Why Should You Steam Clean Your Mattress?

Sleeping is not only a pleasure, but it is also a biological necessity that stimulates a series of reactions that contribute to leading a healthy life. Sleeping well promotes people’s concentration, creativity and performance. A comfortable night’s sleep reduces stress and thereby minimizes the risk that your heart will suffer from high blood pressure. But the mattress is usually the target of various ills, such as humidity, dirt and all kinds of bacteria, without excluding mites, which cause various diseases. So, you should clean your mattress very often. In this article, we will present why should you steam clean your mattress?

Why should you steam clean your mattress?

We must remember that mites are arthropods, that is, they have an exoskeleton. Therefore, when dying, that skin and that external skeleton will remain attached to our sheets, pillows and mattresses, being a focus of danger for all allergic people.

The normal thing is to change the sheets every week. With this, we renew the bed and the danger of mites, but what happens to the mattress? It is the part of the bed where dust mites, both living and dead, are most often stored, with their exoskeletons still attached. It is essential to disinfect the mattress at least once a month.

Effects of mites on our health

Mites are microscopic sized arachnids that can very well penetrate the fabric of our sheets from the mattress. That is, even if you change your sheets regularly, the presence of mites in the mattress can still be dangerous.

You should know that allergic reactions come from two sources: from the faces of the mites and the dead mites themselves. That is why, even if you ventilate your bed and decide not to, your skeletons will continue to adhere to the fabric, causing health problems.

One of the most common symptoms for your health is suffering from allergies, symptoms that would start with tearing, red eyes, sneezing, asthma, cough, runny nose, sore throat.

Awakening with many eyebrows is also usually an effect of the mites.Skin problems, insomnia and headache, are also symptoms that we must consider.

Avoid these mistakes

To remove mites, dust, dead skin and hair. Before passing the most suitable beak, make sure it is completely clean.

Let it dry completely before completing it with mattress topper and sheets, under penalty of mold and bad smells.

Don’t rotate it

To prevent it from being consumed only on one side, you should not forget to turn the mattress upside down every 3/6 months to sleep.

Sit on the edge

It is a gesture that we do unconsciously: sit on the edge. Yet it is wrong because, in the long run, that area will tend to be different from the others. Always prefer the central part of the bed.

Keep the mattress too close to stoves or radiators

Mattresses are affected not only by humidity but also by heat or moisture. So, it is good to keep them away from heat sources such as radiators or stoves.

Final thought,

You will have to check their condition of your mattress periodically and clean with a steam cleaner. A wrong flex can compromise your rest and the stability of the mattress.

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