How To Use A Steam Cleaner In The Bathroom; The Effective Way

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To clean a bathroom properly in a natural way, you can use a steam cleaner in the bathroom. Steam cleaning does not only clean your bathroom but also remove the germs up to 99%. Besides, it is a chemical-free process. However, before using the steam cleaner in your bathroom, you need to know the proper way of using this tool. Only then you do practical work.

How to use a steam cleaner in the bathroom?

Using a steam cleaner in the bathroom is not a hard job. But you must follow the right way to get the best result. Let’s see the details.

Things you need

The main thing you need to steam clean your bathroom is a steam cleaner. For useful cleaning purposes, you need the right attachments with the cleaner. Besides, it would help if you had microfiber towels, vinegar, window clothes, toothbrushes, paper towels, baking soda, etc. A bathroom contains several areas such as toilets, bathroom floor, windows, bathtub, etc. So, to clean those areas, you need to follow several processes.

Clean the toilet

It is better to use any toilet cleaner solution to clean the stains and dirt on the toilet bowl. Then use a brush to loosen the dirt. Now use the steam cleaner. Attach the nozzle attachment to the steam cleaners hose. Now steam the toilet bowl at high pressure. Then steam with more power to the How To Use A Steam Cleaner In The Bathroomedges of toilet seat and hinges. Now use water with a running hose and remove the dirt from the toilet bowl. Then flush the toilet and use a microfiber cloth in the steam cleaner to take out the remaining water drops.

You should redo the process if any stain or dirt remains. Besides, to clean the toilet properly, you can use vinegar and water mixture in your steam cleaner. If you do not want to use it on the cleaner, you can spray it on the toilet bowl with a sprayer.

Clean bathroom floor

The floor grout of a bathroom can look nasty. Besides, it contains germs. Your floor can be slippery when plenty scum of soap gather on it. In this case, you can use a steam mop as the best cleaning tool. It not only cleans the floor quickly but also makes the work easier. So, take a powerful steam mop that is suitable for the tile floor. It is better to use a mixture of water and vinegar to the steam mop to clean the bathroom floor. The steam cleans the floor for the right time to remove all germs, dirt, and stain. If any stain remains, use the spot cleaning solution to the cleaner attachment.

Clean the walls

Run the cleaner to remove the dirt and soap scum from the shower door. Then use a microfiber towel to wipe off the remaining dirt. Then attach a microfiber cloth to the steam cleaner and again wipe the walls and door to clean correctly. If you desire, you can spray some vinegar to the walls before using the steam cleaner.

Clean the sinks

Cleaning the faucets of the sink sometimes becomes very difficult. But if you use a steam cleaner, your work will be more comfortable. However, attach scrubber on the steam cleaner. Then scrub the sink and blast steam with the cleaner. While scouring the faucets, you must pay extra attention to the stained area. Then use clean water to wash away the dirt. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the sink.

You see that using a steam cleaner in the bathroom makes your cleaning work more accessible. Besides, it would help if you deep clean your bathroom at least one time a month. Like other cleaning purposes, a steam cleaner is an excellent solution for a bathroom. So, it would help if you tried it.

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