Is Chem-Dry better than steam cleaning?

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We know the steam cleaner is an advanced tool to clean and make the floor disinfect. But when it comes to carpet cleaning, another machine called chem-dry comes into competition. There is a lot of confusion in this area. If you want to be clear about it, read this article until the end. Here I have figured out the advantages and disadvantages of both cleaners.

When you want to make your carpet clean and healthier, many different methods can be applied, but two methods are widely-used right now; steam cleaning and cleaning with chem-dry. Now you have to choose one of them. Each has its pros and cons. So it’s essential to know the difference between these.

Chem-dry vs. Steam cleaning – In-depth comparison

In this step, I have included the advantages and disadvantages of both tools. Hopefully, you will get the answer and be clear about the confusion.

Cleaning process

When you clean the carpet with steam cleaning, it uses water at extremely high temperatures, which can be harmful to your carpet hair. As the carpet absorbs water, steam cleaning can be fairly clean, but deep dirt will not clean as you want.

On the other hand, chem-dry cleans with very little water. If you want to calculate the amount, it can be said that chem-dry uses less than 80% water compared to steam cleaning. As a result, there is no possibility of harm.

Using materials

To clean the carpet by steam cleaning, you need to use soap or detergent and sometimes chemicals as well, which remains later in the carpet. The carpet will be discolored and smelly, which you never expect.

And if you clean the carpet by chem dry, there is no need for soap or detergent. This machine will naturally clean the dust and dirt from your carpet, it will look very nice, and there will be no dirt left.

Amount of water

Cleaning the carpet with steam cleaning costs a lot of water, which is deposited after the cleaning. That’s why it has a possibility of contamination and germs, which does not conform to the environment.

You must know that you don’t need much water to clean the carpet with chem-dry. As a result, there is no more water left. Therefore, this method is considered as healthy and environmentally friendly.

Drying time

Another difficulty of cleaning carpets with steam cleaning is the drying time of water. If your carpet is too hairy, it may take about a day to dry out properly. If you have kids or pets, you should not go with a steamer. It is annoying because you cannot walk until dry properly.

On the other hand, if you clean the carpet with a chem-dry, it dries very quickly. After a few hours, you will be able to walk, and your kids can play on the surface. You have not to wait for a long time like a steam cleaner.


No more words require to compare those two tools. Hopefully, now you are ready to decide what you should take as a carpet cleaner.

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