What is best for carpet care maintenance, wet vac or steam clean?

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Cleaning carpet with a steam cleaner is better than a wet vacuum cleaner. Wet vac weighs heavier and a little bit difficult to set up. But, wet vac cleans the carpet as like a steam cleaner. If you are looking for easy cleaning performance, a steam cleaner will be the best solution in terms of several factors and it will save your money.

Carpet maintenance: wet vac or steam clean

Carpets and rugs are a decorative element widely used on all types of surfaces and places. Such as companies, hotels, theaters, casinos, cinemas, the reception areas of office buildings, etc.

Carpet maintenance with a wet vac

The frequency with which a carpet is cleaned varies depending on the type of fabric and the occupation of the home. Although it is usually recommended to clean a carpet every two weeks. It will be advisable to do it earlier if small children live in the house playing on it or if we have a pet.

The frequency will also have to be increased if we have a rug under the table where we eat, if it is somewhere humid, or if it is woven with natural fibers. All these factors help to a certain extent to fix the dirt.

By vacuuming, we are removing the first layers of dirt on the carpet. But not those that are already inside. Therefore, the less a carpet is vacuumed, the more times it will have to be shaken to remove the dirt embedded within it with the deterioration it entails. It is recommended to vacuum the house before going over the carpet, leaving it for last.

Carpet maintenance with a steam cleaner

Steam cleaning of carpets should be done with specific machines. It allows cleaning even the most challenging areas without having to move the furniture from place to place. It allows you to continue with your activity as normal. Furthermore, these cleaning methods are not harmful to people or animals and the environment.

This cleaning method is very important in certain places. It requires deep and professional cleaning regularly without closing the area to be cleaned to the public and workers. Hence, modern machinery is used capable of keeping large areas of a carpet. The carpet must be perfect in condition without stopping the business activity during the process.

With this cleaning system, the carpets, rugs and upholstery are deeply clean. Dry it and ready for immediate use. The reappearance of odors and the stains should be avoided. There is less risk during the maintenance and cleaning of the same (cables and plugs).

Final words

It is advisable to carry out regular cleaning of this type of element for its perfect conservation and maintenance. In addition, wet cleaning can deteriorate certain areas sensitive to moisture. For example, your used furniture and wooden footboards. It is a more expensive method of cleaning carpets since steam carpet cleaning saves personnel, material. Also, time greatly simplifying the task and achieving unmatched results.

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