Steam Cleaning Carpets Vs Shampooing

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Cleaning a Carpet is a very challenging thing to do. Because it seems like a constant fight retaining your carpet cleaned. Dense carpet fibers trap dirt particles, dust, pets, and other debris. Some debris can be wiped out regularly, but remnants that can’t be removed by your vacuum will accumulate. This accumulation means even though you clean your carpet regularly, but it will grow increasingly filthy over time.

There are two conventional means to clean carpet – steam cleaning and shampooing. Indeed, you can’t use the two all the time. You require to select which the better option instead.

Reasons to Clean the Carpet

For maintaining a healthy living environment for you and your family, periodical Deep cleaning your carpet is essential. But you cannot be sure which method of carpet cleaning is best suited for your needs. So, you should take a closer look at the dissimilarities between steam cleaning carpets vs shampooing before planning professional carpet cleaning services.

Regular vacuuming may not be enough, once the dense fiber of the carpet traps grease, stain, loose soil, dust, and other dirt. Apply a more rigorous cleaning as these are very difficult to remove.

Steam Cleaning vs. Shampooing Carpet

However, both shampooing and steaming can do the job, rely on the condition and your requirements. However, there are clear differences between using shampoo and steaming.

Generally, shampooing uses detergent, but steam cleaning uses a steam mop and hot water vapor to breakdown dirt.

Cleaning Carpet with Steam Cleaner

The steam cleaner has a common method that comprises a pump and a vacuum. You may also select various carpet washing attachments. Also, you can try various add-ons. Several of them are the spot steaming accessories that you can use for spot stains and the extensive cleaning wand.

You can add any carpet solution of your choice. There is a hose that you can use to drain wastewater. Hot steam can retain everything sanitized without the need for harmful chemicals.

A carpet’s enemies are dust mites, bed bugs, molds, bacteria, and viruses. Keeping everything safe around you, Steam cleaning vs shampooing carpet can kill them. Steam cleaning can revive the carpet. It can extend the life of the floor coverings.


  • You can easily use steam cleaning attachments. They can clean hard to reach areas.
  • You can find this method more efficient because it can clean a wall to wall carpet.
  • No chemicals, water is the single important element. This kind of cleaning is safe and organic.
  • The high temperatures of steam cleaners can sterilize the carpet well-no need to by sanitizers.
  • Steamskill as high as 99.9% of all germs and their eggs even in the deepest carpet fibers.
  • This deep cleaning eradicates stubborn stains like grease and grime.
  • Steam cleaning prevents dust mites, bed bugs, and other pests.
  • It is also fast drying in a lighter and versatile way.


  • For deeply soiled carpets, Steam cleaners will not be as effective as shampooing.
  • For larger rooms, it is not decent.
  • Only water or steam can’t remove the stubborn stains. You may need a hard cleaning solution.
  • You have to buy a vacuum separately at an additional cost. Most models do not come with it.

Cleaning with Shampoo

It would help if you had a dedicated shampooing machine to clean the carpet with shampoo. The device contains a tank where you can put your cleaning solution together. For a thorough carpet cleaning, you have to attach a nylon brush too. The method works as the brush spins.

As the brush begins to spin, it brings the cleaning solution into the carpet fibers. Creating a foamy effect, it helps loosen and break down dirt. For thorough cleaning, you need to scrub. Afterward, you have to vacuum the carpet to take away unpleasant invaders.


  • Shampooing can clean the heavily soiled carpets easily.
  • With shampooing, you can remove dirt that set in such as loose soil without hassle.
  • You will love the foamy effect and the smell.
  • Numerous carpet shampoo cleaner is available for rent that you may find.
  • For large soiled areas, shampooing is suitable.
  • It can remove water and filth at once.


  • Scrubbing could damage carpet fibers and make it weakened.
  • Shampooing requires further effort for big carpets or bigger covers.
  • The soap residue that may leave by shampooing can attract more dirt and dust.
  • Shampooing needs a big and costly machine. It may take about 24 to 48 hours for drying.

Selecting the Option

You may discover that each of them has pros and cons, while you explore steam clean carpets shampooing.

Commonly, shampooing performs best on deeply marked floors. On the other hand, it’s best to steam clean in a filthy place. A carpet that is full of dirt particles can somehow overwhelm your home. If it is not well cleaned, it can also provide odor. After cleaning the carpet with steam, it will eradicate unpleasant odor, together with mites, bugs, and many other annoying pests.

Remember, the carpets are different. If you are not sure how to use a clean procedure, check the spot, or call a professional.

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