Is steam cleaning bad for your carpet?

Steam cleaning is a method that is progressively more growing and the results and ease with which it is used are well known to the public. If you are thinking of buying a steam vacuum cleaner, you should know, is it bad for your carpet. Today, they become the perfect solution of cleaning since it has multiple cleaning tasks since they clean, disinfect, remove dirt, and degrease the kitchen.

Is steam cleaning bad for your carpet?

It makes perfect sense that these vacuum cleaners run on water vapor. Inside the water is heated to more than 90º that consent the steam under compression. The higher the steam pressure, the cleaning can be carried out more intensely.For making it clear, we have presented its advantages and disadvantages below.

Advantages of the steam vacuum cleaner

The steam cleaner has many advantages and they are:

Potency and health:Their high power mainly characterizes appliances that use pressure steam technology, given that stains specially fixed in a flat surface (generally, floors, carpets and furniture) can only be eliminated by this method. At the same time, the use of clean water is a surety of cleanliness and sustainability. Also, there are no risks of sensitivities or poisoning.

Money saving cleaner:Another factor that clarifies the success of steam cleaning machines is the money-saving features. You can gain comfort by not having to burden the features of each product (a window cleaner, floor cleaner) since steam cleaner can be used on various types of surfaces.

Very handy: They allows to clean several types of floors such as glass floor, tile floor, toilets, carpets, etc.

Multi-functions: Some models allow us to eliminate dirt, dust and iron clothes perfectly with drying facilities, etc.

Remove mites: It is able to eliminate bacteria and mites forever. This is a very positive part of people who have allergies.

Portability: There are lots of compact steam cleaner model that is small in size so you can easily carry and massage it everywhere you want.

Disadvantages of the steam vacuum cleaner

Also, the steam cleaner has disadvantages and they are:

The problem of humidity: Machines using pressurized steam technology often remove dirt in a short time. However, this technique requires the user to remove the remaining moisture from furniture or rugs. The steam does not cease to be water, so when it comes into contact with the surface to be cleaned, small puddles appear that must be removed because the fabrics could fill with fungi or impossible stains.

Size: Some steam cleaners can be very big in size. So, it can be difficult to cleaning carpets, floors, etc.

Slow start: Some models take a long time to start and heat up. It can waste your time and delay cleaning tasks, which is a bad issue.

Tank change: For making functionality easier, it is compulsory to change the water tank often. A single water tank is not enough to clean a carpet or floor completely.

Final thought,

Steam cleaning carpet is not bad for you if you have the good one. A low-quality steam cleaner can damage your carpet and floor. So, make sure that your carpet has all the useful features and eco-friendly.

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