Is it possible to steam clean my fabric sofa?

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A sofa is a place that gets dirty quickly. On your couch, you lay down; your kids play on it, your pets also spend time on it. So, you need to clean it regularly. Though you know other ways to clean fabric sofa, you may want to know if it is possible to steam clean fabric sofa. The answer is quite positive. Steam cleaning removes germs, dirt, and stains effectively from fabric sofa and couch. It is better to use an upholstery steam cleaner for this purpose.

Can I steam clean my fabric sofa?

A steam cleaner is very much useful for cleaning a lot of applications. You can use it to clean the floor, carpets, upholstery, furniture, and many other things with a steam cleaner. However, a steam cleaner uses steam and pressure to clean the applications without any chemical. So, the things that can tolerate heat and steam are suitable to use this machine to clean. For the fabric sofa, you can use a steam cleaner to steam clean it. With steam clean, you can remove the dirt, stains, bacteria, allergens, and other harmful particles from your fabric sofa.

How to steam a clean fabric sofa?

You can steam clean your fabric sofa easily by following some easy steps. But you need a steam cleaner that is safe for a fabric sofa. Besides, you know that the fabric couch is water secure but always not heat safe. So, it is better to test an area first before using a steam cleaner on all surfaces.

  • At first, it is essential to read the manual of your steam cleaner and sofa. Carefully read the recommendation of the manufacturers.
  • Then use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the couch. It will take out the dirt, allergen particles, pet hair, and other small particles from the upholstery. You should remove pillows and other things from the furniture before using the vacuum.
  • After vacuuming, you should pre-treat the stains. To remove any spot, you can use the recommended spot cleaner for a fabric sofa. Let the cleaning agent sit on the couch. Then keep it for 4-5 minutes. After that, blot the stained area with a soft cloth to clean the stain. If you want, you can use vinegar, baking soda, and water to treat stained areas.
  • Before using a steam cleaner, it is essential to remove the dirt ground in the sofa. However, soil emulsifiers help to take out the dirt from the fabric. So, take some of the elements and spray it all over the couch. Let it set. Then use fabric shampoo with a brush to set correctly into the fabric upholstery. Do not worry about removing them because when you steam clean, all of them will go away.
  • Now use a steam cleaner that is best for fabric. You can use a fabric steam cleaner. Then fill the water tank with warm water. Do not fill the tank to full. Use the machine in a small hidden area. If you see that it works properly, then use it for all the areas.
  • Let the furniture dry properly.

Steam cleaning a fabric sofa is quite easy to work. You should dry the sofa properly after the steam clean. Besides, it is better to vacuum it again to ensure complete cleaning.

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