Steam Mop Vs. Regular Mop: A Final Comparison

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When it comes to clean the floors or windows, everyone gets confused about what should use a steam mop or regular mop. Let’s start with a story of myself. First time I was a regular mop user. Then I saw most of my relatives and neighbors use a steam mop. At that time, I also wanted to use Steam Mop.

Finally, I bought a steam mop and tried it for the very first time and enjoyed it a lot. After that, I am using the steam mop and forgot regular mop. After reading this comparative article, you can make a decision about what will be perfect for you.

A steam cleaner is a handy tool that can remove and get rid of germs in a short time. All of the professional cleaners use the steam cleaner to save time. That’s why it’s going to be popular day by day.

A regular mop is also not bad and improving gradually. Mop works like other ordinary mops, including sponge mops, and flat mops. But it not fast like a steam cleaner.

They both are good in their way because both have different features. That’s why before making a final throughout, I think it’s important to know which one is better for cleaning.

Cleaning process with a steam mop

Cleaning with the steam mop is more natural than an ordinary mop. You don’t need to complete the whole process manually. Here is the simple process:

  • Open the lid of the machine and fill it with cold water.
  • After filling with water, close the cover.
  • Wait three minutes to heat the water.
  • You can use the machine when the water is hot.
  • Start Cleaning

This process is so easy and effective. You can not only clean the dust but also destroy germs to make the surface environment-friendly—no need to use chemicals for that.

Cleaning process with a regular mop

Here I have included the cleaning process of the regular mop. Regular mop includes different types of tools. So it’s not sure that the process will 100% match for you. But most of the regular mop includes those:

  • Boil the water first.
  • Take hot water in a bucket and mix detergent properly with water.
  • Dip your mop into the water.
  • After soaking in water, wipe it across the surface.
  • Rub more than once in the dirty place with your hand.
  • After cleaning some times, rinse the mop in water. Repeat the previous work by soaking it again in water.
  • After finishing clean, clean the steam mop.

In this process, you have to do everything manually. That’s why it takes many times. After knowing the process of both cleaner, what are you thinking? In which should you rely on?

Advantages and Disadvantages

To make your choice easy, I’m going to share with you the advantages and disadvantages of both cleaners. As a cleaning expert, I have learned a lot about both methods. Here is the output:

Steam mop

The steam mop has many features that are suitable for most people. To some people, it may be disliked that it is a personal matter of his own.  But on average most cleaners use this machine. Here are the advantages and disadvantages:

The steam cleaner is better than regular clear, although it can be done the cleaning process. Simply cleaning is not enough to disinfect your floor. If you are cleaning the bathroom or kitchen, a steam mop is the perfect one. Because it is an advanced tool that has the ability to fight with other invisible dirt. Using this machine, you will get rid of all types of germs.

The steam mop has different versions. You can clean up several types of floor. For that, you have to buy the right tool depending on the surface. According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, you can use this tool for all types of the floor without bamboo or wooden.

With this machine, the stains on the floor can be removed easily. You don’t need to do extra work. The temperature it provides is good enough to remove the stain.

The steam mop has another exciting feature that you will love. It is an advanced tool that includes different options such as normal clean, dusting, and deep clean. You can easily complete the task by setting the options you need.

Not only the benefits, but it also has some disadvantages. One of the disadvantages of this is that if you are looking for a cleaner on a low budget, you may not find it. Also, The machine is not usable on all floors, especially on the bamboo floor.

If you are using an older version, you may need more time to clean the surface. At that moment, it would be great if you use a steam mop that has an attached vacuum. It’s best also for removing stains.

Regular mop

You can’t say that regular mop is not usable. It also has some advantages. Have a look at the following list:

You already know that regular mop is cost-friendly. There is a big difference between a steam mop and regular mop when it comes to price. The regular mop is cheaper because it contains some things you need to buy, such as buckets and detergents. If the surface is too dirty and stains, buy a brush and start the cleaning process. If you don’t want to spend money, go with a regular mop.

Regular mop can’t remove invisible things, including bacteria and germs. If you want to destroy those, you may work hard and use chemicals.

If you have free time, then you can clean by the regular mop. You can do it weekly or twice in a week like an exercise. It may vary depending on the person.

One of the main disadvantages of a regular mop is that it cannot sanitize the surface; if you have a child who plays on the floor, such cleaning will never be safe.

Steam Mop Vs. Regular Mop

A detailed comparison of both tools is provided in this section. Especially those points that users think before purchasing a tool. Here is the final comparison:

Cleaning Speed

By using a steam mop, you can clean faster than regular. Because using a regular mop needs to do most of the process manually, including boiling water, mixing detergent, and changing water.

On the other hand, if you use a steam mop, you can do all the tasks in a concise period of time because it is a machine.

Sanitize Or Killing Germs

Sometimes only cleaning is not enough for you when you want to kill germs as well. Then steam mop comes into play. It has enough ability to destroy viruses and bacteria—no need for extra materials for that. Just plugin for two or three minutes to heat the water until reached the recommended temperature.

On the other hand, it’s tough to sanitize the surface with a regular mop. You have to use chemicals and clean floors thoroughly. What would you choose at that time? I think steam mop.

Amount of Effort

No need to work physically to clean the floor with a steam mop. It takes less physical effort. After starting the machine, you have to push forward slowly, which can be done with one hand.

Besides, if you use a regular mop as a floor cleaner, you have to do every work manually. It takes a lot of physical effort to get rid of the dust.


If you want to use Steam Mop, you can easily do it, but it will cost more money.  If you are not worried about the cost, Steam Mop is perfect for you.

On the other hand, the regular mop is cheaper than a steam mop. It’s very cost-friendly; in this case, some of the ingredients you need to purchase, such as buckets, detergents, and brushes, can be bought at a very low cost.

Drying time

Floors cleaned with a regular mop will not dry out quickly. It takes a long time to dry the surface that you may not like.

On the other hand, if you clean with a steam mop, it will dry out after a while; you can walk on the floor without any problems.


If you are looking for a working method of cleaning, that not only can sanitize home but also remove allergens. You have to choose a steam mop, not a regular mop. Regular mop can’t remove allergens. But steam mop will create a safe environment by removing all of the allergens instantly.

Saving Time

Time is the most valuable thing in our life. If you are looking for a cleaning tool that can save your time, then you have to buy a steam mop. You already know that it’s a machine. It will help you by saving a lot of time.

On the other side, if you use a regular mop, you need a long time to finish cleaning. If the surface is too dirty, that time, it may take more than an hour.


It is possible to clean the floor in both ways, but each has its pros and cons. Finally, if you are not worried about the budget, then Steam Mop will be good for you; otherwise, you can take regular mop.  In this case, many tasks have to be done manually and need more time.

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