleaner:

At first, put on a towel or rag under the window. Because while you steam clean the window, fall down the water into the carpet and walls. It is essential for a stain-free wall and carpet.

After preparing the place, put enough water on the steam cleaner according to the machine instructions. Most of the time, the manufacturing company specifies the level of water that needs to reach.

Pro tips: for getting a better result, use distilled water in the steam cleaner.

Step 02: S Heat the Surfaces and loosen it gritHow To Steam Clean Windows

In this step, you need to a quick blast from a consistent distance to heat the window. It can help to secure from the crack on the window. But if the window has a good temperature, don’t need to heat up the window. It’s only for the very very cool areas.

After the heating process, steam to the window from top to bottom using the vertical stroke. Then continue it all over the glass surface to cover the whole window.

Step 03:  Squeegee The Water

Use the squeegee to wipe the window to extract the vapor that constricted into the water on the surface. This water bears all the dust, oils and grime.

Continue this process left to right and wiping the window from the top to down. But remember, don’t wait too long for this step, sometimes it can be harder to budge them.

Step 04:  Wipe the Last Drops And Streaks

Wipe all the assimilated water from the window around the frames by using a clean cloth. Now, most of the water is gone from the window and made it clean. But such a time a couple of drops of water appear on the glass. in this case, you may Wipe all water from the window from using dry microfiber cloths. To get better result wipe in a circular motion until all the fluid is ingested.

Pro tips: To getting a crystal clear window panel, the cleaner may use the steam to clean the window frames. If the window or its frames are separate areas dirty, give them another blast of steam and a wipe with a cloth from following before applying Step 3.

Why Is Steam Cleaning Good For Cleaning Windows?

Steam clean has a couple of benefits. Its work is very quick and effective. On the steam cleaning process, it’s used only water any type of chemicals or artificial products that are environment-friendly and safe for children and animals.

To complete all the following processes, the steam cleaning machine warms the water to very high temperatures until it transforms into vapor steam. For applying this method, it’s not only removing the deposited dirt but also sanitizes the outside and kill all sorts of germs and make it bacteria-free.

If anyone thinks that, it costs more to get set up with a steam cleaner. Please think on the other side, in the long run; you have to save a lot of money from purchasing cleaning supplies and chemicals.

It’s another wonderful benefit the versatility. Users can use it not only for window cleaning but also for other similar ingredients.

A couple of tips for cleaner:

  • Check all attachments and accessories are strongly secured to the machine.
  • Use the distilled water on the machine.
  • Don’t try to use any detergents, oils, or any kind of cleaning product.
  • If the windows are very dirty, use the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust before using the steam cleaner quickly.
  • Unplug the steam cleaner while trying to empty it. Then refill it the water or remove any attachments from the machine.
  • Try to use continuous stripes from top to bottom for the cleaning motion.

Steam cleaning is now the most popular way to clean up windows or other upholstery. After the month, it can save a lot of money from buying harmful chemicals and make your window crystal clean. But remember, before takes any attempt, check the temperature. Icy window conceivably one of the reasons behind to crack your window.

Hopefully, If anyone can follow these steps and tips, they could get a dust and bacteria-free crystal clean window easily.

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