How To Use a Steam Mop Properly – Step by Step Guide

If you are new to use an electric cleaning tool, you need to know how to use a steam mop. But if you are already using this helpful tool for a long time, you should also know how to clean it perfectly to get the optimal results. We have compiled some of the effective techniques and tips so you can use a steam mop better than earlier. 

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Benefits of Steam mop:

Before we get to the main point of how to use a steam mop directly, we should know how a steam mop can ease our life. You have a steam mop and you know how to perfectly use it means you have made your life smooth. Here are some of the best benefits of the steam mop so you will be able to make your decision about whether or not to buy a steam mop soon.

  • Steam mop saves you time and energy 
  • It let you have your floor cleaning easily and effortlessly
  • It is always safe for you and safe to use
  • Steam mops are portable so you can carry it anywhere easily
  • It saves you from carrying  a huge bucket of water 
  • It is more effective than other traditional cleanings 
  • Drying your floor is quicker if you use a steam mop to clean it
  • It is good for the environment

How to use a steam mop?

There are practically a lot of ways to use a steam mop. But we would not mention all those general ways and some of which you will not like to follow. We are here to provide you the exact and efficient ways of how to use a steam mop. Thus, you can make your experience better and complete your task faster than others. Just make sure to follow the below techniques: How to use a steam mop

  • First of all, you should open the water tank that you will get at the top of the plastic body of your steam mop.
  • Now, pour fresh and clean water in the water tank. To do this, there is a measuring cup and accompanying funnel with your tool. Fill the water tank leveling the maximum water line in the tank. Remember that you should never overfill the tank in any way. 
  • There is an electrical cord in the mop cord holder. Unravel the cord and plug it into a typical 120-volt household electrical outlet. Then you need to wait for 15 to 30 seconds so the water and steam mop can get heat.
  • Then, attach a clean steam mop cloth to your steam mop.
  • At this stage, brush or vacuum your floor to remove loose debris and other dust. Rember, never start moping unless you complete this step. 
  • Finally, start mopping the floor. It will be better if you push the steam mop backward and forward in smooth motions. 

Versatile Uses of steam mop:

A steam mop not only allows you to clean different floors but also you can clean your carpet, tiles, bathroom, etc. using it.  Let us see what you can clean with a steam mop. 

  • Steam mop on carpet Versatile Uses of steam mop

Using a steam mop, you can clean not only your floor but also your carpet perfectly and it is safe also. Since cleaning the carpet with a carpet cleaner is expensive, you can use a steam mop to do the task with a similar result. 

  • Steam mop on the hardwood floor

Steam cleaning your hardwood floor has become much easier than ever with a steam mop. Before you start to steam clean your hardwood floor, make sure to remove dust and pebbles from the floor and check there is no worn spot on it.

  • Steam mop on tiles

You can also clean your floor tiles safely and easily using a steam mop. To clean the tiles properly, you need to follow the same preparing rule that is vacuuming your floor before start cleaning it. 

  • Steam mop on vinyl flooring

Though you will get some specialized steam mops to use on the vinyl floor, you should avoid using those. Rather, you should try microfiber mop or swifter to clean the vinyl floor. 

  • Steam mop on laminate floors

You are recommended not to use the steam mop on laminate floors. But if you still want to use one, make sure the tool has an adjustable steam control system and it does not get as hot as other regular models.

  • Steam mop on bathroom

You can clean your toilet or bathroom floor with a steam mop nicely if it has all the right attachments and doing your task perfectly, make sure to set the steam level at 212 °F. 

  • Steam mop on bed bugs

If you can apply the steam correctly, then steam would an incredibly effective method to kill the bed bugs. The temperature range of 160-180°F is perfect for killing bed bugs with steam mop.

  • Steam mop on the mattress

To get the best results in cleaning your mattress with a steam mop, at first, apply baking soda on the mattress and then leave it for an hour to get rid of odors and then vacuum the mattress. After that steam clean your mattress. 

Safety tips:

Safety tips regarding using the steam mop will save you from any accidental incident. Along with this, it will also help you to extend the life of your cleaning tool. Below are some safety tips for you as we always care about your safety and take the safety issue seriously.  

  • Do not start your steam cleaning unless you vacuum your floor
  • You should plug in a steam mop on the electrical outlet only after attaching the mop cloth
  • Do not put anything to water or water tank of your steam mop
  • Do not leave hot steam mop idle on your floor
  • Never try to clean your floor with a dirty mop cloth
  • Never wash the mop cloths with a fabric softener or dryer sheet or any other dirty thing.


Steam mops are not only excellent at cleaning, but they also come at a cheaper price. You will get the ultimate cleaning performance while cleaning your floors with a steam mop if you follow the above instructions properly. In this writing of how to use a steam mop, we have provided all the required information that you need to know.  

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