Light N Easy Steam Mop Reviews That Will Blow Your Mind

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You may have tried different models of steam mops in your life so far. But most of the time all these failed to satisfy you. In the light n easy steam mop reviews, we would suggest you some of the models. We hope any of these models will change your perception about steam mops and cleaning. Let us get started now.

About the Brand:

Light n easy bran produces all the classic and prominent design steam mops to deliver you a superior experience. In the steam mop industry, the brand comes with a clear mission and vision to reach your cleaning experience to the next level. If you want to use a light and easy multifunctional steam mop, you can read this writing to gather more information and make an excellent decision. 

Best 3 light n easy steam mop reviews

We have come up with the best 3 light n easy steam mop reviews because we thought it will be one of the best help for you. Actually, you will get a number of different steam mop models and brands in the market. But why we have selected these 3 in our light and easy steam mop reviews? Just go through the below sections and you will get your answer. 

1. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Multifunctional Steam Mop with Detachable Handheld Floor Steamers 

LIGHT 'N' EASY Multi-Functional steam mop Steamer for Cleaning Hardwood Floor Cleaner for Tile Grout Laminate Ceramic, 7688ANW, White
  • Smart Switch: Place it upright to cease steam, sparing your time to answer calls while protecting your hardfloor. Slant and glide to release powerful steam.
  • Detaches into a separate handheld steam cleaner for multi-purpose cleaning: garment wrinkle remover, upholstery refresher, bathroom/kitchen deep cleaning.
  • On-demand HI, MED and LOW steam settings fit for various floors surface: marble, tile, grout, ceramic, stone, vinyl, laminate, and sealed wood flooring.
  • Utilizes 212°F hot steam to remove stains and sticky mess while drying quickly. Work with distilled or tap water, great for all homes with pets and babies.
  • Ideal for Child/Pets/Yoga Lovers: Only use tap water, no need of harsh chemicals.


LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Multifunctional Steam Mop comes with the best detachable handheld feature so you can use it as a handheld steam mop. When there is a detachable system of any steam mop, it allows you to do multiple cleaning tasks. You are good to separate the parts and use it for even a complex cleaning. 

With 3 levels of steam level options, the machine lets you control the steam level from low to mid to high. So according to the steam level necessity, you can apply the perfect steam flow. Apart from this, it lets you heat up the water at the required temperature level. So cleaning becomes easier with this. 

You will easily be able to use it for different types of floors and surfaces including hardwood floors, vinyl floors, tiles, bathroom floors, etc. Different multifunctional using abilities make it as one of the best multi-purpose steam cleaners for vinyl floors. So you do not have any tension to clean various types of floors and surfaces. 

Special Feature:

  • It comes with a wonderful smart switch that prevents releasing steam in an upright position.
  • The touch sensor helps you deliver the steam in a controlled way. 
  • It also works as a garment steam cleaner so you can clean your clothes nicely. 
  • It effectively removes germs, debris, odor, etc. from the floors and furniture.
  • It is safe to use on hardwood floors, vinyl plank floors, laminate floors, and more.  

2. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop Powerful Floor Steamer Cleaner Mopper 

LIGHT 'N' EASY Electric Foor Steamer for Hardwood/Tile/Rug/Laminate,Wood Floor Mop Steam with Swivel Head,M Water Tank (7338ANW), 20 Feet Power Cord
  • Steam mop
  • Unique square steam mop with 360 degree swivel steering head which could clean corners,edges,under tables, or other low surfaces easily.
  • Steam is released at the touch of a button, which is easy to operate. It takes about 20 seconds to use it for the first time.
  • The 212-degree F heat effectively eliminates dirt and sticky messes, Only needs tap water, safe for children, pets and yoga lovers.20ft long power cord and Large bottom tank(260ml/8.8oz) ensures coverage in small rooms.
  • Triple layered microfiber pad for exceptional absorption, steam permeation and optimum friction to remove stubborn stains easily.fits for multiple kinds floors surface,including hardwood floor, tiles, grout,wood,laminate,vinyl and carpet(For cleaning carpet,it need equid with Carpet Glider which is sold separately).


This LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop has a unique square shape that helps you easily swivel the steering and maneuver each and every corner and edge of your floor and object. It also lets you complete your cleaning tasks faster in a smooth way. With this steam mop, you will be able to clean almost everything you want. 

