Steam Mop Vs. Swiffer Wet Jet

The steam mop is a powerful cleaner that is widely used to make the floor healthier and environmentally friendly. It has made cleaning easy and straightforward. But sometimes it cannot be useful for you because of floor types. It has many versions for many types of floors. With those, you can get rid of germs and other harmful things. Right now, it’s considered as the most reliable cleaner on the market.

Swiffer wet jet is also an excellent tool to make the floor clean. Many house owners like to clean with Swiffer wet jet. The device includes many features to help users. It’s easy and comfortable to use. It can be used for most of the floors. Users can make the surface super clean within a short time. Don’t be confused right now. There are some problems also when it comes to other factors, including price, features, and floor types.

Steam mop vs. Swiffer wet jet – In-depth comparison

When you start a comparison and want to give an answer before comparing, the answer will be both are good because each has pros and cons. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Here I have included the common points that you need to know.

Starting process

If you are cleaning with a steam mop, first of all, you have to fill the container with cold water. Then plug in the machine and wait for a few minutes to heat water. When it reaches to enough temperature, you are ready to start cleaning. You can not use a steam mop on hardwood and bamboo floor. There is a high possibility of damaging the surface because those types of floors can’t take the pressure of steam cleaning. It’s a perfect cleaner for the tiles floor.

On the other hand, when it comes to Swiffer wet jet, you have to set up the machine with its tools, including bottles and batteries. Then you can start cleaning. The machine is suitable for hardwood floors, but you can not use it on the laminate floor, marble floors, and carpet. You can clean bathrooms and kitchens with this handy tool.


Steam cleaning is an advanced tool that clean quickly and easily. If you have kids or pets, your floor needs to clean properly. At this time, you have to use the steam mop. It can fight with harmful germs and bacteria, and you will get rid of those.

Besides, if you are cleaning with a Swiffer wet jet, you may clean the floors, but it’s not possible to make the surface disinfect and healthier like a steamer.


When you compare those by features, a steam cleaner is a perfect tool. It’s an electronic machine; after enough heating of water users can start cleaning.

The big problem of the Swiffer wet jet is it runs with the removable battery. You have to change the battery after cleaning several times. It’s maybe not comfortable for all.


What are you thinking? Which one you have to choose? The answer is it depends. You have to select a tool according to your floor. If the floor is hardwood, you can take a Swiffer wet jet. If you want a multi cleaning advanced tool go with a steam mop.

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