Steam Mop Not Steaming: How to Fix it if Blocked?

If the steam mop stops working, stop using the machine and troubleshoot to determine and fix the problem. Non-steam machines have an empty tank or are clogged with mineral residue. Some steam mop has a small tank that, depending on the size of the area you are cleaning. It is likely to run out of the water several times during cleaning. Mineral residue occurs if you put hard water in the machine. Avoid this by always using distilled water. In this article, we will provide solutions to steam mop, not steaming problems and some steam mop related facts.

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Fix steam mop is not steaming

Follow the process:

  1. Turn off the machine and unplug it.
  2. Turn the tank cap counterclockwise to remove it.
  3. Fill the filled container with distilled water and pour it into the tank. Repeat until the tank is filled with water. The filling flask is included in the steam mop kit. If it’s lost, use a cup to measure liquids.
  4. Turn the tank cap clockwise to tighten it.
  5. Plug in the machine and turn it on again. If the machine does not produce steam immediately, continue pressing the steam button to push the distilled water through the mop. This will help remove any calcium residue that clogs the machine, but it does not always work to remove all the residue. If this is the case, contact the manufacturer for professional repair.
  6. Do not use the steam mop on sealed ceramic or wood floors.

Which surfaces to clean with steam?Steam Mop Not Steaming

The main feature of the floor cleaning mop is its ability to sanitize the home without the need to use detergents. Despite this, the house after a deep cleaning with steam is splendid and clean just as all the housewives of the world would like. Eliminating certain dirt, such as bacteria, mites, and substances harmful to health, is not easy and with a single pass of water and detergent, we do not eliminate anything. Only with steam at 100 degrees can up to 99.9% of impurities be eliminated and this can only be done with steam mops on these surfaces.

This household cleaning appliance transforms the water that we have put into its tank into high-temperature steam. These high temperatures are able to offer unparalleled cleaning. Dissolves dirt and eliminates it with a single pass, at least in the best cases. This type of cleaning is particularly suitable for those who have allergies to mites or dust at home, two types of dirt that are difficult to remove if not with steam. Furthermore, with this tool, you can also clean particular surfaces, such as stoneware, which otherwise would be difficult to treat.

Note that the steam, although very strong, is also recommended for delicate floors such as wood. On the market, there are less powerful floor washers but made specifically to meet the needs of all those people who have expensive and delicate parquet floors at home. This is why we previously mentioned that power is not everything, but in this sector, the difference is represented above all by the personal needs of each individual.

It must be added how the steam mops are also suitable for marble, pass a dry cloth after the steam, to eliminate humidity.

Set the steam level

If you ask someone well-informed how many degrees the water becomes steam, they will answer you: 97°C. Now, if this is steam, all which said so far would be enough to clean an entire house.

Unfortunately, this is not quite the case. To sanitize a house, the steam emitted by a floor washer must reach a temperature of 120°C. At this temperature, the steam is called “neutral,” only in this way does the steam enter the dirt as a non-liquid, but gaseous substance.

So when choosing a steam mop, you should pay particular attention to this value. Any product is capable of generating steam, but not all of them are effective in the same way, precisely for this reason. I want to remember that the steam must also be “thrown” at a pressure that makes it equally effective. This pressure is within the limits that vary from 3 to 5 bar. Mops that push below these limits are not to be considered.

What makes 120°C steam so effective?

Simple, when the steam at this temperature meets the dirt particles, it neutralizes the static load, this makes the dirt literally detach from any surface to be removed effectively. In short, as you may have guessed by reading so far, the work done by a steam mop cannot be replaced with any other appliance. We reiterate once again the importance of this product, especially in homes where allergy sufferers are present.

The importance of maintenance

Steam cleaners, like all other appliances, must undergo periodic maintenance in order to function over time. Even if they are designed to last a long time, it is still necessary to take the right precautions to prevent limescale deposits from forming.

Without proper cleaning and maintenance, steam cleaners end up no longer performing at the expense of the performance provided, which becomes poorer.

Cleaning frequency

For this reason, it is very important after using a steam cleaner to empty the water tank completely. In the case of steam mops, also remove the microfiber cloth, which must be washed thoroughly.

The water tank must be rinsed about once a month to eliminate any calcium deposits. Still, if the steam cleaner is used more often, it must also be washed two or three times a month: the cleaning operation does not take time, usually just a quarter of an hour.

Check the tank

Before cleaning a steam cleaner, make sure that the appliance is turned off and completely cooled in all its parts, so after using it, wait a few minutes.

Once the cleaner is cold, it proceeds to empty the tank by removing the excess water, then with a cloth wet rubs the inner surface and also the outside of the tank, on the other hand with a clean, dry cloth and dries the whole.

Once the steam cleaner has been cleaned, it should be stored in a dry and dust-free place. Finally, remember to use distilled water when you want to use steam cleaners to clean your home: distilled water does not contain minerals and improves the performance of the appliance.

Why do we need to fix a steam mop?

Below we have summarized all the advantages of having this wonderful cleaning tool at home.

High performance

The performance of steam cleaners is much greater than a simple mop, mop, and even a vacuum cleaner. Steam cleaning is much more efficient than any other traditional method.

We are also talking about very powerful machines with which we can remove dirt on any surface. With a steam cleaner, you will clean places that are not possible with other cleaning tools.

They are not only designed to clean the floors of your kitchen, your bathroom or the living room. Cleans windows, tiles, upholstery, cars, clothing, floor joints, etc. Any small detail you can think of can be solved with a steam cleaner. You’ll even end the toughest stains without a trace. And all thanks to its steam cleaning system with which using only water you will get clean finishes.

Easy to use

Just by filling the water tank, putting the accessory you need, adjusting it in the steamer and plugging it in, you are ready for the attack. Although it always includes an instruction manual, it is such an intuitive and easy to use tool that you will not need it.

For all types of users

The steam cleaner has revolutionized the field of home cleaning so much that it is no longer just the dream of housewives. This tool is created to make life much easier for all of us.

Versatility: Cleans all types of surfaces and materials

Remove grease stuck to the oven, dirt from tiles, laminate or parquet flooring, glass, curtains, rugs, sofas, floor gaskets, extractor hoods, tires, blind guides and much more. The list is endless.

As if this were not enough, the functions and different types of accessories that we can enjoy our varied: from cleaning dust, degreasing, removing the most difficult stains, and even ironing clothes. If before we have said that it is the only product with which you can eliminate stains, it is also the only one with which those allergic to mites can be safe and protected. It completely exterminates both mites and bacteria.

Final word,

The steam mop is designed to last a long time, but this only happens if you take the right precautions to take care before creating any problems. After using the steam mop, it is good practice to empty the water tank, while the microfiber cloth must always be removed after each use and washed in an exemplary manner.

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