This powerful steam mop will deliver steam with proper heat and pressure in just 30 seconds. So it makes your cleaning job faster and lets you save time and energy. You will even be able to clean a comparatively larger floor or space in the shortest period of time. 

It contains a smart and effective sensor system that will shut down automatically for an upright position. This means when you by mistake keep the steamer upright, it will automatically stop functioning. So it helps you prevent any accidental event. The sensor is also easy to use and control. 

Special Features:

  • The fluid handle gives you the perfect grip so you can rotate it in a 360-degree angle. 
  • The water tank is designed to store a higher steam temperature to clean effectively. 
  • The intelligent sensor releases more steam when you move the mop more rapidly.
  • It is a versatile steam mop to let you clean the wood floor, laminate floor, tiles, etc. 
  • All the functions are easy to set and use.  

3. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop, Ultra-Lightweight, Child & Pet Safe Floor Steamer

LIGHT 'N' EASY Steam Mop, Ultra-Lightweight, Child & Pet Steamer, Deep Cleaning for Hardwood Floor/Tile/Laminate/Vinyl/Carpet, 7618ANB, Black
  • Manual pump for superior control over the release of steam.The faster moving the steam mop,the more steam it release.Once stop moving steam mop,it will stop work.
  • Make your housework never been so easy before with our ultra lightweight steam mop. Easy to lift up and clean from room to room effortlessly. (Net weight: 3.5 pound without water)
  • The 212-degree F heat within 30 seconds effectively eliminates dirt and sticky messes, with upgraded steam jet for pad’s overall absorption and steam permeation.Only needs tap water, safe for children, pets and yoga lovers.
  • 20ft long power cord and 220ml(7.52oz) large tank ensures coverage in small rooms for all kinds of sealed surfaces including hardwood floor, tiles, laminate, vinyl and carpet(For cleaning carpet,it need equid with Carpet Glider which is sold separately).
  • Come with steam mop & steam mop pads & water tank,If have any question, please contact us.


This model of LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop is perfectly lightweight to make your cleaning work enjoyable and effortless. You can easily move here and there without feeling the weight of a heavy steam mop. You will literally have no extra burden of weight with this steam mop to go from room to room. 

It can heat up the steam at 212-degree F and remove germs, dirt, and other sticky messes from your floor effectively. With the perfect steam pressure and temperature, it will help you clean all types of floors and surfaces in your home. It gets you quicker cleaning in an effective way.

Because of its versatile uses, it can be considered one of the best steam mops for vinyl floors.  This will let you have Deep Cleaning for your hardwood floor, laminate floor, vinyl floor, carpet, tiles, grout, etc. The most interesting thing is that it is a comparatively low priced steam mops with all these useful features. 

Special Features:

  • The manual pump will give you superior control over releasing the steam. 
  • The large water tank will store enough water to produce sufficient steam. 
  • The 20 ft long cord will allow you to cover large areas in your room. 
  • It is designed to heat up the water in just 30 seconds. 
  • It includes 3 pieces of extra mop pads.  

Why Choose Light N Easy Steam Mop?

Because of the best balance in portability and effectiveness, you should choose Light N Easy Steam Mop. Apart from this, all the models come with the best prices so it is also very affordable for all. Now you got the best aspects of this brand. But the question arises here- is the Light N Mob Easy to Use? Undoubtedly, the answer is yes and you will understand after using it. 

Frequently asked questions:

You may have questions regarding the Light n Easy steam mop. So we have answers for you. Below are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions for you. 

Are steam mops better than regular mops?

There is no doubt that steam mops are better than regular mops. As steam mops can kill germs and bacteria along with cleaning your objects, but regular mops cannot offer germ killing with cleaning. 

Is steam cleaner worth it?

With a variety of different helpful features to make the cleaning tasks easier than ever, steam mops are playing an important role in our life. So a steam cleaner is worth buying. 

Are steam cleaners dangerous?

Steam cleaners are not dangerous rather they are healthy. Because they help you get rid of using harsh chemicals or cleaning agents with normal mops. 

Final thought:

You already have a considerable understanding of these 3 models of steam mops in the light n easy steam mop reviews.  So no matter which one you choose, you will not be disappointed. If you are still confused about which one to choose, we would recommend you to select the last one LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop, Ultra-Lightweight steam mop. It is comparatively cheaper than others and comes with all the helpful features to make your cleaning task easier and perfect. 

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